My Saviour

When Justin Bieber is coming out of the ACC after his sold out concert dozens of paparazzi try to snap a photo of him. With just his luck a beautiful girl comes up and helps him get out. He soon realizes she isnt just an ordinary fan. Justin thinks shes different and Scooter and Pattie are convinced to. As time goes on Justin starts to think to himself "Maybe she is the one?" After many ups and downs Justin does something romantic but meanwhile his mom gets in an accident and is in ICU. Justin is lost, angry, and sad. And is praying for a miricle.


1. The Concert

Justins Pov :

One, the music starts. Two, the lights glow. Three, I sing the words to my song. Four, I steal the hearts of thousands of girls. The choreography is complex. But after practicing so many times and preforming it in almost every city, it kinda  comes naturally. I look out into the crowd and see thousands of hearts being held high. I see thousands of flashing lights. But what sticks to me the most is I see almost everyone singing along to my music. I love what I do and to have people supporting me through everything is a feeling nobody can take away.

The concert ends and as im walking out of the ACC, when Im suddenly surrounded with dozens of paparazzi and all I see are flashing lights. Im running to try and get away but in my head im thinking "Where the hell is Scooter?". At this point I dont even know where I am when I black car pulls up and a girl with long brown hair and beautiful eyes rolls down the window and says "Get in". I knew i really shouldnt have gotten into a car with a stranger but i was desperate. I got in and the car flew down the road.

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