When Abby finally gets to visit her mom 's friend Evelyn for the first time she gets so excited because her friend apparently lives in the UK Liverpool to be exact and shes a total directioner. then she drives Abby all the way to London for a little fun. Just when she meets 1D at Nandos when she finds out Liam, Harry, and Niall all love she gets overwhelmed and can't decide who to go with. Haha sorry for the grammer errors.


14. Telling Anna the News

It was September and my friends from my class in 8th grade had decided to have a back to school party it was at my friend Candace's house. It was good to see our whole class together again. I really wanted to tell everyone I'm dating Liam Payne but I remember one time Liam told me not to tell anyone but my best friend because if his fans knew I would probably get a lot of hate like Danielle did and he didn't want that to happen. So almost everyone had asked me how my summer was and so I lied to them and told them nothing just stayed home the whole summer. Finally my friend Anna asked me. Could I tell her? What would she think she is a directioner like me and all what would she think? I had to tell her she was my best friend and all and I told her everything. So I took her to Candace's room to talk.
"Abby I just asked you a simple question why'd you pull me aside?"
I told Anna everything from going to Liverpool to all that happened with 1D and how me and Liam are together. Anna started to scream I put my hand over her mouth.
"Anna shut up I can't let anyone know about this!"
"How can I and don't tell me your lying to me!"
"I'm not I'll prove it to you!"
"Ok I'm not believing you till you prove it!"
"You just freaked out and your saying you don't believe me?!"
"We'll it's 1D I freak out about them anytime!"
I took out my phone and started to call Liam. I put the phone on speaker so Anna could here him too.
*liam picks up the phone*
Liam: Hey babe! You ready to give this long distance a go?
Me: Yes Liam I'm ready
Liam: Cool can I Skype you now?
Me: Not now Liam I just had to tell my best friend Anna about you!
Liam: Oh, that's great is she gorgeous like you?
Anna looked like she was gonna burst and freak out
Me: Yeah
Anna signaled me to put Harry on the phone. Alright Alright I whispered
Me: Hey Liam honey can you put Harry on the phone my friend wants to talk to him? Are you guys still at your hotel?
Liam: Apparently yeah we're not done recording but sure! I'll put Harry on the phone I'm sure he'd love to talk to you too!
Me: ok!
Harry: Hello who is this?
Me: Oh stop fooling around Hazza it's me!
Harry: Abby how are you! We've all missed you especially Liam!
Me: I know I've missed you guys too!
Harry: So I heard you told your best friend about you and Liam huh?
Me: Yah she's right next to me she's been dying to talk to you! Haha have fun!
Anna: H...hhello? Harry Styles
Harry: Yes love your Abby's best friend right?
Harry: that's great to hear Anna Abby has told me so much about you!
"Anna give me back the phone!"
I yanked the phone out of her hands I didn't want her drooling on my phone!
Me: Haha had to steal the phone from her she was about to drool on it!
Harry: Oh how lovely haha she seems like a diehard fan of us for sure!
Me: Loved talking to you Harry! Tell the other boys I said hi and give the phone back to Liam Please?
Harry: Sure love you Abby and tell Anna I loved talking to her haha even though it was only 5 seconds!
Me: Sure thing!
Liam: Hey babe heard your friend talking to Harry!
Me: Really?
Liam: Actually we all did she was really loud!
Me: omg I'm so sorry! I didn't know she'd break your ear drums!
Liam: So babe Skype date later?
Me: yeah sure!
*i said bye and hung up the phone*
"YOU. ARE. THE. LUCKIEST. GIRL. ON. EARTH." Anna said as she was struggling to breath. Wow she wasn't kidding when she said she would just die if she met them!
"Yeah, but it's gonna take a lot of risks though."
"It don't matter you guys are like a power couple if you can get through that thing that happened in London I think distance won't stop you guys!"
"Awww thanks Anna by the way do wanna sleep over after this party? I'm gonna Skype date Liam later"
"Sure but isn't a date supposed to be just you and Liam?"
"Oh yah.... Well I guess it's a double Skype date! You and Harry and me and Liam!"
"OMGOMGOMG!!!! I'm finally meeting my true love!" We headed out of Candace's room when we saw everyone downstairs looking at us. Anna and I smiled embarrassed.
"Are you guys alright? We heard screaming bro!" My friend Julia had asked.
"Nope we're just fine I had to break it to Anna that Harry Styles is dating I found it out on the gossip website!" I smiled.
"Really you had to bring 1D to this party?" My friend Oliver said
They all dispersed and now were scattered all over Candace's house. Phew! I thought that was a close one! My life was perfect I had a perfect boyfriend, great family and awesome friends who were by my side no matter what! What else could a girl ask for!

Note: Sorry guys if this was a really lame chapter! I will add another one if you want!

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