When Abby finally gets to visit her mom 's friend Evelyn for the first time she gets so excited because her friend apparently lives in the UK Liverpool to be exact and shes a total directioner. then she drives Abby all the way to London for a little fun. Just when she meets 1D at Nandos when she finds out Liam, Harry, and Niall all love she gets overwhelmed and can't decide who to go with. Haha sorry for the grammer errors.


1. On my way!

I was so excited to see my mom's friend Evelyn! She lived Liverpool, England and me being a directioner and all I was flipping out! My mom had decided that we could only afford for one person to go, and me wanting to meet the biggest boy band in the world begged to go.
"Please mom, I've been waiting for this moment my whole life," I begged. "Well ok, we'll find a way to come with you later but for now you can go," she replied. I started jumping and screaming with excitement!
I was packing up my things. So happy thinking there was a chance I could meet my idols my inspiration. As I walked out of my room Nickey my dog ran up to me. I stared into those brown sparkling eyes of here and thought, I'm going to miss her. "Don't worry Nickey I'll only be gone for a month," I explained," the time will go by really fast!" She wagged her tail happily. I walked out the door and down the stairs into that white rustic car I always hated. Here I go, I thought, excited than ever. All the sights to see not this boring city life in Chicago. I was finally going to see something new.
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