My Saviour

When Justin Bieber is coming out of the ACC after his sold out concert dozens of paparazzi try to snap a photo of him. With just his luck a beautiful girl comes up and helps him get out. He soon realizes she isnt just an ordinary fan. Justin thinks shes different and Scooter and Pattie are convinced to. As time goes on Justin starts to think to himself "Maybe she is the one?" After many ups and downs Justin does something romantic but meanwhile his mom gets in an accident and is in ICU. Justin is lost, angry, and sad. And is praying for a miricle.


20. Finally

Justins Pov: 

I felt like I was going crazy. I was never able to coop with tragic or upsetting news well. I would either cry or pretend  its not real. I never understood it. My mom did. I missed her. The way she used to be. The stories she would tell me and the jokes she would tel me when I was down. In a way being 18 most people think its almost necessary to push your parents away but with me I want my mom closer. I couldnt believe what I was seeing. I was talking to the nurse when my mom walked out in her arm cast and leg cast with her crutches. "Mom?". The doctor smiled at me. "Turns out it was short term memory loss. She still has rough patches but she does remember you." I almost fell. My mom was walking and she knew me. All that crying and drama for being able to talk to my mom normally. Im kind of glad though. Going through that and finally understanding the struggles people go through. Finally realizing the emotion behind peoples stories instead of just agreeing with what they say. "How?" That was all I was able to say. "We gave her medicine we didnt think it would work but your mother is strong and it did. I understand this is confusing because just hours ago she had lost all memory but it is a miracle, this has never happened before.". I hugged my mom. I could finally feel right calling her my mom. Before it was like I was talking to a stranger. I felt peace. My miracle has happened. I can only thank God for that.  

Gennas Pov: 

Justin called me and Scooter and told us everything. We couldnt believe it. Something was up though I could tell by the way Scooter was talking. I could tell by the smirk he had on his face. I called Justin laughing. 'Hey whats up with Scooter he has this smirk like he knows something" Scooter looked and me and tapped my head. I just stuck my tongue out. "I cant say, but were going out to dinner to celebrate my mom" And then he hung up. He couldnt tell me? Okay I know for sure something is up now. It was my birthday tomorrow I was turning 19. Maybe it was a birthday surprise. Probably not though. Scooter pulled into the restaurant. I ran over and hugged Pattie. She was amazing and so strong. Justin looked happy. It was the happiest i have seen him in weeks. "Guys before we start i am just saying the tour is back on!" Thats amazing. Believe is back on. Pattie started talking. "I understand ive been unlike myself , but im back and im glad that me and Justin got to talk. But most of all im glad that I get to have a new daughter, Genna" She hugged me. Wait new daughter what? Then Justin got on one knee and said "Will you marry me?" After what has happened the last month I couldnt believe what I was hearing. It was almost like a dream. "Yes" I said smiling. He kissed me and I loved it. But why now? Why right after Pattie got out of the hospital? Questions I wanted answered, but they could wait  

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