She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


19. Together

*one month later*

Sophia POV

The doorbell sounded as I was finishing up the last of my make up. "Coming!" I looked once more at my outfit making sure everything was perfect. 

I scurried down the stairs till I made it to the front door. With a goofy grin plastered on my face I jumped into his arms. 

"I missed you so much." I felt his grip around my waist tighten as I spoke. "I missed you to." 

As his grip lessened, I pulled away slightly looking into his eyes.  

"I'm so happy your here." Zayn smiled as he leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss. 

"C'mon everyone wants to see you." Zayn spoke as he pulled me out of my house. 

Twenty minutes later we arrived at his flat. As we stepped into the living room I held onto Zayn's hand my nerves building up. Zayn wrapped an arm around my shoulder making me feel safe. 

Suddenly the lights flickered on and everyone jump up from behind the furniture. 

"Surprise!" They all shouted at once. I was smiling like a goof as I gave everyone a hug. 

"Guys this is amazing you shouldn't have." I smiled wide. I walked over to Zayn and gave him a kiss. 

"I love you."

Zayn blushed slightly, a smile on his lips. "I love you to." 


Everything felt perfect. Absolutely perfect. Nothing could ruin this feeling. 

My gaze landed onto a sleeping Zayn. The blanket was spread across both of our bodies keeping us very warm. As I stared at his features, I felt my stomach twist and turn in pain. My eyes shot open as I rushed into the bathroom to eventually throw up my guts. 

After puking my whole days worth of food, I'd felt completely and utterly exhausted. My knees felt like jelly and my stomach ached. Not to mention the extreme migraine that was starting to develop in and around my eyes and temples. 

I groaned out in pain, totally forgetting that people were still sleeping in the next rooms. I quickly shut my mouth as I attempted to pull myself up off the tiled floors. After about a minute of getting used to how weak I had become, I decided to brush my teeth and give my face a little wash.  

I peered into the mirror, my reflection wasn't all to frightening, but I could tell something was wrong. One being, I just vomited. And two, I was physical and mentally drained. 

After fixing myself up I slowly walked back to our room. Zayn hadn't waken up but I wish he had. I wanted him to ask if I was alright and take care of me. But as per usual I was being selfish and unfair. I shouldn't be bothering my boy friend since he just got back from touring the world. 

I decided there was no point of going back to sleep so I quietly slipped out of the room into the living room. The couch was plush and soft so once I lay down my body automatically relaxed. 

I suddenly realized how tired I really was as my eyelids became heavy as if there were dumb bells suspended from them. 

After I few moments of fighting against sleep my body had been pushed over the edge and I had fallen into a deep sleep. 


I tried to ignore the commotion that took place in front of me. Hello, I was asleep here. As annoying as it was I couldn't help but wonder what was going on so I pried my eyelids open to be met with all of my friends. 

"Sophia finally you woke up." Liam crouched down beside me so we were eye level. 

"W-what's going on?" My voice had come as a quiet whisper but I knew they all heard me. They looked all so worried. But I quickly pushed that feeling aside as my eyes searched theirs and someone I wanted to see the most. 

"Babe you gotta rest," Zayn gently pushed me back so I was fully lying down. "I don't want you to hurt yourself." 

I raised a brow in confusion. "But I'm fine." My throat burned as I spoke. 

Zayn kneeled so he could look me in the eyes. His hand rested on my forehead. "Sophia your burning up." 

Suddenly I broke into a fit of coughs. My chest rose and fell with each raging cough. I cleared my throat after feeling tears start to prick at the corners of my eyes. 

"I-I'm fine." I pushed past Zayn and the rest of my friends grabbing ahold of the kitchen counter. My head felt light and my vision suddenly blurred. 

"Babe you should lie down..." His voice sounded so far away as my hand slipped away from its grasp on the counter and then everything was black. 


Zayn POV 

I nervously paced back and forth in the waiting room with my hands shaking slightly. I could hear my friends telling me to sit down or “it'll be alright” but I forced myself to push their pleas away until I get to see her. 

"Zayn stop." I felt two hands grab my shoulders pulling me to a halt. Harry stood with a knowing look on his face as he encouraged me to take a seat. 

"I can't just sit here Harry. I need to see her. I need to know if she's alright." I felt my stomach drop just thinking about Sophia and how sick she could actually be. The hospital brings back so many memories between Sophia and I that changed our relationship. I need to be there for her just like she was for me. 

"I know your worrying about her just like she had about you but you have to be patient." I trusted Harry's words more than anything and right now I needed someone to slap some sense into me before I lost my mind. 

"Alright but I know I can't handle the wait for much longer." And as if on cue-or god had somehow heard my pleas-the doctor had walked through the doors with a blank expression on his face. 

Sophia POV 

*twenty minutes earlier*

My eyes fluttered open wide adjusting to my new surroundings. My eyes flickered between the busy nurses running around my bed tending to the machines that I was currently hooked up to. 

"Sophia you're finally awake." I turned my full attention to the deep male voice that spoke my name. Standing by the doorway was a man with deep blue eyes and sandy blond hair that was scattered over his forehead. He looked to be at least 25 years old. 

"Why am I here." Okay I knew I was sick since I was currently sitting in a hospital bed, but I wanted to know what was wrong with me. 

"You don't remember how you fainted?" My eyes widened. I don't remember any of that. The doctor gave me a reassuring nod telling me it was alright. 

"We'll we went through some tests and it appears there's a reason you fainted. You're are pregnant." 

I tried to breath. I tried to get a sense of what he just said to me. "W-what?" I could feel tears start to form in my eyes. 

"Sophia are you alright? Your about a month and a half pregnant. Didn't you not notice that you skipped your period or was having symptoms?" 

My brain was blocking whatever the doctor was saying. I couldn't handle being a mother. I'm to young. I could hear the doctor talking to the nurses about how I could be in shock. The doctor gave me one last look and left the room to where I assume he would find Zayn. Zayn's not gonna like this. 


Zayn POV 

"Hi I'm doctor Adams, you must be the boyfriend." I nodded my head while extending my hand so we could shake. "How is she doc?" Liam took the words right out of me. 

"Zayn could we talk privately in my office?" I was confused but I followed the doctor to his office and took a seat. 

"So is she alright?" I nervously chewed on my lip taking deep breaths  as I spoke. The doctor nodded. 

"She fine just a little dehydrated. But she maybe be in shock."

"Shock? But why, isn't she okay?" I couldn't bear to not know what was going on with my baby. It hurt knowing she could really be sick. 

"This news my shock you to Mr. Malik so I want you to be as calm as possible. Sophia isn't sick, she's pregnant."

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