It's Hard to Keep Secrets

my best friend. good times. he leaves. alone in london. singing all day. waiting. wanting love. me, myself and i. my guitar. birthdays. changes. someone new. well sorta new. atleast i have him. listen to my voice. apparently im. a good singer. concerts. famous. well, not exactly. unexpected love. turns to a forbidden.

most of this disaster happens, because of my secret.


1. They Left Me.

My name is Michelle, but call me Mick, Michelle's too girly.

I'm 17 -turning 18 soon- years old, and I miss my best friend, Niall Horan. I haven't seen him in about a year, when he auditioned for the X-Factor. 

I plan to see him soon, real soon. 

I have a loving family, Mother, Father and Keke, my little sister. Her real name is Keona.

On the last day of school, I arrive home. I see a note on the table. It says the following:


Dear Mick,

Your Father and I have to decided to visit America. We are bringing Keona to Ireland, she wanted to see your cousins Molly and Daren. We are sorry to leave right before you birthday, we have to. I'm sorry sweetie it's for work. We'll be back ASAP.

Love you,     



Thanks mom.

They just took off, another thing leaving me. And Keona, to IRELAND? Yeah, I know we live in London, not America, but Ireland? Well I did go there many times, so I guess it's fair.

Well, I better get going. I have to go to work. I sit outside the Tea Shop on the corner and play my guitar, with an accompany of singing from me. I enjoy it, and the outcome is pretty good. I usually get 20-40 dollars a day. It's not like I have to pay anything. Well, except my Iphone bill. But that's only 30 bucks a month not counting the plan. And I work 6 days, a week. So that's about $180 a week.

Pretty good, if I do not say so myself. 

*At the Tea Shop*

I walk in to the shop. 

"Hey Mick, ready to sing?" says Wayne, my boss. 

"Yep!" I say, really enthusiastic. I unzip my guitar case and hand it to Wayne. He takes it and nods, as I walk out the door. I take my box with me, for the money. 

"There!' I say, all set up ready to sing. I clear my thought. 

"You know I'd fall apart without you, I don't know how you do what you do, 'cause everything that don't make sense about about me

It makes sense when I'm with you, Like everything that's green, girl I need you

But it's more than one and one makes two

So put aside the math and the logic of it

You gotta know your wanted too

I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips, I wanna make you feel wanted

I wanna call you mine, wanna hold your hand forever, and never let you forget it

Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted"

I smile as I finish, about a dozen people clapping and dropping money into my box.



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