Justin Bieber Imagines

This isnt really a atory, it's a bunch of like mini stories. They will be Imagines. I hope you like them! I will do three imagines per chapter.


4. Imagines 10-12

Imagine 12

This is for Lexy(: PS: I decided to only do two "requests" per chapter. So 2/3 imagines in this story are dedicated to people.

Cameron(Lexy's best friend): "Eww, look at that guy. He's staring at you.
Lexy looks over and sees her secret boyfriend Justin: "Ha ha, yeah, pretty creepy."
Cameron: "Why are you acting so weird?"
Lexy: "Me? I'm not acting weird."
Cameron: "Yeah, it seems like...OMG! You like that guy that was staring at you!"
Lexy: "No!"
Cameron: "Yeah! Just go talk to him!"
Lexy: "Ugh, fine."
Lexy walks over to Justin: "She bought it." "Good, let's go somewhere. Cameron just left." Justin says. "Where are we gonna go?" Lexy asks. "I have a surprise." Justin says with a smile. 
She hops in Justin's car and drives for what seems like forever. It was dark now. "Where are we?" She asks as Justin stops the car. "Come with me." Justin says leading her through the forest.
They finally get to an open field and she sees a blanket and some wine. They go over to the blanket and lay down and look up at the sky. "You see that one right there?" Justin says pointing to a star. "Yeah why?" She asks. "That's our star. It's name is Lexy. I just bought it today." He says. "Aw Justin, how can I be so lucky?" She asks. "No, the real question is: How can I be so lucky?" He says and then leans in for a kiss.

Imagine 13

This one is for Ally(:

"Justin can you stop staring at my ass?" Ally says. "I can't help it!" Justin says. She giggles and then sits on his lap. "Why is it that every time I look at you, all I wanna do is hold you tight and never let you go?" Justin says to Ally. Ally starts to cry.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Justin asks.
"Nothing. Everything is absolutely perfect." Ally says. Then she turns around and kisses him. 

Imagine 14

*You are meeting Justin's parents* 

Pattie: "Aw, look at this one of Justin when he was three!"
You: "Ha, aww!" You say as you and pattie are looking at Justin's baby pictures while Justin is getting angry. "This one is my favorite," you say holding up one where he is about 9 playing the guitar. "Take it then." Pattie says. "Really? I can?" I ask. Justin starts to get red cheeks. "Of course." She says with a smile. Justin looks so cute when he's embarrassed.

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