Truly Madly Deeply..

Hi! I'm Kat :D And this is my very FIRST! Movella!!<33 I hope you love it!!


Katie, Is kinda insuure about differnt things but is good when it comes to defending herself or her friends...She isnt popular at shool very much but has a HUGE crush on a guy named Kalvin...But hes popular...and can be a pretty big jerk..But what happens when the new kid Niall Horan of One Direction Comes to their school?!?!


9. Why?

Of cousrse I was shocked, surprised, and confuesed all at the same time. Why did Niall say that? Was he fighting with Cindy? Did he just want to kiss someone? Or did he genuinly love me? Or thinks he loves me?

After we pulled away his face was frightened. He knew he shouldn't have done that.

"I-Im s-sorry" He stuttered. For some reason I found this funny so I chuckled and said good night and went home. Evrntually I drifted off to sleep.


**NIALL'S P.O.V.**


Why did I kiss her? I guess I kind of fancied her but...Cindy more. I don't know why I did that. I felt bad. But mostly scared of what Harry was going to do to me when he found out.

I stepped into me and the lads flat and Harry was right there.

"Did you get her home safely?" He asked.

"Yeah of course..What about Cindy?" I asked suddnley worrying about her.

"Yeah shes fine" He replied. To be honest I didn't care about Cindy..I cared about Katie...

What was happening? One minute I like Cindy and the next Katie? Im so confused. And gilty. And scared of Harry.

"Mate what's wrong?" Harry asked me. UH-OH.

"Uhh..nothing" I said un-confincingly.

"Tell me, now" He said.  "Well, when I was driving Katie home..we got out and hugged her....and then...and then....I-I k-kissed h-her..."


"I-Im sorrry.." I stated.

"OH YOUR GONNA BE!!" He yelled. I knew he was going to call Cindy but I didn't care. I wanted Katie.


**HARRY'S P.O.V.**


I was going to call Cindy. She has to know. I grabbed my phone and called her.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hi this is Harry erm Niall you know your erm boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yeah!" She siad.

"Well she erm kissed my girlfriend, Katie". I said slowly.

"HE WHAT?" she said. I hung up the phone.

I couldnt handle it I needed to see Katie. I needed to.


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