She's Not Afraid

Sophia Villegas has everything she could ever want. Her life wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great.
Sophia tries to please everyone, even all the people she hates.

Zayn Malik has just gone through a nasty break up, and just wants to forget about it. What happens when he meets someone new at a party, and falls head over heels for her?

Can Zayn get through to Sophia's heart? Or is this love story hopeless?

You'll never know until she falls in love...


6. Back For You

2 mouths later. 


Sophia POV 

"Alright Sophia. Your gonna meet the act that you'll be opening for on their tour. You ready?" I took a deep breath. "Of course." I smiled weakly. 

I nervously bit my lip as I walked into a conference room. It had a large table with a couple wheelie chairs around it. 

"Take a seat, Sophia." I took a seat and patiently waited. 

I looked around and thought back to everything that happened in the last mouth and a half. I still can't believe that it's gotten to this. 


I grabbed all my papers that were scattered all over the ground. I hate when I can't even hold onto my books. I'm really clumsy. 

"Do you need any help?" I looked up to see a cute looking guy. "Uh sure." He bent down and helped me with my things. "Thanks." I smiled. 

He smiled back. "No problem. My name is Dominic by the way." 

"I'm Sophia. Do you go to school here?" I asked as we both walked down the hall. He nodded his head. "Yeah I'm new here. Just moved from Australia." 

"Oh that's nice-er well bad cause you left home. Damn I'm awkward." I felt my cheeks heat up. 

Dominic started to laugh. "It's fine. I'm actually used to moving around so much." 

I heard the bell ring. "Well I should go. See you later." I walked down the hall over to my locker. I grabbed the books I needed and was off. 


A week or so later...

"It's been said and done, every beautiful thought's been already sung, and I guess right now here's another one, so your melody will play on and on, with the best of 'em." 

I sang as I walked to my house after school. That song has been stuck in my head all day. 

"You have an amazing voice." I almost died. I honestly thought I was alone. No one has heard me sing. Not even Angel. It's just something I do for fun. 

"Dominic? You scared me." I breathed deeply. He chuckled. 

"Sorry didn't mean to. It's just I heard this amazing voice and I had to know who it was coming from." I felt my cheeks heat up. 

"Thanks. I don't think I'm that good, but thanks anyways." 

"Your kidding right? Your voice is...amazing! Sorry I just can't think of a better word to describe it." I giggled. 

"Sophia you have real talent. If my uncle heard your voice, he'd sign you in second." I furrowed my eyebrows. "Who's your uncle?" 

"Simon Cowell. That's why I move a lot. I live with him." My eyes widened. "The Simon Cowell is your uncle?" I asked surprised. 

"Yeah. You should sing for him. He'd love you."


"Dominic I don't think this is a good idea." I whispered to Dominic. We were both standing in his room. I was about to sing to his uncle, and I was freaking out. 

"Don't worry Sop! You'll do great. Just sing like we practiced." Dominic pulled me out of his room as he spoke. Soon enough we were standing in front of Simon and a couple of guys. 

"Uncle, this is my friend Sophia Villegas. She's the one I've been telling you about." I smiled nervously. 

"Hi. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity."

"Ready?" Dominic asked. I weakly nodded. He sat down and I shut my eyes. 

I opened them and saw something that made my stomach drop. It was Zayn. I knew he really wasn't there, but it freaked me out. 

I took a deep breath and pushed that thought of my head. 

"Everybody see's it's you
I'm the one that lost the view
Everybody says we're through
I hope you haven't said it too

So where
Do we go from here
With all this fear in our eyes
And where
Can love take us now
We've been so far down
We can still touch the sky

If we crawl
Till we can walk again
Then we'll run
Until we're strong enough to jump
Then we'll fly
Until there is no winds
So let's crawl, crawl, crawl
Back to love, Yeah
Back to love, Yeah."

I looked between Dominic and Simon. They both had huge smiles on their faces. And that's when I knew my life would drastically change. 

**end of flashback**


"So your not gonna tell me who I'm opening for?" I whined. Marcus sighed. "Nope. Just wait tell they arrive."

I groaned. "Fine." 



"Guys this song is so dope!" I said as I turned it up. 

"That's your opening act." I smiled. 

"She has a great voice. Can't wait tell we meet her."


Sophia POV 

I looked down at my watch. It was literally taking whoever these people forever. "Seriously Marcus. We've been waiting for so long. When are they coming?" I whined. Just as I said that the door opened. I turned around and my eyes widened. I have to go on tour with One Direction?


Zayn POV 

"I can't wait till we meet her. She sounds like an amazing person." I smiled wide. We walked down a hallway till we arrived at a door. Our manager opened the door and it revealed a conference room. There was already two people seated. 

I watched as our manager shook hands with hers. 

I looked towards her as she pushed her chair back. She got up and turned to face us. My eyes widened just like hers. 

"Our opening act is her?" I asked nervously. I haven't seen her in two months. How can she be back in my life?

"Sophia?" I asked. 

"Zayn." She said blankly. 

"So your going on tour with us?" I asked. You could feel the tension around all of us. I felt like I was drowning. 

"Yeah, this should be fun." She said as she walked out of the room. 


2 days later...

"Alright guys, it's time for your practice. Ready?" One of the stage crew asked us. We nodded our heads and walked onto the stage. 

The track started and I immediately winced when I heard it. I looked out to the empty seats to see Sophia and her manager Marcus talking. When she heard the music she looked up quickly. Our eyes locked for a couple seconds until she looked away. 

"She's not afraid of all the attention
She's not afraid of running wild
How come she's so afraid of falling in love?
She's not afraid of scary movies
She likes the way we kiss in the dark
But she's so afraid of f-f-falling in love, love."

I sang with all the passion I had. I don't know why, but when I started to sing, Sophia left. It hurt for sure, but I can understand why.

After we finished the song, we were told to sit in the audience. 

A track started to play. Smoke flooded the stage, and Sophia emerged from the stairs. 

The was backup dancers dancing around her. She finally got to the mic that was in the middle. 

"Once upon a time a few mistakes ago
I was in your sights, you got me alone
You found me, you found me, you found me
I guess you didn't care, and I guess I liked that
And when I fell hard you took a step back
Without me, without me, without me."

She pulled the mic from the stand. She started to walk to the edge of the stage. 

"And he's long gone when he's next to me
And I realize the blame is on me."

She walked back to the stand and put the mic back on. 

"'Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in."

Sophia looked directly at me when she sang. 

"So shame on me now
Flew me to places I'd never been
'Til you put me down, oh."

I started to get really nervous. I looked around to see the guys enjoying her performance.

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Flew me to places I'd never been
Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground."

When I looked back she was still staring deep into my eyes. From where I was sitting it almost looked like she was crying. 

Sophia POV 

"Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble."

I tried to keep my cool when I sang. I tried not to look Zayn directly in his eyes, but it was hard not to. I wrote this song because of him. 

"No apologies, he'll never see you cry
Pretend he doesn't know that he's the reason why
You're drowning, you're drowning, you're drowning."

When I sang that last lyric, it really hit me. Everything that Zayn put me through really hurt. I'm trying to cover it up especially since were touring, but I don't think I can keep it in any longer. 

I finished the song and walked off the stage. All the guys except Zayn came and told me how amazing my performance was. I thanked them and left. I walked down the hall that my dressing room is in, when I felt someone pull me into a room. 

Whoever the person was, he was really strong. I tried to get away but he just pinned me against the door. I tried to scream, but he just put his hand over my mouth. 

I couldn't see anything so there was no use in trying to get away. 

Finally the person took his hand away from my mouth. I heard a click, and I swear that it was a grenade. 

A small light flickered on. I looked into the icy blue eyes when it hit me. 

"Dominic?" I questioned, my heart beat slowing down. Dominic chuckled. "Sorry if I scared you. There's something I wanted to tell you." He smiled sweetly. 

"Y'know a simple text would have been perfectly fine. You really want to kill me." I jokingly said as I punched him in the shoulder. 

"Anyways." Dominic said as he rolled his eyes. "I came to ask you something." I crossed my arms over my chest. "And that is..." I waited for him to continue. 

" I wanted to y'know-"I cut him off. "Dominic just spit it out. I'm not gonna judge you." I smiled. 

Then Dominic did something I thought he was never capable of. I felt his soft lips on mine. For the first time. It was just a sweet kiss. I never felt this way with Dominic before. He was a nice guy. Probably one of my best friends, but I've never had these kind of feelings for him. And even if I had them, I never acted on them, because I never knew they existed. 

Till now. 

He pulled away from my lips. I was still in huge shock so I didn't say anything. I just stared at him. "Sophia?" Dominic waved his hand in my face. 

I nervously cleared my throat. "Dominic, what are we doing? Your my friend and your uncle just signed me, I can't get on his bad side." 

Dominic chewed on his lip. "Sophia I like you. Ever since I met you at school, I've had this mini crush on you. I'm sorry if I stepped over the boundaries, but I had to tell you. Especially since your leaving soon." Dominic pushed past me and grabbed the door knob. 

I grabbed his arm. "Dominic, wait. Please." He turned to face me. "I can't let you walk away. I'm sorry if I ever led you on." You could see the sadness in eyes. "I don't want to hurt you, I'm someones leftovers. Nobody wants sloppy seconds." I looked away feeling myself getting emotional for the second time today. 

"You could never be anyone's sloppy seconds. Your perfect." He told me as he turned my face to this. I felt his lips on mine again. This time I was gonna let him kiss me. I was gonna kiss him back. I knew that Dominic was a good guy. He deserves a chance. 

He pulled away from me with a smile on his face. "Sophia, will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded my head. "Yes. I'd love to be your girlfriend."


Zayn POV 

"Zayn, where the hell were you?" Harry said as he and the rest of the guys walked into the room. 

"Here. Why?" Harry gave me a knowing look. "It's her isn't it?" He asked. 

I hate how the guys, especially Harry know me so well. They can tell when something is up. 

"Why is she doing this to me?" I muttered. The guys sat beside me. "How I'm I supposed to perform if she's on my mind 24/7."

Harry put an arm around my shoulder. "Then how bout you make it right? Make her yours again." I thought for a second. Harry was right, the only way I could get out of this funk was to make her mine again. 

I stood up quickly and ran out the door out into the hall. I turned the corner at the same time the janitors closet burst open. I hide behind the corner, keeping my body against the wall. 

I looked back to see Sophia and this guy I've beer seen before hug, then kiss. 

I've never felt so shitty in my whole life.

Sophia moved on, and there was no chance of me getting her back again.

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