Truly Madly Deeply..

Hi! I'm Kat :D And this is my very FIRST! Movella!!<33 I hope you love it!!


Katie, Is kinda insuure about differnt things but is good when it comes to defending herself or her friends...She isnt popular at shool very much but has a HUGE crush on a guy named Kalvin...But hes popular...and can be a pretty big jerk..But what happens when the new kid Niall Horan of One Direction Comes to their school?!?!


8. Could This Be True?!

Once me and Harrry decided to leave that's when Niall did too. There were a bunch of screaming fans outside so I clutched on to someone who I thought was Harry infront of me.

When we got out of all the fans I saw Niall smiling infront of me..Was I clutching on to him? I guess Cindy accedentially went with Harry and there was no way I was going through those fans again so Niall was going to drive me home.

We got in the car and Niall couldn't stop smiling.

"What's your problem?" I asked Niall jokingly.

"I just haven't gotten to speak to you lately because-" I cut him off.

"You've been glued to Cindy 24/7?"

"Yeah I guess" He said quietly. "So are you and Harry...together?" Niall asked me. I was proud to say say I was.

"Yes, we are!" I said excitedly. He looked really sad. But why? Shouldn't that be me?

"What about Cindy?" I asked.

"Who-oh yeah were cool" He said...Did he just forget his own girlfriend?

We got out and he was walking me up to my home but stopped and huged me! Why? Did he like me? I hope so..WAIT! Harry's by boyfriend!!!

When he let go he leaned in and kissed me!!


"I am Truly Madly Deeply in love with you" He said....Was this a dream..Ouch nope I justed pinched myself. Wow i'm stupid.



Sorry for the sort chapter thanks for reading love yall<3333333333

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