Miles From Home

McKinley has been enrolled at Cornell University and is beginning her independent life. On the first day of school, a new friend is a little tipsy at the first party of the year and she's there to help, along with her roommate Sammy. That night, they first made eye contact and since then, thats all they can think about.


4. Chapter 4


I finished up straightening the last piece of hair and put the finishing touches on my makeup.

“What do I even wear?” I pleaded.

“Less is better” she called out as her head was deep down in her dresser finding a shirt.

I found a lace cream tank top hanging up in my tiny closet and just paired it with a black mini-skirt. I quickly put it on before Sammy stopped digging in her dresser. I put on loads of deodorant (A must need for parties), and put lotion on my knees and elbows.

“Oh my god, you look hot!” Sammy beamed when she actually paid attention to me.

“Shut up and get dressed” I giggled.

I sat on my bed and watched Sammy get ready. She was such a pretty girl, I had to admit, I was jealous. Her body was to die for, her long auburn hair always seemed to cooperate with her, and her yellow hazel eyes were mesmerizing. Not that I wasn’t happy with myself, my ash brown hair was okay, as were my gray eyes and light freckles on my nose. I couldn’t forget my plump pink lips that I always covered with a nude lipstick.

As Sammy finished up we were bored and took pictures on her webcam and we put them on every social networking site we had. Typical girl thing.

We heard a subtle knock at the door and we both shot up to answer it. It was 9:30, we expected to have left half an hour ago. Parker stood wearing a plaid button up shirt with khaki shorts, oh my god did he look cute. I just wanted to push him up against the wall and kiss him. Why did he look so different?

“Ready?” he smiled.

Sammy and I looked at each other and Parker put his arms around our waist and led us somewhere.

“Where’s it at?” I asked, as we walked down the hallway.

“Some house right off the campus. Not far,” he said squeezing his arm tighter around me.  

We stopped in front a door and he gave it one big forceful knock. Within seconds it was opened. Harry walked out with a tight polo that showed every inch on his chest. I lied, I wanted to push Harry up against the wall and kiss him. He didn’t even have to try, and he got me going. He took my breath away.  I looked him up and down and his eyes met mine when I made my way up.

“Gonna share?” Harry smirked.

“Sure, Sammy wants you” Parker said taking his hand out from her waist.

Sammy looked at me and I shrugged her shoulders at her. Harry reluctantly put his arm around Sammy and then it hit me. Parker let me invite Sammy so Harry has someone to be with while we hung out. Shit. It was just one night right?

We waited for the elevator to come, but it took too long so we took the stairs.

“Damn, you know how hard it is to wear heels and walk down 5 flights of stairs?” I complained.

“Ohh cry me a river,” Harry whined at me, accompanied with a cute wink.

We finally got to Parkers jeep, Harry and Sammy in the back, and I up front with Parker.

He gave the engine life and we drove off the campus. It was only a 10 minute drive and we pulled up to this huge house. Whoever lived there was definitely rich. He pulled into the back yard, which was full of other cars.

“So how were we invited?” I asked Parker and I jumped out the car and adjusted my outfit.

“I met him in the Cafeteria on the first day”

Okay, that didn’t answer my question. I held Parkers hand as we went up, mostly because he grabbed my hand. If Harry wasn’t here I would totally go along, but I couldn’t help but think of him. We walked up to the house and you could hear the bass. Before we came I told Sammy not to drink anything someone gave her, God I hope she remembered.

He led me to the dance floor and Harry and Sammy went their separate ways.

“I’m glad you came” he yelled as he handed me a drink.

“Yeah,” I shouted back.

“Want to dance?”

“Sure,” I sighed.

I didn’t want to be here anymore. I wanted to be with Harry or at home.

We danced for what seemed like forever. He pulled me into him as we grinded to countless songs. I had to admit, after a while it got to be pretty fun. I had a few drinks to ease me.

“Hey, I’m going to the restroom. I’ll be back!” and I left before he could reply.

Instead I went outside and stood on the porch as the chilly night air brought goose bumps to my tan skin. I stood on the porch for a while, debating on whether to go home or stay.  I found a skateboard on the porch and stood on it. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do in heels and a skirt but I didn’t care.

“You look like such a badass on that”

I jerked my head up and quickly and ran to him.

“You have to clue how happy I am to see you”

“Same for you. This party sucks” he smiled.

“Tell me about it. At least you don’t have Parker touching every inch of your body,” I ranted.

“You shouldn’t let him touch you if you don’t want him too. Have him respect you” he said getting serious.

I grinned, “Well this is the last one-on-one with him”


“You look beautiful by the way,” he said admiring me with his green eyes.

“You look handsome yourself,” I giggled.

He leaned in and I swore he was going to kiss me, but he whispered, “Let’s get out of here”

He grabbed my hand and I picked up the skateboard and took it with me. I was a little out of it.

We walked home, well I stood on the skateboard and he pushed me. I fell a few times, but he laughed with me and helped me up. Thank god for alcohol calming me.

We made it to the dorm in about 30 minutes and he helped me up the stairs. We sat in the common room, well Harry sat on the corner seat and I laid on the rest of the couch. I had no manors in skirts. I hated them.

I stared at him as he looked at his phone.

“What about Parker and Sammy?” I finally asked. I worried about them the entire way home.

“Oh, they found themselves after you left. She said she didn’t feel right being with me. Parker said he could tell you weren’t feeling it. Sammy also said you called dibs?” he chuckled as he put his phone away and look at me.

“Dibs. Fo-for what?” I stuttered.

“I have no clue” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“Y-you’re so cu-cute” I forced out.

“Wow, you are so drunk, here let me get you in bed” he laughed to himself and got up.

“No!” I yelled refusing.

“Yes! C’mon lets go.”

He picked he up, newlywed style and began walking.

“I’m not drunk Harry! I’m serious!”

He stopped, still holding me. He had that stupid adorable smirk on his face.

“Serious about what?”

My throat felt dry, so I swallowed hard.

“I liked you.” I said avoiding eye contact. I sounded so elementary.

He put me down, my back against the wall.

“Well that’s weird,” he whispered as he put both of his hands on my hips, “because I liked you too”

I took in being so close to him, being able to feel his breath on my face or having his forehead so close to mine.

His gaze intensified and he slowly came in.

“Stop” I said turning away.

He pulled away with hurt on his face. His grip loosened. He looked away, obviously I embarrassed him. He looked everywhere but me.

“I just want you to know that I’m not drunk. I’m serious”

He went back into the same position quick, but instead of going in slow and seductive, he kissed me hard and fast. His lips glided with mine with so much passion. I pulled away smiling like a fool and he took a deep breath.

“Too much for you?” he laughed.

“Nope. Perfect” I said quickly pecking him.

“I’m getting you to bed,” he picked me up again and brought me to my room. I dug my key out of my bra (it was the only place I could put it) and he laid me down. He put the blanket over me and gently kissed my forehead.

“Good night,” he said with a lowered voice and walked towards my door.

“Wait!” I called out.

He stopped in his place and back tracked.

“Stay until I fall asleep? I don’t want to be alone”

“Sure” he said turning off the light and relaxing at the foot of my bed. 

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