When Abby finally gets to visit her mom 's friend Evelyn for the first time she gets so excited because her friend apparently lives in the UK Liverpool to be exact and shes a total directioner. then she drives Abby all the way to London for a little fun. Just when she meets 1D at Nandos when she finds out Liam, Harry, and Niall all love she gets overwhelmed and can't decide who to go with. Haha sorry for the grammer errors.


7. Seperated

"Hey Abby by the way I might sound crazy but have I ever texted you before?On like an app or something?" Liam asked as we walked around London.
"Maybe, wait that was really you?"
"Yeah, you almost thought I was a fake right?"
"Oops sorry Liam, it's just that there was another fake account who was claiming to be you but kept threatening me to do nasty things!"
"Well your safe with me now aren't you babe? That man isn't texting you anymore!"
I kissed Liam on the cheek, he's so sweet. I started texting my mom telling her we were near that clock tower. The one from the one thing video. We waited for her there when she told us to meet her at a nearby fancy restaurant. I started to follow Liam when Niall bumped in front of me once again. I started calling out to the other lads but they couldn't hear me they were already on there way to the restaurant. How could he not notice I was gone, and great I was stuck with Niall now too.
"Awww don't worry I'll call the rest of the lads to tell them where we are"
"Ok Niall"
"Plus I am great at finding restaurants, you know me loving food and all"
I couldn't help myself but laugh. Niall was hilarious, and no one could never say no to him! Before dinner Niall showed me all around London. I was having so much fun, but I couldn't help thinking I was cheating on Liam. I guess not its not like we kissed or anything we were just having harmless fun like two best friends. "Liam just texted me and asked me where we were," Niall said
"Tell him we're on our way and just exploring London," I replied.
Liam finally noticed I was gone wow took him long enough. Liam later texted Niall the restaurant they went to and we were on our way. This is horrible I think I'm falling in love with three guys at once! Was this even possible?!?!? I was stuck in a love rectangle and I couldn't decide who to go with. As we headed to the restaurant you could see the look on my mom's face she looked surprised very surprised. I couldn't sit by any of them so I sat by my parents and across from yeah you guessed it Liam,Niall and Harry. Harry kept looking at me suspiciously and smiled. "Excuse me guys can I be excused for a second?"
I left the table and quickly ran out of the restaurant. I needed to think, think about what I was doing. Liam had ran after again. "Abby I thought we resolved your problem! What's wrong?"
"It's just that Niall's trying to make a move on me too! I can't handle hurting any of you boys Liam."
"Abby we'll figure something out! Don't worry I'll--"
"You'll help me! Was leaving me with Niall helping me?!"
"No but I'm really sorry I should never forget about you. Abby your the love of my life I don't wanna loose you!"
"Good luck winning me back!"
I ran away crying I could here Liam shouting my name but I couldn't go back to him he said he would help me with all this. He lied and now the only place I remembered to go to was there place and I didn't really know the hotel Evelyn was at and I didn't have a key there. So I just went outside of 1D's hotel and cried. I had nowhere else to go and I was hurting. How could he forget me? He loved me that much how could he forget me? I couldn't do anything but cry. When someone scooped me up bridal style. I looked up only to find green eyes and curly brown hair. What was Harry doing?


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