My Saviour

When Justin Bieber is coming out of the ACC after his sold out concert dozens of paparazzi try to snap a photo of him. With just his luck a beautiful girl comes up and helps him get out. He soon realizes she isnt just an ordinary fan. Justin thinks shes different and Scooter and Pattie are convinced to. As time goes on Justin starts to think to himself "Maybe she is the one?" After many ups and downs Justin does something romantic but meanwhile his mom gets in an accident and is in ICU. Justin is lost, angry, and sad. And is praying for a miricle.


17. I need a Miracle

Gennas Pov: 

Scooter told Justins grandparents and me and Justin everything that happened while we were gone. She went in for surgery on her brain. I really hope she comes out okay the doctor said she could be really injured if this operation doesnt work. We waited over 4 hours and finally the doctor came out and told us she was going to be okay and the surgery went well. Justin and his grandparents smiled but how much brain damage did she have? She was a very good mother to him and he was an even greater son. I pray she is okay.

Justins Pov:

They finally brought my mom back to her room after the surgery. I was so excited she was finally going to be able to open her beautiful eyes and I would get to see her gorgeous smile. I loved her smile it always made me feel happy even when I was sad. She was an amazing mom and to know she was going to be okay made me feel even better then my first single topping the charts. Finally the doctors said she would open her eyes and be awake any minute. I stood there with Genna and Scooter and my grandparents. I know it was kinda creepy to stand there but I was just so happy.

My mom opened her eyes. She looked around. She looked confused. I went over and gave her a hug. My grandparents were next, then Genna then Scooter. She still had that confused look on her face. "Mom, I missed you. Im glad your okay" She opened her mouth and said "Im not your mom. I dont even know who you people are." "What do you mean Im your son Justin Bieber, your my mom, your my everything you got into a car accident because of a fucking drunk driver, you helped me get where I am today, you helped me through everything how can you not remember? Mom please." I said. "Im sorry I dont know who you guys are and I dont know why im in a hospital bed either can you guys please leave while I figure out whats going on" She answered. I couldnt believe it. The doctor said she would have brain damage but I didnt think she would forget who I was!! My own mom didnt remember me. Please.... what did I do to deserve this.. I thought she was going to be okay. I thought I would help her and things would go back to normal. I need her warm hugs and I need to see that smile again. I started to cry in Gennas arms. I need a miracle. 

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