My Saviour

When Justin Bieber is coming out of the ACC after his sold out concert dozens of paparazzi try to snap a photo of him. With just his luck a beautiful girl comes up and helps him get out. He soon realizes she isnt just an ordinary fan. Justin thinks shes different and Scooter and Pattie are convinced to. As time goes on Justin starts to think to himself "Maybe she is the one?" After many ups and downs Justin does something romantic but meanwhile his mom gets in an accident and is in ICU. Justin is lost, angry, and sad. And is praying for a miricle.


7. Time To Leave

Genna's Pov:

Justin was kissing me infront of his mom and Scooter. Normally I wouldnt care but its Justin Biebers mom. I pulled back and Pattie looked up from her phone and said "Okay now tht your done that, Genna Justin and I will take you home to talk to your mom about it." I faked a smile and said "Ummm okay". My house was clean and my room was clean but I didnt want them to see my mom. She was either always drunk or hungover. She was very good to me though. She made sure I had everything I wanted and she would always try and make herself look classy not trashy. Scooter said he had stuff to do before the tour takes off again. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. Then Pattie said "I just have to grab something from my room then we can go". Justin looked at me with those sparkling eyes and said "Genna...". "Ya" I answered. "Come here". So I walked over to him. "Your beautiful I know we just met but I want you to be mine, Will you?" He smiled and took both of my hands. "Of course" He smiled and picked me up and said "Are you tickleish ?" I really was so I told him "Nope". He knew I was lying , I suck at lying still holding me he put me on the bed got ontop of me and was tickling me. "JUSTINNNN STOP" I said while I was laughing. "Nope sorry babe" He said with that smirk. Finally he stop and just looked me in the eyes and said "Kiss me" So I did, he was still ontop of me when Pattie walked in. "AWEEE young love but Justin what did I say about kising you can do it here but in public you better watch out for those 'camra geeks'" I knew she was joking and Justin laughed and looked at me and said "camra geeks is what me Scooter and my mom call the paparazzi". I laughed "good one". "Okay kids come on, Genna you okay with us taking your car?" Pattie looked at me. "Of course lets go". When we got downstairs there were still fans outside so Justin took pictures with some of them and talked to them. Then we went down to the back parking lot. We got in my car and Justin said hed like to drive. So he did Pattie was in the front and I was in the back. Justin started singing along to the radio. And with his luckmy Beleive CD was in. Pattie looked at me and said "How much Justin stuff do you have" and had an emaressed look on my face but said "Alot". After about 10 minutes we pulled up into my house. Before we got out my phone rang it was Emily and Mare with a three way call. I walked away from Justin and Pattie and told them everything. They screamed and said "Go back to Justin we will see you in a month". I forgot to tell Justin I originally was from Starford. OOOPPS.

Justins Pov:

Genna came back from being on the phone and we went up to the door. She knocked and said "Dont mind me yelling for a second"... "MOOOOM OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE". And just like that her mom came to the door. Her mom looked like she had been drinking. I didnt say anying. "Mom this is Justin and his mom, Pattie, I have really good news for you". We said our 'Hellos' and My mom told us to go upstairs while she was talking with Genna's mom. We walked upstairs and I imediatly knew which room was hers judging by the Justin Bieber poster. We walked in and she said "Shit sorry". I laughed and looked around her walls had Posters of me and her book shelf was covers with agazines and all my  CDs, She had the doll and even mine and my moms new book. She looked at me "Im sorry I forgot I had all this stuff, you probably think im crazy" I smiled "You were just a fan, I understand but now you much more then a fan to me". She was blushing. She packeds her bag with clothes and all the stuff she needed for 8 weeks. We werent leaving till tomorrow but I insisted she stay the night again. We began to walk down stairs when Genna said "Justin stop wait here," We sat on her stairs and listend to my mom and her mom talk. My mom was talking at the moment. "Look I was like you, drinking, smoking, and going out. But then I had Justin and I stopped. He changed my life. And you need to smarten u for Gennas sake. I understand we just met and Genna is just gone for 8 weeks but in those 8 weeks take time to really get better. How do you think Genna feels coming home to a mother who is always drunk and smoking?" Gennas mom smiled and said "I will, take are of my baby girl and make sure she stays out of trouble" My mom gave her a hug and said "Justin, Genna come on" We made it look like we just got downstirs. Genna hugged her mom and said "Ill miss you take care mom" Her mom kissed her on the check and we were out the door. Insted of Gennas care. Scooter pulled up in the tour bus. Talk about perfect timing.

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