People Change

Jessica or better know as Jess is an average girl who just has a variety of jobs. from an actress to an interviewer. One day she has to interview her arch enemy, Harry Styles along with 4 of his best friends. "who knows whats to come?" -Samantha (me)


1. introduction

Jessica's POV


I HATE you Harry Styles. Why cant he just leave me alone? first he says were dating then he says I'm preggers? Were Only 16! what the hell is his problem?  I have always had a small crush on Haz, and part of me wishes that I actually was dating him. Not the jerky mean school Harry, but the nice flirty and cheeky boy with green eyes and luscious hair. What am I thinking?! NO! I hate Haz! I mean Harry. This is enough rumors! I'm telling mum. she is good friends with Harrys mum too so I don't know what she will do. "Mum! we need to talk!" i screamed. "coming darling!" mum said in a singsong voice. my mum came into the room and sat down on my bed with to cups of tea. "mother its Hazz...Erm...Harry." I mumbled. "oh dear, i know something is wrong between you two if you call him Harry instead of Hazz or hazza. What seems to be wrong?" my mum said. i decided to only tell her about the dating rumor and not the pregnant rumor because its weird talking to your mom about that. " He told everyone that were dating! I have never even kissed him on the cheek!" my mom is very strict about me not dating, so this was a big deal to her. "this is unacceptable. I'm calling Anne immediately." my mum went downstairs and I didn't know what happened to Haz...Harry but he began to spread more rumors. i decided to ask mum what exactly Mrs. Cox did to him. my mum said that Harry's cell was de-activated. I went to school the next day and everybody was talking about harry auditioning for the X- Factor. I'm not gonna lie, When he used to sleep over, he always sung me to sleep and he has an AMAZING voice. Part of me was happy he auditioned.

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