When Abby finally gets to visit her mom 's friend Evelyn for the first time she gets so excited because her friend apparently lives in the UK Liverpool to be exact and shes a total directioner. then she drives Abby all the way to London for a little fun. Just when she meets 1D at Nandos when she finds out Liam, Harry, and Niall all love she gets overwhelmed and can't decide who to go with. Haha sorry for the grammer errors.


12. The Start of A Beautiful Long Distance Relationship

We were finished with dinner. We started heading out of the restaurant. Liam kissed me on the lips again happier than ever. "You should sing again babe you have a beautiful voice!"
"You really liked my voice?"
"Yes it's so great to meet a girl who has a beautiful personality, beautiful voice, and appearance!"
"Your so sweet Liam I'm so glad I met you!"
We kissed again on the lips why did this have to end?
"Abby this might be a risk but I'm willing to take risks for you."
"Yes Liam?"
"We could try a long distance relationship and I'll visit you whenever I can, but for now we Skype!"
"We'll try I don't wanna loose you again either!"
"Yes!" Liam jumped up and down with excitement.
I slept back at the boys hotel on Liam's bed while Liam slept on the couch. He was willing to spend more time with me today then when the two weeks were over he'd drive me back to the Liverpool airport. I didn't wanna think about that right now just spend some quality time with my boyfriend! We had so much I didn't want it to end.

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