My Saviour

When Justin Bieber is coming out of the ACC after his sold out concert dozens of paparazzi try to snap a photo of him. With just his luck a beautiful girl comes up and helps him get out. He soon realizes she isnt just an ordinary fan. Justin thinks shes different and Scooter and Pattie are convinced to. As time goes on Justin starts to think to himself "Maybe she is the one?" After many ups and downs Justin does something romantic but meanwhile his mom gets in an accident and is in ICU. Justin is lost, angry, and sad. And is praying for a miricle.


11. Help

Justins Pov:

Im an idiot. I dont know what I was thinking. I care about Genna alot and I cant stand the fact that I hurt her. Genna, Emily and Mare went out. The last thing Genna said to me before she left was "I might not come back". Ryan and Chaz knew how I felt about her. That sentance stayed in my head. I couldnt bare the thought of losing her. I had an idea. Ryan and Chaz bega to help me plan it out. Thank God for my best friends.

Gennas Pov:

Me and my girls went out. I was so angry and upset we decided to go to the bar. No intention of getting drunk though. "Genna whats going to happen" Emily asked me. "At this point I really think you should forgive him I mean he was very sweet to you and he obviously feels like shit for what happend." Mare and Emily were the only people who could make my mood change. I loved them for that. We had a couple drinks and just sat there talking. After about an hour some guy came up to Emily and was obviously drunk out of his mind. "Hey babe" He said as he grabbed her ass. It took us a little bit to realize it was Chaz. I couldnt believe it chazwas drunk. And normally it wouldnt bother me but he was so into about only drinking a little bit. If Chaz was here my next guess would be Justin and Ryan were here to. I turned around because I didnt want to watch the Emily and haz makout session. I kept waiting for Justin to walk into the bar but it was just Ryan. I was so mad at him but for some reason I couldnt get him off my mind. Chaz was about to pass out. I called Justin and asked if Chaz could just go to the room with Emily he said it was fine. Before I hung up Justin said "Come outside". I didnt want to see him but I couldnt let him stand out there. I went outside. I told Mare but she was to busy grinding on Ryan to realize. I got outside and there was a limo. I imediatly knew it was Justins. I looked around and there I found Justin holding up some flowers and it looked like he was crying. "Justin I..." He cut me off and said "Wait Im sorry Genna I love you with all my heart. It hurt me that I hurt you i didnt mean to your the one I care about not her please just come with me." I was so starstruck I just agreed. In the limo he put his arms around me and we were off. He had one more show in Buffalo tomorrow and we ended up at the airport.    Why was he taking me.

Justins Pov:

We stopped at the airport and We got off. We went into my private jet and I put the blind fold over her eyes. "Justin can I ask what th.." I just kissed her I didnt want her to ask what was going on because well a suprise is a suprise. Buffalo and Toronto arent far from each other so it wasnt very long. On the plane she took of the blind fold she said it was 'bothering her' but i knew she just wanted to see. We talked everything through and I think she was happy before we got off the ame up to me and said "Do you trust me" I nodded and she got on my lap and kissed me. I could tell she wanted something more so I stopped her and said "I love you but not here wait for tonight" She bit her lip and just kissed me. The nwe got off. The limo took us to the staples centre. She got out and said "What are you doing?" We walked inside and there was one table. close to the stage. She was blown away. I got on stage as she sat down. "Genna thhis is for you" I began to sing. "I could just die in your arms...." I got off stage and she was crying. I looked at her "baby dont cry I needed to make my princess feel like one" She grabbed me and hugged me tight. I looked her in the eye and wipped away her tears. A giant screen came down and we began to watch her favourite movie. Be side the table was a blanket and pillows so we layed down and watched. It was a good night but we had to go. Or we wouldnt be back in time. I got a phone call from Chaz as we landed in Buffalo.

I couldnt believe my ears. We rushed into the hospital and right into the room they told me my mom was in. I was crying and Genna was holding me. Some drunk driver hit my mom as she was driving. The doctors told me they took her into ICU. I cried harder Genna was holding me and Ryan and Chaz were crying to. Me and Genna went into ICU to see my mom. She was hooked up to a bunch of wires. I prayed she ould be okay. As I walked in she said "Justin..." She reached out her hand. I quickly took it.

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