She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


21. Why?

Zayn POV

A small smile appeared on my face as I looked at the finished product. It was honestly amazing. It took me about a week but at least it kept my mind way from the whole Sophia going back home ordeal. It was a good distraction but I won't need it anymore once I get Sophia back home.

It was going to be perfect. This room was perfect for our daughter. I just have this feeling that its a girl. She's gonna be beautiful.

I quickly got changed and left my flat and started to drive. Sophia's old neighborhood wasn't that far way from my place but I still didn't like how she left me. I know that she needs her family, but I really think I need her more than anyone else. She's my world and I can't live without her.

After about an hour of driving I had arrived in front of Sophia's home. I parked my car and locked the door. Taking a deep breath I walked over to the front door and gave it a knock.

I told myself to be as calm as possible but I could help the rapid beating of my heart. The door swung open to reveal Sophia's mum who I recognized from the going way party my mum threw before the tour started.

"Zayn? What are doing here?" She didn't look angry and when she wrapped her arms around me in a hug I knew Sophia had told her about the baby.

"I came to talk to Sophia. Is she home?" She weakly nodded her head. "She is but she locked herself in her room for the past two days. She won't talk to anyone after what had happened with her father." I felt my mouth go dry.

"She's been in there for forty-eight hours without anything to eat? We need to get her some food or-or s-she..." I couldn't even finished my sentence.

"Sweetie it's alright. Maybe she'll listen to you. How bout you go and see if she'll let you in." I nodded my head as I ran up the stairs to Sophia's room.

I took a long deep breath as I knocked on the door. There was nothing.

"Sophia?" I called. I pressed my ear to the door trying to hear even more. "Baby it's me. Open up you need to eat." I waited for a few moments when suddenly the door popped open.

I took in a shaky breath as I pushed open the door. I looked towards the bed to see Sophia had crawled under the covers "Sophia..." I couldn't help but feel heart broken.

I slipped my shoes and jacket off and crawled in the covers. "Baby talk to me?" My voice was laced with my tears from just looking at her. I felt Sophia move around until she was facing me. Her eyes were blood shoot and there were tear stains down her cheeks. She was so beautiful yet something looked off even in her state.

"He hates me Zayn." She didn't look at me when she spoke. She just looked at her hands. "Who hates you?" Her eyes locked with mine. "My dad. He hates me. He thinks I'm a slut and I had let fame get to my head. He doesn't care about me anymore Zayn. He hates me because I'm pregnant and he doesn't want to see me again."

I felt my stomach drop. "What about your mum? She didn't look too mad." She nodded her head. "She isn't but my father is probably going to stop her from seeing me."

Suddenly the front door was slammed shut. Sophia's eyes widened. "He's here. You have to hide Zayn. He can't know you were here." Sophia quickly got off the bed pulling me along with her into her washroom.

"I'll be back don't worry." She turned around to leave but I pulled her back. "Please be safe. I love you Sophia." I cupped her face with my hands and kissed her with my life. I pulled away after what felt like an eternity.

"I love you to." She pressed her lips back to mine before leaving me alone in her washroom.

After about ten minutes of trying to ignore Sophia and her parents arguing I decided to look around Sophia's washroom. It had all that girly stuff that was always in a girls washroom but what caught my eye and also made my heart stop was something that laid in the bath tub.

I felt my stomach drop as my shaky hand reached for the blade that lay around a pool of blood.

There was something terribly wrong with Sophia and I won't it go on any further.

Sophia POV

"Please dad! I'm sorry, but I'm having this baby and you can't stop me." I felt more tears rush to my already puffy eyes.

"I can't believe you would want a baby at such a young age. You're a disgrace to this family!" My father screamed at me. My mother pulled him back telling him to calm down.

"Micheal don't shout at her. She needs us." My mother pleaded him. My father pulled his arm roughly away from her grip. "I can't be believe you would take her side! She doesn't deserve our help and love! She’s a good for nothing slut and I don’t want to see her again!” I watched as my father stomped away to the living room, my mother calling him back so we could talk but I pulled her back.

“Don’t, he’s not worth it. If he doesn't want me anymore then I’m okay with that. But I need you mum. I need you so bad you don’t even understand.”

My mum pulled me into her arms as I sobbed uncontrollably. “It’s okay Sophia. I’m here for you, I promise.” She pulled me out at arms length. “I love you Sophia, I could never abandoned you or my grandchild. Don’t forget I’m here for you always.” I smiled through my tears even though it hurt. It hurt to see my father so disappointed in me, but I’m not giving up this child.

“I love you mum so much.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and leaned close to my ear. “Go check on Zayn. He must be worried sick about you.” I nodded my head and gave my mum one last hug.

I quickly jogged up the stairs to my room to see that Zayn had left my bathroom where I hid him in to be laying on my bed looking at the ceiling with a blank expression on his face. I locked the door behind me just in case and sat down beside him.

“Hey.’ I whispered. He didn't really react to me being there which was odd. “Zayn?” I don’t know why but my voice cracked has I spoke his name.

Zayn turned to me. I hadn't noticed how bloodshot his brown orbs were until he turned to me. It scared me but I pushed it way.

“Zayn? What’s wrong?” Zayn didn't answer me. All he did was stare. His face was making me nervous. Then suddenly he asked me something that caught me off guard.

“Why?” I furrowed my eyebrows. I watched as Zayn sat up more straight. His hands were in fists and it made my stomach hurt. I didn't like this side of him, it was confusing me and I didn't like it.

“Excuse me?” My words felt like they were trapped in my throat but I still kept my cool, or whatever I had left of it.

“I said why?” He repeated himself. He never repeats himself like that, especially when it’s serious. I felt my face get hot from embarrassment. He was doing this to make me mad and I couldn't stand it.

“Okay I don’t get what you’re going on about. You’re gonna have to speak with more than three words Zayn or I’m done.” I was about to get up when I noticed his fisted hands again. Something was dripping from his left hand that lay beside my knee. Was it water? Or maybe it was sweat ‘cause I make him nervous. But when I looked closer it wasn’t any of those things, it was blood, his blood.

I felt my stomach drop what felt like thirty stories. He was bleeding and I hadn't noticed till now.

“Zayn open your hand now.” I commanded calmly. I reached for his fist but he pulled away with a swift motion.

“Zayn give me your hand.” I was desperate now. Whatever was in his hand was leaving a lot of damage and I wasn’t going to sit here and let him hurt himself.

“Not until you tell me why!” His voice was shaky but it was still powerful like it always was.

“Tell you what?!” Tears threatened to spill over my eyes. “I don’t need you to scream at me Zayn! I already get enough from my dad. So just tell me what’s wrong ‘cause I can’t figure it out on my own.”

I walked over to Zayn and touched his arm. He pulled his arm harshly away from me. “Why would you hurt yourself Sophia? Why couldn't you have just talked to me? We've only been apart for a week and you've already starved yourself and now this?”

I shut my eyes tight. I was totally confused. Every word that came from his mouth was frustrating me. I understood what he meant by the whole “me starving myself” but what else have I done wrong? Then a sudden realization hit me.

“Zayn give me your hand please.” With a reluctant look Zayn gave me his hand. In his hand was the razor blade that I've become so fond of. Something I never wanted Zayn to know about. I looked into his eyes to see tears building up.


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