Miles From Home

McKinley has been enrolled at Cornell University and is beginning her independent life. On the first day of school, a new friend is a little tipsy at the first party of the year and she's there to help, along with her roommate Sammy. That night, they first made eye contact and since then, thats all they can think about.


2. Chapter 2


The sun peak through the blinds, which instantly woke me. I grunted at my pounding headache. Last night was a total blur. I couldn’t even remember picking up my first drink. I looked over at Sammy, who was peacefully sleeping in her bed. I quickly put on last night’s shirt and shorts; apparently last night I wasn’t in the mood to wear clothes. I grabbed a fresh set of clothes, my shower catty, and took a long steamy shower.

When I can back in, Sammy was popping a few Ibuprofens into her mouth and quickly swallowed them down with Fruit Punch Gatorade.

“How was your first party?” I laughed and put my shower catty in my closet.

“It was amazing. Thanks for sticking with me”

“It’s no problem roomie” I smiled, “Want to go eat?”

“Let me take a quick shower”

As she was showering I put my hair into a bun and put on shoes. I got on my laptop while I waited for Sammy to finish up. I got on Facebook and I had a message. I opened it up and it read:

Hey McKinley, its Parker. I just wanted to thank you for helping me out last night. I was totally wasted I promise I’m not always like that lol let me take you out and make it up to you?

“Okay, let me put shoes on and we can eat” Sammy sighed busting through the door.

I quickly shut my laptop lid forgetting to reply.

“You realize its like 1:30” Sammy said checking her iPhone.

“Yup, seems about right” I laughed.

We walked to the cafeteria and I got a salad and found a table to sit at. A few minutes later Sammy joined me with a turkey sandwich, which looked so much better than what I got.

We small talked a little, mostly trying to remember last night. I got up to get a water bottle and as I sat down Sammy leaned in and whispered something to me.

“He’s totally checking you out” she giggled.

“What?” I blushed and turned around.

As soon as our eyes met he looked away. He looked familiar but I couldn’t quiet remember why.

“Whatever” I laughed as we finished eating.

The cafeteria was begging to clear out.

“Hey,” someone cooed.

I turned around to see Parker and the boy.

“Sober?” I asked, with a smile.

“Did you get my message” he scratched the back of his head.

“No, I haven’t” I lied.

The boy came up beside Parker.

“Oh,” Parker smiled, “This is Harry, my roommate”

That’s who he was. It was the boy who helped Parker back to his room.

“Hi Harry,” I said biting my lip, “I’m McKinley”

He smirked, “Hello,” and stuck his hand out, and we shook hands.

“This is Sammy” I said directing his attention towards her.

“Hi,” He nervously smiled.

“Nice meeting you,” I said standing up, “But we have to go, uhm, buy things so we’ll see you around”

We walked past them and Harry’s scent lingered around my nose. We both laughed as we got out of their view.

“Buy things, huh?” Sammy questioned me pushing me to the side.

“He’s so attractive, I got nervous plus I forgot to brush my teeth!”

“Oh lord” Sammy rolled her eyes.

All afternoon Sammy and I went our separate ways to get last minute things done. I went up to the Union to buy some Cornell shirts, I didn’t even have one. The store was packed with kids doing last minute shopping too. I quickly found the first small t-shirt and paid for it and got out of there. 

The wind had a slight chill and gray clouds were floating in so I ran to the Starbucks down the street and to my surprise it wasn’t the slightest busy.

“Chai Tea please,” I said to the waiter and a few minutes later I was walking back to my dorm sipping the warm drink.

The walk was very peaceful. There were students string out all over the yards doing everything you could imagine. My first night of college began with a hangover; I could only imagine what else could happen.

Once I got up to my room I had finished my tea and was starving. I opened the door and Sammy had her music blaring. I got up on my bed and laid down not even 5 seconds before I was even up again. I had too much energy to lie down.

“Are you okay?” she shouted over her music.

“Too much energy” I yelled and grabbed a book and walked out the door.

The sun was staring to go down as the clock was heading towards 6:00.

There were a few other kids out in the common area, but I found an empty couch and sprawled out. I opened my book and read.


I flinched and woke myself up and the book slid off my face. I quickly searched for my phone to see it was 11:30. I slept through supper. Classes started in two days and my sleeping schedule was already messed up.

“Finally awake?”

My eyes flashed up to see that grin that made me so nervous. He was watching some movie on TNT.

“Yeah,” I said stretching my arms, my shirt sliding up my stomach, and Harry’s eyes followed it. I quickly pulled it down.

“So, how did buying things go?” he asked as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

“Ya know, it went…well. Bought a shirt”

“Nice,” he said nodding.

If perfection had a name, it was Harry. Even in a plain gray hoodie and Hollister sweats he could make me act like a fool. I got up and looked out the window and I felt him walk up beside me.

“Where’s Parker?” I asked. Parker was cute, but not as cute as Harry. I would give Parker the solid 9 and Harry the 10. I, of course, stayed at 11.

“He’s sleeping. He’s quite the snorer,” he grinned, “that’s why I came out here. I wasn’t ready for bed yet”

I smiled at him, “Well lucky you, you get to see groggy McKinley”

He chuckled, “I’m fine with that”

My palms got sweaty.

“So Mr. Harry,” I sighed as I sat down on the loveseat, “Tell me about you. Obviously you’re not from the US,”

He sat down beside me and he got comfortable quick.

“Well, I’m from Holmes Chapel in England,” she said and then gave a really cheesy grin.

“Why come here?” I asked bringing my knees to my chest.

“To live the American Dream…duh. And to meet a babe like you” he winked.

“Shut up” I laughed.

“I’m totally serious” he said shaking his head and laughing.

We sat there for a few moments, I felt his eyes on me but I was too sleepy to even care.

“I think I’m going to bed” I said standing up.

“Oh,” he said standing up as well.

“All four of us should do something tomorrow,” I yawned. That was totally cute.

“Or maybe just the two of us?” he cheekily smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

“With you? Oh man, that’s just too much”

“Want me to tone it down a little?” he chuckled.

I’m glad he caught my sarcasm.

“Okay, deal. Let me go on a date with Parker first” I said walking towards my wing.

“Parker?” he questioned me.

“Yes?” I answered him, stretching the word out.

“That bastard,” I heard him whisper under his breath.

He started for his hallway.

“Goodnight” I called out, not even turning around.

I heard a faint, “Night babe,” and his door shut. 

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