She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


3. Found You // Bowling

Zayn POV

"Just admit it Zayn. I won and you lost. Now you gotta do whatever I want." I let out a breath as I listened to Harry go off about how he won and I lost. I don't really care about the bet anyways. The fact that Sophia disappeared before I even got her number it quite upsetting. I like her a lot.

"Whatever you say man. You won far and square." I said with a sigh. Harry looked at me with sympathy. "You really like her?" He asked as he put a arm around my shoulder. I nodded weakly. "Yeah, I guess. I just never got her number."

"Why don't you get it now?" I furrowed my eyebrows as I heard a very familiar voice. I looked up to see the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes. "Sophia!" I said as I jump up. "I thought I lost you. You just disappeared into the crowd." I told her as I gave her a tight hug. "I don't know, I guess we just got pulled away from each other but I'm here now." She smiled.

I smiled too. I suddenly got lost in her eyes. "Hello? Guys?" I snapped out of my gaze on Sophia when I heard Harry and Sophia's friend interrupt. I looked at Harry and he smirked and mouthed whipped to me. "Sophia! You never told me your new boy toy was Zayn Malik of One Direction!" Sophia's friend-named Angel-gushed.

I watched as Sophia's cheeks turned bright pink. "Angel, he's just a friend." She mumbled. I bent down so my lips were beside her ear. "I don't mind being your boy toy." I whispered just for her to hear. She laughed and jokingly pushed me away. "No thanks."

"So this is the girl you were just upset about?" Harry laughed. I just glared at him. "She's better than the one you found." I smirked. Harry scoffed. "Man your crazy. My girl is fit..." Harry's sentence trailed off when he saw his girl making out with a dark haired guy.

"Yea nice girl." I laughed. I watched as Harry's face fell and turned into a pout. "Harry forget about her. Rachel the biggest hoe at school." Sophia tried to cheer Harry up. I looked between Harry and Angel. They kinda look like a cute couple. I leaned down and whispered my plan into Sophia's ear. I watched as her beautiful hazel eyes lit up. "Harry why don't you get to know Angel? She's single and ready to mingle." Sophia said as she pushed Angel towards Harry. Both Harry and Angel's cheeks were crimson red.

"Um-I." Harry stuttered. Angel just giggled. "C'mon man, break the ice! Where's that smooth talking Styles?" I joked. "Harry it's fine. Don't listen to Zayn. Angel's amazing. You'll love her." Sophia said as she glared at me.


"Promise me will see each other soon." Sophia said as she looked me in the eyes. I licked my lips. "Nothing will get in the way of me seeing you." Sophia smiled wide. I leaned in to kiss her but Angel honked her car horn, making us pull away. She let out a sigh and kissed me on the cheek. "Bye Zayn." She whispered. I stood back, way from their car beside Harry as I watch them leave. "You know, I never thought a bet would lead to this." I told Harry truthfully. Harry chuckled. "No kidding." "C'mon man. Lets get out of here before the crew kills us."


Sophia POV

I groaned as I woke up the next morning. I sat up in bed and rested back against the head board has I shielded my eyes from the sun light that was streaming through my window. I had a massive headache from last night. I reluctantly pulled myself from my warm bed into the bathroom. I lifted my head up to look at my reflection and almost screamed when I saw myself.

My eyes were blood shot and my hair was sticking up from every angle. I can't even understand what Zayn saw in me. I let the tap run as I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so tired but I did feel tired. Last night was like a breath of fresh air. I felt like I left all my insecurities out the window. But what made me really get out of my shell was Zayn. I've never had a boyfriend. I haven't even been called beautiful by a guy before. Zayn makes me feel special. He makes me feel wanted.

I finish up with the bathroom and walked back into my room to see that I had one new text message. Good morning beautiful. Do you sleep well? Xx

It was Zayn. I replied back telling him I slept fine. That's good. I miss you already. :/ xx I bit my lip. He already misses me? I miss you too. I can't wait to see you again. :) xx

I got up from my bed and changed then walked downstairs to the living room. I sat down on the couch and my mind immediately went back to last night. I've never felt this way with a guy before. Sure I've had crushes but I never came close to making those crushes into something more. Zayn was different. The way he'd tell me that I was beautiful made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. He made me feel special. But in the back of my head I felt like this is all an act. Does he really like me?

I bit my lip as I tried to push away those thoughts. Is this relationship real?

I stood up quickly, and started pacing around my house. I desperately wanted those thoughts out of my head. I was psyching myself out. Nothing more, nothing less.

The door bell rang, almost scaring me half to death. I looked through the peep hole to see that it was Zayn. "Hey." I said nervously. Zayn was leaned up against the porch. He looked up to meet my eyes and smiled warmly. "Hey." Zayn walked over to me and gave me tight hug. I rested my head in the crook of his neck as I let his scent intoxicate me. "I might sound crazed, but I missed you so much." Zayn whispered as he place a small kiss on my temple.


Zayn POV

I let my hand stroke the side of her face. She was so beautiful, words can't describe. "I missed you too." She said with a shy smile. I looked deep into her eyes, so tempted to kiss her. "Can I kiss you?" I asked nervously. I had no clue why I was nervous. She was different, and I didn't want to push her into a relationship that she wasn't ready for. "Okay." I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers.

I immediately found her small hands and intertwined our fingers together. I pulled away feeling my stomach do flip flops. It was like she had a magical spell over me.

"Zayn? Are you okay?" I shook my head. "Yea-I-I'm fine. C'mon we're gonna be late." I tried to change the subject. She gave me a funny looked then locked her door. We walked over to my car and I politely opened her side for her. Once we were both in the car, with our seat belts on, I turned on the car and was off.

"Can I turn on the radio?" She asked. I nodded my head as I focused on the road. Sophia turned up the volume and she instantly started to sing. "Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. So here's my number, so call me maybe!" I started to sing along with her and by the last chorus, we were both belting out the infectious tune. "Wow, I can't believe I just did that." Sophia mumbled under her breath. I furrowed my eyebrows. "I didn't mind. You actually have a nice voice." I told her truthfully.


Sophia POV

Zayn stopped the car once we arrived at the bowling alley. "Oh my god, I haven't been bowling in forever." I gushed as Zayn and I walked to the entrance. I felt Zayn lace our fingers together as he pulled me through the doors. "Then today is your lucky day." He replied.

As we walked further into the bowling alley, my eyes caught sight of a big group of teenagers. Then I noticed a familiar voice. Angel.

"Angel!" I screamed from across the bowling alley. Angel's head spun around when she heard her name. Once she saw me, she darted across the alley towards Zayn and I. I immediately pulled away from Zayn and hugged my best friend. "Hey. Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" I asked her as we pulled away. "I wanted it to be a surprise." She giggled.

Zayn, Angel and I walked over to the group. "Guys this is Sophia. Sophia this is Liam, Niall and Louis and you already met Harry." I waved shyly. "Oh and these are Louis and Liam's girlfriends." Zayn told me as he pointed to Eleanor and Danielle. "Nice to meet you guys." I smiled.

Danielle and Eleanor stood up and properly introduced themselves to me. "Oh my god! Your so pretty." Danielle gushed. I nervously tucked my bangs behind my ear. "Your kidding right? Look at you!" I smiled. "Both of you." Eleanor giggled. "Thanks. I can understand why Zayn's so crazed lately, your gorgeous."

"Are you guys gonna come play or just talk about yourselves?" I heard Louis interrupt. "Don't mind him. He's always like that." Eleanor tutted. We all got our bowling shoes on and we started to play. At first Liam and Zayn were ahead, until Liam got a spare. That bumped me up to second.

"Oh Zayn better watch out or your girlfriend will beat you at your own game." Niall said as he stuffed fries into his mouth. I looked over at Zayn and smirked. If I get a strike I'll be tide with Zayn. I took a deep breath and let the ball out of my hand, and roll down the lane. I shut my eyes and waited till I heard that ear splitting sound the pins make when the bowling ball smashes into them. I opened them to see no pins standing. I jumped up and all the girls gave me a hug. I walked over to Zayn and winked. "Beat that."


"Finally someone beat the champ." Harry laughed as we walked over to Nandos. "Man shut up, it's just a game." I giggled at how frustrated Zayn had become. "Zayn calm down. It's not a big deal that I crushed you." I teased. Zayn put his head on the table.

"Zayn, I was just kidding." I said as I rubbed his neck. "It didn't feel like a joke." He mumbled. I looked around the table for help, but everyone was just as confused as me.

"Zayn." I whined. I definitely didn't know what to do. I felt Zayn grab my other hand under the table and squeeze it softly. I furrowed my eyebrows and then Zayn grabbed my head and put me in a headlock. "Zayn! This is so not fair!" I cried. Everyone including Zayn started to laugh. "Promise you'll go easy on me next time we play bowling." Zayn asked as he continued to keep me in a headlock.

"Okay I promise."I told him. He released my head and I pushed him away from me. "I'm not sitting beside you anymore!" I got up and sat beside Angel and Niall. Zayn pouted. "Why not?" I narrowed my eyes at him. "You know."  We ordered our food and we started to talk. I was getting to know Niall when I heard Zayn call my name. "Sophia!" I turned to Zayn. "What?" I mumbled. "Come sit with me." I watched as he gave me puppy dog eyes. I just rolled my eyes. "Nope." I said as I popped a fry into my mouth.

Zayn sighed and stood up and left the restaurant. I didn't think me not sitting with him would upset him. Angel gave a look saying that I should go out and see Zayn. I let out a breath and excused myself from the table in search of Zayn. I stepped out in the cold London weather.

I let my arms wrap around my body shielding myself from the cold. I scanned the parking lot for Zayn, but he was no where. I nervously chewed on my lip as I started off to look for him. I walked towards the side of the restaurant and looked down the alley.

It was dark and it creeped me out. I was about to turn around and look some more when I felt someone grab me and pull me into the alleyway. I almost had a heart attack because I thought someone was about to kill me. But it was only Zayn.

"Zayn what the hell was that?" I screamed. Zayn laughed. I watched as he put his lighted bud in his mouth and breathed it in. "Sophia, I was just kidding." Zayn mimicked me. "That wasn't a joke." I mumbled. Zayn sighed. He dropped his bun on the ground and crushed it with the heel of his shoe. "Well I'm gonna go back in." I turned to walk back into Nandos, but Zayn pulled me back.

"Wait." He gently pushed me against the brick wall. I watched as he stepped closer. My breath hitched in the back of my throat as I felt him grab my waist. "Zayn." I whispered. Zayn looked at me through his thick eye lashes. "Just let me make it right." I felt Zayn press his soft lips to mine. I let him wrap his arms around me as he deepened the kiss. I totally forgot why I was mad at him in the first place. He pulled away, pressing his forehead to mine. "Lets go back." I nodded my head as I felt Zayn intertwine our fingers.


Zayn stopped his car once we got to my place. "I'll see you soon." I smiled sweetly. When I looked at Zayn, he looked upset. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Zayn what's wrong?" I asked. "I-I think we should take a break." Zayn mumbled. "What, why?" I said feeling myself getting upset.

"Well the guys and I have to go to Sweden to record the new album for a month. I think it would be better if we took a break." Zayn told me, not looking at me once. "We can still be friends. Sophia it's for the best." I could feel my eyes start to water. Was I really getting upset over this? I met Zayn last night. He's not that important. Or at least I thought he was. "Whatever you want. Maybe it is for the best." I quickly got out of the car and speed walked to my house. I could hear Zayn calling my name, but I couldn't go back. Not after what just happened. Whatever Zayn and I had meant nothing. Or should I say, it meant nothing to him.

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