Truly Madly Deeply..

Hi! I'm Kat :D And this is my very FIRST! Movella!!<33 I hope you love it!!


Katie, Is kinda insuure about differnt things but is good when it comes to defending herself or her friends...She isnt popular at shool very much but has a HUGE crush on a guy named Kalvin...But hes popular...and can be a pretty big jerk..But what happens when the new kid Niall Horan of One Direction Comes to their school?!?!


11. My Choice

The next morning I got on the bus. I sat down next to Niall and I had my Iphone so we plugged in the ear phones and we each listened with only one ear phone in our right ears.

I had put it on shuffle and 'A Team' By Ed Sheeran came on. Niall started singing. And he was AMAZING!

"Niall your an amazing singer!" I said I we walked off the bus together. "Thanks, I didn't even realize I was singing" He chuckled. I laughed.

"Hey, I still need someone to show me around" He said hopefully. "Yes I will show you aroud" I said. His face brightened.

"One moment I'll be right back" I said and I went to go find Harry. I needed to see if I wanted to break up with him.

"Hey, Love" Harry said kissing me. "Hey" I said. "Katie, what's wrong?" He asked.

"Too be honest, I think I like Niall..I'm so sorry you were such a great boyfriend and-" He cut me off. "I was expeting that, just don't bother me" he said and walked away angrily. I felt so bad. And guilty.

I walked back to where Niall was and told him everything. All I wanted to do was kiss him....So I did.

He was surprised and I was too but I really like Niall and I think he loves me. I need him.

"Katie, will you please be my girlfriend?" He said and it caught me off gard but I shook my head yes and kissed him again.

"Well, I see the reason" Harry said walking in. He must of saw and heard everything.

"Look, mate" Niall started but Harry just cut him off. "THIS ISN'T OVER!" He yelled. "I love her and I need her, she'll want me back and when she does....Don't come crying to me" He said to Niall.

"She'll never want you back, she broke up with YOU to get together with ME!" Niall yelled right back.

"GUYS STOP!" I screamed. "It's my choice". And with that I grabbed Niall's hand and walked out of the room. I was going to lunch.With my boyfriend. 

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