She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


5. Why Is She Here?

Zayn POV 

I looked down at the finished lyrics. The song I just wrote is called Live While We're Young. It's a fast upbeat song that is quite similar to What Makes You Beautiful. I hope the guys like it. 

I left the hotel bedroom and walked into the living room. I saw that all the guys were watching a movie. 

"Hey, how's writing coming along?" Liam asked. I smiled wide. "Great actually. I think we've got a hit on our hands." I sat down across from Niall. 

"Really? What's it sound like?" I took a deep breath and stood in the middle. "I'll just sing a part of it." They all nodded their heads for me to continue. 

"Yeah, we’ll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool and we know it too
Yeah, we’ll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we’re cool, so tonight
Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ’til we see the sun
I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh and live while we’re young
Whoa oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young."

I finished singing and I looked at the guys nervously. "So, how'd you like it?" I looked between all the guys trying to read their faces. 

They all jump at me. "That was amazing!" Niall screamed. "Where'd you get that idea??" Louis questioned with a wide smile. 

I looked at Harry. "Harry helped."


Sophia POV 

I took a deep breath as I let my knuckles hit the door a couple times. I silently prayed that she wasn't at home, but I knew that if I didn't do this now, I'd never build the courage to come another time. 

I nervously chewed on my lip as I backed away from the door. I waited patiently. 

What if she doesn't want to see me? What if she doesn't want to be my friend anymore? I can't live without her, she's my best friend. 

I turned away from the door and tried to calm myself down. If Angel doesn't want to be my friend anymore, I really won't know what to do. 

"I'm sorry Angel." I whispered to myself. I was practicing my speech to her when she hopefully opens the door. "I was so horrible to you, and I-I don't know what I'd do if we weren't friends anymore."

"Me too." I whipped around to see Angel leaned against her doorframe. 

"Angel! I-I'm so sorry." I stepped closer to her. "Sophia you don't need to apologize. I shouldn't have forced you to see Zayn. I just missed the old you. The one that was happy. You were so upset when he broke up with you. And I wouldn't have even done what I did, but then Harry told me what was going on with Zayn. Harry and the rest of us just wanted you two to be happy." I could feel my eyes start to water. 

I pulled Angel into a hug. "Thank you for doing that. I'm sorry." 


Zayn POV 

"Guys, is it necessary to go out and celebrate?" I asked as we got to the elevator of the hotel that we were staying at. 

"Necessary? Of course it's necessary Zayn. You just wrote One Direction' new hit. I think you deserve a night out." Louis said as he punched me in the arm. I pretended it hurt and made a pouty face. 

"Aye, no punching the song master!" Liam said as he protected me. I laughed at the name. 

"Guys, lets just have a fun night. Tomorrow well go to the studio and show Zayn's amazing song to the producers." Niall said as he stepped out of the elevator first. 

"I can't take all the credit, y'know. Harry was the one who thought of the whole idea. I just put two and two together." I put my arm around my best friend. 

"It was no biggie. What you did was amazing. Zayn you could be a producer!" I smiled widely. "The only thing I want to be is part of this amazing band."


"Drinks on me." I announced as we got to the bar. "Shots?" I looked at all the boys and they agreed. 

"Five shots please." The bartender nodded her head and winked at me. She went over to the place where she made the drinks. I turned back to the guys.

"Did you see how she looked at you?" Niall smirked. I laughed. 

"Your kidding right..." My sentence trailed off when I saw someone familiar. 

"No, it can't be." I whispered more to my self, but everyone else heard. 

"What's going on?" Niall murmured. 

"She's here. W-hy is she here?" I sat down on the bar stool. The boys surrounded me looking confused. 

"Zayn, what's wrong?" Harry asked me. I looked at the dance floor. I watched her danced. She looked happy. Her gaze landed on me, and you could see it in her eyes. 

We both needed closer, I was still confused with my feelings. 

"Here's your drinks." The bartender brought a tray of drinks. I grabbed one and drowned it. 

"Zayn, what's wrong?" Harry repeated. I was about to grab another drink but Liam pushed the tray away. 

"Zayn, what's going on?" Liam pushed. "Why is she here?" I mumbled. 

I watched as Harry put two and two together. "Just ignore her. She won't bother you." 


"See I told you you'd have fun." Harry said as we walked out of the club. "Yeah I guess it was fun." We got to the car when I heard my name. 

"Zayn!" I turned around and saw her. "Perrie what do you want?" I asked her harshly. She rolled her eyes. "I just wanted to talk. You've been avoiding me all night." She pouted. 

"It's because he doesn't want to talk to you." Harry stepped in. Perrie laughed. "Oh Harry, still so defensive." She tutted. Harry growled. 

"Perrie leave Harry out of this." Liam said as he narrowed his eyes at her. "Whatever Daddy." She giggled. 

I felt my face get hot. My hole body was shaking with angry. I grabbed Perrie's arm and pulled her to the side. "Ouch, your hurting my arm." She whined. 

I glared at her. "You have five minutes to explain yourself." I snapped. 

"I just wanted to talk Jav." I groaned. She just called me the nickname she gave me when we were dating. It was short for Javadd, my middle name. "Don't call me that." I spat. 

She pouted. "But you loved it when we were dating." I watched as she ran her fingers through my hair. I shut my eyes. "Perrie, stop." I was begging her. 

"Zayn, I miss you." She whispered. "No you don't." I protested. "You never did." 

"Zayn please, just give me a chance to explain myself. Maybe we could be friends." I watched as she fluttered her eyelashes like she used to when she wanted something. And it always worked. 

"Fine, meet me at my hotel tomorrow morning." She smiled and gave me a tight hug. 

"You wont regret this. I promise." 


Sophia POV 

"So how are you and Zayn doing?" Eleanor asked as she sat down on the cushions on the ground in my backyard. Angel, Danielle, Eleanor and I were all hanging at my place just talking. 

"I don't know. We haven't talked since the they left." I looked down at the ground trying to keep my tears from falling. 

I felt Danielle wrap her arm around my shoulder. "Maybe he just needs space." Danielle said as she rubbed my back. 

"Have you guys heard from the boys?" I asked hopefully. I watched as they all looked between each other. It looked like they had something to tell me, but none of them wanted to say it. 

"Guys, what's going on?" I asked nervously. I watched as all the girls became tense. 

"Angel?" Angel looked down at her hands. "Eleanor what's going on?" She bit her lip. "It's a long story, I think it would be better if you asked Zayn yourself."


Zayn POV 

I paced back and forth as I patiently waited for Perrie. She was late like always, but she said she was on her way. I felt someone tap my shoulder, making me jump. 

"Perrie, what was that for?" I said trying to calm myself down. I watched as Perrie started to giggle, which made me laugh to. 

"Sorry, but I needed to get you to stop pacing." She smiled that infamous smile.

"Lets go." I let her pull me out of the lobby of the hotel into the streets of Stockholm. 

"So, I've been meaning to ask you, why are you here in Sweden?" We stepped into Starbucks and sat down in a booth in the back. 

"Little Mix has a gig here on Saturday. I've also been thinking about you." I furrowed my eyebrows. "Your kidding right?" Perrie let out a sigh. 

"Zayn, I miss you. I really do." I watched as she put her hand onto mine. I immediately pulled it away. "How can I trust you?" I spat. "You broke my heart." 

I looked out the window at the busy streets of Stockholm. Why was I even here? 

"Zayn we were young, I was foolish. I didn't know or understand what love truly meant." I looked back at her, she looked like she meant what she was saying to me. "Zayn I never told you this, but I loved you first. I always have." 

My eyes widened. How does she know? 

"Maybe this was a mistake. You've clearly moved on. Have a nice life Zayn." I watched as Perrie stood up and let the coffee shop. 

I got up and ran after her. "Perrie wait." I said as I finally caught up to her out if breath. "Do you know how long I've waited for you to say that to me?" 

Perrie looked down. "That I loved you?" I nodded my head. "Yes. That you loved me." 

"Do you feel the same?" She whispered. I licked my lips and nodded my head. "I've been confused for so long. But when we broke up I truly understood. I loved you for so long Perrie Edwards." I wrapped my arms around Perrie's waist in a tight hug. I missed this. This feeling I always had with her. 

"Zayn, I'm sorry if I ever hurt you. I didn't know what I was thinking. I know you're the one for me. I just couldn't see it." I pulled away and looked deep into her eyes. 

"I feel the same way." I pressed my lips to hers. At that moment I didn't care about what would happen in the future. I didn't care about the consequences. I just wanted this moment to last forever. 


Sophia POV 

I sat miserable in my room. I begged and pleaded the girls to tell me what was going on, but none if them will say. It's horrible not knowing what your boyfriends up to. 

I grabbed my laptop and signed into Facebook. I was lazily going through my time line when a picture caught my eye. 

It was a picture of Zayn hugging a blond girl that looked very familiar. I just ignored and logged out and signed into twitter. That's when I knew something was up. 

The top two trending topics were #ZaynandPerrie and #Zerrie. 

I furrowed my eyebrows. Zayn and Perrie? Wasn't that Zayn's ex girlfriend? Why are they trending?

I clicked on the first trending topic and soon a flood of tweets from fans saying how happy that they were back together popped up. 

Back together? I saw a picture attached to a tweet. 

@ZaynMalikisAmaZayn: AWWWW you guys are secute! 

I nervously clicked on the picture. 

My eyes widened. It was a picture of Zayn kissing Perrie. On the lips. 

I felt my eyes start to water. This is what the girls were talking about. Zayn cheated on me. 


Zayn POV 

I opened the door to my hotel room to see all the guys sitting in there. Once they all saw me, their eyes filled with anger. 

"Hey guys, what's going on?" I question nervously. 

"Zayn what the hell is wrong with you?" Niall sneered. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Niall calm down. What are you talking about?" 

Louis laughed. "You know exactly what he's talking about." 

"Seriously, what did I do?" I asked clueless. 

"How could you cheat on Sophia? Does she not mean anything to you?" My eyes widened. How did they know?

"How'd you find out?" I asked nervously. 

"Zayn there's this thing called the paparazzi. They take pictures of anything and everything." Harry explained. 

"Sophia's heart broken y'know. She's so upset. Angel, Eleanor and Danielle are trying to comfort her, but nothing's working." I sat down in a chair as I tried to process everything. Sophia knows. 

"Perrie won't make you happy Zayn. Sophia's good for you. But it doesn't matter anymore. You made your choice." Liam said as he walked out of the room. 

"If Perrie breaks your heart again, don't come crying to us okay?" Louis grabbed Niall and they left to. 

"Harry. I never meant it to happen." I said as I tried to explain myself. Harry shook his head. 

"Zayn I risked Angel and Sophia's friendship so she could see you one last time before we left. So you could make it right. I risked my relationship with Angel because I forced her Eleanor and Danielle to bring Sophia to see you. We all just wanted you to be happy. If your happy with Perrie, then I don't think I can be your best friend anymore. I'm not going through everything that happened the last time you broke up with her." 

"Harry, don't make this a big deal. We can still be friends even if I'm dating Perrie." I tried to persuade him. Harry just shook his head. 

"I'm sorry Zayn. I can't. I can't be your friend. When your with Perrie, your different. Your not the same Zayn I met three years ago on the Xfactor. Your someone else." Harry walked out of my room. 

I've just lost my best friend, and probably the rest of the guys to. Could this day get any worse?


Harry POV

"So did you talk to him?" Niall questioned me as soon as I walked into the room. I nodded my head. "I don't wanna talk about it." I grabbed a bottle of water and lay down on the bed next to Liam. 

"So he's still gonna date Perrie?" Liam asked. I nodded my head. 

"Guys, we lost him. As long as he's with her, will never get the old Zayn back." All the guys sighed. 

"Your right Harry. When he's with her, his whole personality changes. He's more full of himself. He's even more vain the usual." Niall said as he flipped through the TV. 

"I told him that I can't be his best mate until he breaks it off with her." I said as I leaned against the head board. 

"And what did he say?" Louis asked. 

"He said that we could still be friends, but I don't want that. I know she's gonna break his heart. I know this wont end well." I pushed my curls out of my face as I spoke. 

"What are we gonna do?" Liam asked. I chewed on my bottom lip as I tried to think of a plan. 

"I'm gonna talk to Perrie myself. I know she's not back for Zayn. It's more than that." I grabbed my phone and dial her number. 



I walked around the back of the hotel with Louis. "Harry, are you sure this is a good idea? Seeking behind Zayn's back?" I nodded my head. "We have to do this Louis. We need to know what she wants."

We arrived safely at the spot we told her to meet us. We waited a couple minutes, until we heard the sound of heels clicking on the concrete. 

We turned around to see Perrie with another girl. 

I growled. "I told you to come alone. This is private y'know." She smirked. "Harry if you have backup, I can have backup." She said as she crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Whatever. Why are you here?" I asked impatiently. "You asked me to come here. So Harry why am I here?" She asked innocently. 

"Enough with the crap Perrie. You know when I called you I wanted to know why your back in Zayn's life." She started to laugh. "Is this funny?" I asked as my anger started to get the best of me. "Harry calm down." Louis told me. "That's a good idea Louis. Calm your man down." 

"Perrie you can continue to stall, but we're not leaving until you tell us what you want from Zayn." Louis said in a calm voice. 

"And why would I do that?" She giggled. I honestly felt like killing her right now. 

"Because we all know your gonna break his heart. We all know that you don't love him. Your here because you want something. Just like last time." Louis explained. 

"I'm not here for nothing. I'm here for Zayn because I love him." She sneered. 

"Don't lie. Tell us the truth before this relationship goes any farther. Before someone gets hurt." I said. 


"So this whole time Perrie wanted Zayn to get Little Mix more famous?" Liam asked. 

"That's what she was planning to do." Louis explained. 

"But how'd you get her to tell you that?" Niall said as he sat down beside me. "We told her that we wouldn't tell Zayn. She also has to break up with him before she leaves."

"I wonder how he's gonna take it." Liam said. 

"Bad." Louis and I said in unison. 


Zayn POV

I was currently sitting I'm the hotel room flipping through the TV as I waited for Perrie. She said that today was her last day in Swedan so she wanted to spend it with me. 

I heard a knock on the door. I didn't care to look through the peep hole because I knew it was her. I pulled the door open, and it revealed Harry instead. 

"Harry what are you doing here? Perrie's coming, so what do you want?" I asked harshly. I didn't mean to sound mad, but I was still upset with all the guys.

"I know she's coming. There's just something I really need to tell you." I furrowed my eyebrows. 

"Wait, how do you know Perrie's coming?" I asked. 

"I told her to come. I told her to tell you the truth." Harry explained.

"You went behind my back to talk to my girlfriend? Without even telling me?" I growled. I felt my hands turn into fists.

"Zayn I had to. Your so blinded my love that you can't even see how Perrie is playing you." I shook my head. 

"Harry stop lying to me!" I roared.

"Zayn I'm not lying! She really is playing you. She's playing all of us." 

"No. Your lying. Your just jealous that I have an amazing girlfriend who loves me!" I pushed Harry back as I spoke. "Your jealous because since you and Monica broke up you can't keep a stable relationship." I pushed Harry again. His back was against the door. 

"Wow Zayn. I really thought you were my best mate. I can't believe you brought up Monica." Harry shook his head.

"I was your best mate until you started snooping behind my back!" I barked. I was so pissed at this point. 

"Zayn it was for your own good. Why can't you see that all I want is for you to be happy. Perrie isn't the one for you and you know it." 

"Harry get out." I said as I tried to stay calm.

"Fine. I'm done trying." Harry left my room. I sat down on my bed. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds. Then I heard her voice. 

"Zayn we need to talk."


Sophia POV 

"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him so much." I sighed as collapsed on my bed. 

"But you can't hate him forever y'know." Angel said as she sat beside me. 

"I'll try. I just need to stop thinking about him." I whispered. 

"Sophia...I think your in lo-" I stopped her mid-sentence. "No I'm not in love with Zayn, I never was. I liked him a lot, but never in love." I sat up and looked her in the eyes. 

"Alright. How'd you feel when you saw that picture?" Angel asked. I fumbled with my fingers. "I don't know. I was upset at first. Then really pissed. Now in the pit of my stomach lies jealous. I wish I was her. I wanted Zayn to kiss me like that. They looked truly happy together." I could feel a tear run down my face. 

"Sophia, did Zayn ever express his feeling to you?" Angel asked. 

I bit my lip. "I'm not sure. I don't think he ever told me anything other than he liked me." 

Angel took a deep breath. "Alright. There's something I should tell you. Something Harry wanted me to tell you about Zayn." I furrowed my eyebrows. 

"What are you talking about?" I nervously asked.

"Harry told me how Zayn really feels about you." My eyes widened. 

"W-hat do you mean?" I watched as Angel pulled her iPad out of her purse. "Harry sent me the lyrics of one of the songs Zayn wrote on their new album."

She handed me her iPad and I looked down at the lyrics. "She's not afraid? How is this gonna tell me anything?" 

"Just read it. And think about Zayn being afraid not you." I sighed and looked back down. 

She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild
How come she's so afraid of falling in love?
She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of f-f-falling in love, love

I blinked my eyes a couple times. 

When I say that I can’t do it no more
She’s back at my door

"Zayn's afraid to fall in love?" I whispered. 

"He got his heart broken before. He was confused when he started dating you. He knew when he first met you that he'd fall in love. Just call him." I sighed. 



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