Miles From Home

McKinley has been enrolled at Cornell University and is beginning her independent life. On the first day of school, a new friend is a little tipsy at the first party of the year and she's there to help, along with her roommate Sammy. That night, they first made eye contact and since then, thats all they can think about.


1. Chapter 1



I looked up at my parents one more time before sliding my finger along the top of the envelope. I pulled out the white, crisp paper and opened the folds. I searched the paragraphs of information until I found what I was looking for.

“McKinley has been Admitted to Cornell University for the Fall 2012 Term”

I quickly handed the paper to my parents smiling proudly. I got into my dream college, the college where my parents were alumni, and were my parents met.

My mom grabbed me quick into a hug, “Kinley congrats!”

My dad just put his hand on my shoulder.

*7 months later*

We finished putting the last box in my dorm and I turned to my sobbing mom.

“I’ll be home at Thanksgiving okay?” I assured her, petting the back of her head.

“You’re my baby,” she wept into my shoulder.

My Dad grabbed her and pulled her through the door, I waved at her one last time before it latched.

I turned back and stared at the stacks of boxes on my tiny side of the room. My roommate hadn’t showed up yet and I had no clue when. I looked out my window, which was on the 5 floor, at all the freshman finding their way around. I quickly wiped the one tear that escaped my eye. The boxes were soon emptied and everything was in its place. I took a deep breath and laid on my bed. I wanted to meet my floor but only half weren’t here. Things didn’t start for another three hours. I decided to change into cuter clothes, not that I didn’t love athletic shorts and a t-shirt; I just wanted to make a good impression. As soon as I slipped on my white shorts there was a subtle knock on the door. I ran across the room and opened it before even looking to see who it was, a habit I should probably stop. A very cute blond girl stood on the other side.

“Hi” I said out of breath.

“I’m guessing you’re my roommate?” She smiled. I held the door open for her and her Parents. They smiled at me and I smiled back.

“So, I’m going to give you some alone time” I said, awkwardly slipping out the door. If someone saw how my parents were acting I would be embarrass. I went into the bathroom down the hallway and freshened myself up.

“Hello,” a brunette girl chirped at me as she walked past me. She was out the door before I could even get anything out of my mouth.

I fixed my hair and stood in the bathroom for a few minutes before exploring more. There were two sides to each floor, girls on one side, and boys on the other. In the middle was a common area that had couches and a TV. I dodged families down the long narrow hallway and was relieved when I saw nobody was sitting in the area. I relaxed on a love seat and got my phone out. I had a few texts from my mom and I quickly replied. I was thousands of miles from home now. I was stuck here and had to fend for myself. I was going to miss California but living in the North East would be an unforgettable experience. All my friends were going to UCLA and here I was breaking off.


I looked up and saw a cute boy sit down across from me.

“Hi” I said sitting up and putting my phone in my pocket.

“Where you from?” He asked, “Wait” he said putting his palm to his forehead, “I should probably ask your name”

I laughed got up and sat next to him, when I was shy I could be a quiet talker.

“I’m McKinley and I’m from LA. How about you?”

He nodded his head, “I’m Parker and I’m from Kansas City”

I put my hand out and we shook hands.

“Roommate and her parents having a crying fest?” He asked.

“I’m assuming so, how’d you know?” I laughed cocking my head.

He had light brown eyes and dark brown hair which made him glow. I could help but stare at his tone arms and perfect white teeth.

“Same with mine,” He confessed, “I think he’s from England.”

“Oh!” I said trying to sound interested, “Is he as cute as you?”

“Oh definitely,” he smiled, “I’d say I’m a 10 and he’s a solid 9”

“Oh yeah?” I said getting serious, but obviously joking.

“Don’t worry, I give you a 10 too” he winked.

We sat there and looked out the window for a few minutes. We both watched a very beautiful lady and her husband get into the elevator and Parker got up.

“That was his parents. I should probably go meet him”

I stood up, “Nice meeting you Parker”

He put his arms out for a hug and I couldn’t resist. There was something about him that was welcoming.

“Thanks for being my first friend” he smiled.

I waved one last time and watched him disappear down the hallway.

I got up and walked back down to my room. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I prayed that they left.

The girl opened the door and she was alone.

“Sorry,” she said sounding embarrassed.

“It’s fine” I laughed.

I got up on my bed and laid and listen to her sing to herself. Wow, she could sing.

“We never introduced ourselves, I’m McKinley” I said getting up on one elbow.

She finished tapping up one of the corners of her poster and smiled, “I’m Samantha but call me Sammy”

A few hours passed and Sammy and I learned a lot about each other. She was an only child like me and was from outside of New York City.

“Ready to go?” she asked as I finished putting on mascara.

“Lets go!” I said jumping up and following Sammy out the door.

We had to go to the Stadium and learn the chants. After dinner it was about 9:00 o’clock and our dorm decided to have a party. The first floor was covered with freshman and loud music.

“It’s been forever since I’ve been to a party” I shouted over the loud bass.

Someone handed me a cup and I quickly put it down. Drinks at parties were disgusting to me.

“I’ve never been to one” Sammy said looking down.

To be honest, parties weren’t my favorite but my friends always dragged me along with them. I hated the hang over or staying up the previous night puking my guts out.

“C’mon!” I smiled and grabbed her hand. I lead her through the middle and danced with her. She smiled and laughed the whole time. I could tell my roommate was going to be my best friend.

“MCKINLEY!” I heard, as a very drunk Parker pulled me aside.

“Wow, how drunk are you?!” I laughed, catching him as he almost fell.

“I’m not!” he yelled.

“This is Sammy!” I introduced them.

“McKinley I lied,” he slurred, “You’re an 11” he laughed to himself.

“Okay,” I said guiding him away from all the other people and Sammy followed.

“Where’s your roommate?” Sammy asked. She kept putting his shirt back down as he tried to take it off.

“Wow he is trashed” I laughed and so did Sammy.

“There you are!” A British accent said coming up beside me and helping Parker up.

“Thank you!” he said, picking him up.

He turned around to thank me but I was completely mesmerized. He was absolutely gorgeous. He had curly brown hair and deep green eyes. He looked me up and down and smirked and escorted Parker away.

“Damn, he was eyeing you, I can’t stop thinking about that” Sammy laughed as we made our way back to our room drunk.

“He was beautiful,” I laughed, “I’d do him”

“McKinley!” Sammy laughed her eyes bright, “You don’t even know his name!”

I tripped over my feet and feel on my knees and Sammy fell over trying to help me up. We both laughed and couldn’t stop.

“You’re so pretty” Sammy said ripping her dress off like it was no problem.

“No-No you are” I stuttered.

The only thing I could remember that night was running to the bathroom puking and a total stranger holding my hair back. 

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