Justin Bieber Imagines

This isnt really a atory, it's a bunch of like mini stories. They will be Imagines. I hope you like them! I will do three imagines per chapter.


6. Imagines 16-18

Imagine 16

This one is for Chantel(:

"Justin?" She asks. "Yes?" He asks back. They have been fighting, because Justin is now best friends with his ex-girlfriend. "Why don't you just go back to her? You obviously love her more than me!" She screams in his face. "Yes I love her, but I'm IN love with you," he says emphasizing the in. "Yeah but why? Why are you in love with me?" She asks. "Because. Because you make the best coffee, because you text me back right away, because you play video games. Look I could stand here and list millions of reasons why I love you, bu-" he was cut by Ell kissing him.

Imagine 17

"Justin, I have to leave! My mom is waiting for me!" You scream. He was begging for one last goodbye kiss. "No one more!" He begs. You shake your head. Then he makes a cute puppy dog face.

Imagine 18

*You and Justin are fighting because you never admit that you love him* "Justin, don't go outside! It's pouring rain!" You scream as he walks out the door. You run after him. "I love you alright!" You scream. He has an annoying smirk on his face. "What was that?" he asks. "You heard me!" You say. "Just say it again." he begs. "I love you." you say again. You were both drenched in rain. He walks up to you, grabs your face and kisses you. He pulls away. "That's all i wanted to hear." Ans then you both smile through the kiss.

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