She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


1. Facing Fears

I bit my lip as I looked at my reflection in the mirror. From my long messy dark brown hair, to my flabby legs.

If you haven't guessed yet, I'm insecure, and don't even start singing What Makes You Beautiful, because that shit never works.

I've probably been insecure for about a couple years. It probably started back in 7th grade when man child Brodie Jenkins told me I was the ugliest girl in school. I guess he's right though, I definitely don't think I'm attractive. I've never had a boyfriend, but it's whatever.

I scanned my splotchy skin, or was it just me? I never liked the color of my skin, because I was either to dark to tan in the summer or to light in the winter.

I groaned when I looked at my nerd glasses that were placed on the bridge of my nose. I thought they would make my face look a tad bit better, but my mom bought me ultra nerdy glasses, not the chic ones.

I walked out of my room and collapsed onto my queen sized bed. I felt my eyelids start to get heavy, when suddenly my phone vibrated in my pocket. I inwardly groaned when I pulled my blackberry out if my butt pocket.

The text was from Angel. She's one of my closest, or should I say only, best friend. We do everything together, and she's the only one I can really trust. My eyes scanned over the text. Big summer end party at the Andrews mansion! Last chance to do something fun this summer! Call me! :)

I chewed on my bottom lip. Why would I go to a party? Especially at the Andrews mansion? I know I wont fit into that kind of crowd. I sighed as I looked at the text one last time. I shut my eyes as I thought of all the occasions I've blown Angel off because of my insecurities. She's always been there for me, so why can't I do the the same?

I sucked in a deep breath as I quickly texted her back, to scared that I might just go back on my word.

I felt my phone vibrated in my hands. YAYA! I'll text you the info in half an hour. You will not regret this Sop!

I shut my eyes tight. So I'm really going to this party? I obviously can't back out now.

I dragged myself to the bathroom and got to work. I quickly took a shower. I wrapped a towel around my damp body and walked over to my wardrobe. I pulled out a suitable outfit for a party and slipped it on.

I walked back into the bathroom and got down to business with my crazy hair. I decided to use my straightener that my mom bought me for my birthday, which I haven't used once.

I was done with my hair and was actually quite satisfied with the results. I finished off with light make-up, and some lip gloss. I decided not to wear my ugly glasses, and wear my contacts. This was probably one of the first times that I was kinda excited for a party.

I grabbed my phone to see that Angel said she'd pick me up, since she has a car and drivers license.

I sat on my bed and started to nervously chew on my lip. Then I started to think about all the people that I knew from my school that would probably go this party. What if they made fun of me? I tried to calm myself down.

What if they don't even notice me? My life would be so much easier if they didn't look my way.

I felt my stomach do flip-flops once I heard Angel honking her car horn. I shut my eyes tight. "I can do this." I coached myself. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Those bitches can't do shit."

I sat up after I finished with my pep talk and got downstairs to the door. I quickly informed my parents, and soon was out of the house.

"Hey girl!" Angel squealed as I stepped into her 2008 Mazda. "Hey." I nervously said.

"Your nervous aren't you?" She questioned with a knowing look. I let out a breath. "How can you tell?" I groaned. Angel let out a soft laugh. "Because I'm your best friend. I know everything there is to Sophia Villegas." I smiled small. She was right. Angel knows me inside and out. Their was nothing to hide in our friendship.

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm so nervous. Actually more like afraid. Angel, what do I do?" I asked her frantically. Angel gave my hand a small squeeze. "First you gotta breath. Breathing helps getting oxygen to your brain which gets you to calm down." I gave her a funny look, but she just waved me off.

"Second, it's just a party Sop! Relax, let go and have some fun. You certainly deserve it since you trapped yourself in your room all summer long. And don't be afraid, I'll be by your side the whole night...unless a sexy boy pulls me away to dance!" She giggled. I groaned. "Thanks for the advice." I joked. "Seriously Sophia, your beautiful. You gotta let yourself out of your shell. I'm not gonna let my best friend sulk around her house for the rest of her life because she thinks she's not good enough. I love you just the way you are, so lets have some fun, okay?" I felt my eyes start to water. "I love you to Angel, thanks. Tonight I'm gonna run wild, I'll even kiss a boy in the dark. Tonight I'm not afraid of anything, promise." Angel smiled wide. "Pinky swear?" I giggle. "Of course." I wrapped my pinky around Angels. "Tonight is our night." I whispered.

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