When Abby finally gets to visit her mom 's friend Evelyn for the first time she gets so excited because her friend apparently lives in the UK Liverpool to be exact and shes a total directioner. then she drives Abby all the way to London for a little fun. Just when she meets 1D at Nandos when she finds out Liam, Harry, and Niall all love she gets overwhelmed and can't decide who to go with. Haha sorry for the grammer errors.


6. Harry makes a move

I smiled as me and Liam walked back to the living room returning to the movie. Which Louis had paused for us. " Your lucky I paused this for you lads, you would've missed the whole movie by now if it wasn't for me!" Louis yelled.
"Yah yah Louis we get it play the movie!" Liam replied we both laughed. I loved him no matter what you could see Harry's face and Niall's they both looked disappointed in me. I started to cry Liam looked at me and whispered," don't worry about them Abby your fine just stay with me." "Alright Liam I trust you." I cuddled up and started to close my eyes. The last thing I've seen is Woody fighting with Buzz.
I awoke leaning on Liam, I missed the movie! Omigosh it's dinner time and Awww, I really wanted watch that movie! Anyways I got thirsty so I went up off the couch slowly so I won't wake up Liam. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water someone walked up to me. "I know about you and Liam." I turned around only to find Harry. "Harry what are you--"
"You and Liam are in love I know it just answer me this..."
"What is it Harry?"
"Why did you choose Liam over me? Why didn't you give us a chance?"
I couldn't answer Harry I kept thinking of a way to respond but couldn't. I got lost in his eyes again ugh why did these boys have to be so good looking! Liam walked in because he heard Harry screaming at me
"What's going on? Harry are you bothering Abby?!"
"No Liam he wasn't we're just---"
"You know what you can have her! I don't really care anyway!"
Harry left the room steaming, I didn't mean to make him mad. So I ran out of the kitchen, "Harry wait!"
"What could you possibly want with me you have Liam."
"Oh don't talk to me like that Harry you know you can't stay mad at a girl forever!"
"I'm not mad at you, I'm just really hurt."
"Awww c'mon Harry please cheer up."
I ran up to Harry and hugged him it felt so good to hug him. As I was hugging him I looked into his eyes. Harry moved in closer to my lips and pressed his against mine. Harry Styles kissed me!
"What are you doing?!?!?" I asked him furiously!
"Kissing you!"
"But you know I'm taken I'm with Liam Harry!"
"But you liked it didn't you!" I couldn't help it but I think I did like it!
"Never tell anybody about this understand?!?"
"Sure it'll be our little secret you could say!" He smiled and walked back to his room. As I walked back to the couch furiously, I could here my phone vibrating. My mom had sent me a text: Where are you? We're here in London.
I'm with ummm how do I say this with One Direction? I replied to her but then I texted again saying to call Evelyn she's at a nearby hotel and I texted her the address. My moms probably flipping out right now I said aloud. "Flipping out about what babe?" Liam asked he must've heard me. "Well that I was gone for hours and that well we're together!"
"She's gonna love us don't worry c'mon it's almost dinner time you can still tour around London!" He smiled
"Plus London has great supper services!!" Niall butted in.
"And London is beautiful at night!" Louis butted in also.
"Alright fine I guess you guys could meet my family while exploring London too!" We headed out the door as I headed out Harry looked at me suspiciously and smiled.


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