She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


8. The Tour

Sophia POV

I said my final goodbyes to my family and friends. It was probably the hardest to say bye to Angel. She means so much to me, and it's gonna be hard without her on this tour. "I'm gonna miss you girl." She mumbled as her grip tightened around my waist. "I'll miss you. I'll call you every night, alright?"I told her.  She smiled.

I watched Angel look towards the guys fooling around. "How are you gonna stay away from Zayn?" She asked. I sighed. I haven't talked to Zayn since the party. I've been avoiding him every second of the day.

"I don't know. I wish you could come though. I need you for support." I heard the managers call us to get ready to board the plane. "Don't worry I'll Skype you whenever possible." I smiled and gave Angel one last big hug and walked off.


We boarded the plane and since we were in first class, I decided to sit in one of the corner seats. I hope Zayn doesn't bother me.

I pulled out my song book, because I had to write another song soon. I started to scribble down ideas that randomly came to mind, when I felt someone stand beside me. I looked up to see Niall. I smiled. "Is this seat taken?" He asked. I shook my head no.

He sat down and pulled out his iPhone and ear buds. "So are you excited for the tour?" He said trying to make conversation. I nodded my head. "Yeah, but I'm quite nervous to perform in front of all those people. Do you get nervous?" I asked.

Niall smiled. "Yeah, just a little. But I always know that I have the boys to back me up if I do." I nodded in agreement.

Niall and I ended up talking for the most part of the plane ride.

"I just have to go pee. Be back in a second." I laughed and watched Niall quickly scurry of to the restroom.

I went back to scribbling in my notebook when I felt someone sit beside me. I looked to see Zayn. I mentally cursed Niall for leaving.

"Zayn what do you want?" I said as I gave him a nasty glare. Zayn sighed. "Sophia, just hear me out." I mumbled a fine and listened to what Zayn had to say.

"I just wanted to apologize to you. For everything that happened at the party. It was none of my business butting into your relationship with Dominic. I hope we can be friends or at least civil with each other on this tour." Honestly I was shocked that Zayn apologized. It was disrespectful that Dominic and I were snogging on his parents couch. I know that was wrong. I kind of wanted Zayn to scream at me, just to prove his point. But he didn't.

"You don't have to apologize Zayn. It was wrong for Dominic and I to be doing that in your house. I'm sorry." I watched as a small smile appeared on his face. I could help but smile to.

"So are we friends?" He said with puppy dog eyes, which I couldn't help but not love. "Alright." I stuck my hand out and smiled. "Hi. I'm Sophia Macy Villegas. I'm 17and I love the color purple." Zayn smirked and grabbed my hand to shake. "I'm Zayn  Javadd Malik. I'm 18 and I love the color red." I giggled. From then, Zayn and I just talked like old times. I really missed this. Just us talking about nothing.

"Are all the guys asleep?" I asked. Zayn looked over his shoulder and nodded. "Looks like it. Why?" I had a evil grin on my face. I grabbed my purse and pulled out eyeliner and lipstick.

"Wanna give some make overs?" Zayn laughed and grabbed the eyeliner. "I call Niall and Harry." I told him as I walked over to my first victim. Harry.

I gave Harry a cute little mustache and a unibrow. I could help but laugh. I quickly took a picture with him and made sure to send it to Angel.

I walked over to Niall. I took the lipstick this time and gave him rosy cheeks and full lips. He looked so adorable.

"I think Niall looks the best." I walked over to see Zayn finishing off Louis face. He had a tic-tac game on half his face and ‘Zayn's the sass master’ on the other. "He's gonna kill you." I joked. Zayn shrugged. "I'll just blame you." I raised a brow. When Zayn wasn't looking, I managed to draw a heart on his cheek. Zayn eyes widened. "You didn't." I laughed. "But I did." I turned around to try to run but Zayn grabbed me and scribbled something on my forehead. "Zayn NO!" I laughed but it was to late. Zayn chuckled. "It looks good."

"C'mon." Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me to the washrooms. I don't know how we both fit, but we did. We had our chests pressed up against each others. "This bathroom is so small." Zayn laughed. I giggled. "I know."

I grabbed some paper towel and got it damp. I softly rubbed the lipstick from his cheek. Once it was gone I threw the paper into the towel and it disappeared.

"Let me help you." Zayn grabbed paper towel and got it damp to. He slowly rubbed the eyeliner off my forehead. I looked down at the paper towel to see my makeup on it. "Y'know, you don't need this garbage on your face. Your beautiful without it." He mumbled. I felt my cheeks heat up. "Thanks."

After that awkward situation, we got out of the bathroom.

We sat back down in our spots. "So do you know what cover you gonna sing at the concert?" Zayn asked. I was honestly torn. My manager keeps suggesting that I do a One Direction song, but I feel uncomfortable, since this is there tour and all.

"I'm still figuring it out. I'm just narrowing down my choices."


"I honestly can't believe you did that to Harry's face! I'm gonna blackmail him with this picture." Angel joked. Angel and I were talking on Skype. I already miss her. "It wasn't me only. I had help from someone." She furrowed her eyebrows.

"It was Zayn wasn't it?" She smirked. I nodded. "We're friends now. No more feelings." I tried to say that like it was the truth. But who was I kidding. Zayn wasn't the only one who still had feelings.

"Sophia, I don't want you to hurt yourself over this. Just let it happen. You and Zayn are meant to be."

*two days later*

Zayn POV

We were at sound check. Tonight was the first show of the tour. Everyone was so excited. It was so good to be back on tour.

"Alright guys, take five." We all went are own ways. I got off the stage and walked up the rows. I walked until I noticed Sophia sitting alone, writing things in her notebook. "Hey." I smiled at her. She waved me over to sit, so I did.

"What are you up to?" I asked. She closed her notebook. "Just writing down ideas." I nodded my head.

"Ready for tonight?" I said. I watched as she looked like she was getting nervous. "I don't know. What if they don't like me? What if they boo me off the stage?" I asked. I sighed. "Sophia you don't need to be nervous. Your amazing. You voice is amazing. They'll love you." I could see a smile appear on her face.

"Thank you." She wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I could feel my stomach do flip flops. I hugged her back.

"No problem."


Sophia POV

"Alright Sophia, you go on in five minutes." My manager Marcus informed me. I nodded my head. I took a deep breath. I was ready. I knew I could do this.

"Here's your opening act, Sophia Villegas!" The announcer said getting the crowd pumped. I took a step but I felt someone pull me back. I turned to see Zayn. He had a cheeky grin on his face. "Good luck. And remember, have fun." I smiled and Zayn let go of my hand.


"Omg, that was so much fun!" I gushed as I walked off the stage. It was honestly the best experience I've ever had.

I smiled as Zayn wrapped his arms around me. "I told you that you'd do amazing." He mumbled.

The guys had to go, so I decided to watch from the crowd. It was honestly amazing. They perform so well together.

Once the concert was over there was a meet and greet and we got to talk to some fans. It was fun.

They all left and we had to get to the hotel, because there was a party. They had some tradition to have a party on the first and last days of tour. I got dressed and walked over to the living room part of the pent house that I was sharing with the boys. They were all sitting in the living room waiting. "Ready?" I called to them. They all turned to me and nodded. Zayn was staring at me the whole time making me blush.

We got to the club. I wasn't allowed to drink since I was the only one that was under aged,  but I did anyways.

"Alright, no more for you." Liam said as soon as he saw that I was tipsy. "Aww, no fair Liam." I hiccuped. If you haven't noticed, I was drunk. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Y'know, Danielle looovess yooou. She tells me everyday!" I giggled. Liam laughed.

"I wanna dance!" I walked way from Liam and started to dance. At first I wasn't dancing with anyone, but soon I felt someone wrap there around around my waist.

I looked up. "Zayn!" I cried. Zayn looked awfully drunk to. "Dance with me." He pleaded. "Okay, but you can't kiss me. I have a boyfriend remember." I laughed as I felt Zayn twirl me around.

We both started to get really dizzy so we stopped.

"I wanna another drink!" I said as I skipped  over to the table that Liam, Niall, Louis and Harry were sitting at. "No more drinking tonight missy. I think Zayn and Sophia should go back to the hotel." I rested my head on Harry's shoulder. "You looked sexy with a mustache." I hiccuped. Harry just laughed. "They should."

I think Niall called a cab for us, because soon Zayn and I were outside of the hotel, stumbling into the entrance.

"Zayn stop pushing me." I giggled. Zayn laughed loudly.

We got into the elevator after many tries. I pressed the button and waited for the door to close. "Sooophia!" Zayn whined. I laughed and stumbled to him. "Yes sexy?" I asked as I fell into his arms. Zayn looked down at me with his big brown eyes. I tried to keep my eyes on his, but I could stop from looking at his lips. His soft pink lips that felt so good against mine.

I didn't care. I pressed my lips to his. I needed Zayn to kiss me back. And he did. We both pulled away to see that the door of the elevator was open. We walked out hand in hand. I fumbled with the key, but I managed to open it.

I walked into my bedroom pulling Zayn in with me. I kicked off my heels and lazily pulled my jewelry off. I turned to see Zayn unbuttoning his dress shirt. I bit my lip as I watched.

"Zayn, could you help me with my zipper?" I turned my back to him as I lifted my hair way from the dress. Zayn slowly pulled the zipper down, until it fell to the floor. I let my hair down and turned to him. I felt Zayn wrap his arms around me.

"Your beautiful." He mumbled. I pulled Zayn over to my bed. I let him lay down and I ran over to the door to lock it. I got back and climb on top of him having one leg in each side of him. "I'm not drunk." I whispered. I pressed my lips to his. "I want you." I said as I pulled away.

Zayn flipped us over and smiled. "I thought you'd never ask."


I woke up the next morning feeling very hungover. I shut my eyes trying to remember the night, but everything was gone. Like I wrote the night out on a chalk bored, and it was erased for the next lesson.

I pulled the blanket closer to my body, because it was freezing. Why was I so could? I pulled the comforter off to see that I was naked. I was naked, and I don't remember why. I looked at the ground to see my panties and bra and quickly put them on. I turned around and noticed a rather large lump in my bed. I tried to convince myself that it was just the sheets all bundled up, but I knew that was never true. I slowly walked over to the bundle, almost tripping over a shirt and pants combo that was currently on the floor. I also notice the dress I was wearing last night. I gulped.

I uncovered the face and I almost fainted.

I lost my virginity to Zayn, and I don't remember anything of it.


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