People Change

Jessica or better know as Jess is an average girl who just has a variety of jobs. from an actress to an interviewer. One day she has to interview her arch enemy, Harry Styles along with 4 of his best friends. "who knows whats to come?" -Samantha (me)


2. Allergic to one direction

Jessica's POV

4 Years Later

Some people hate their jobs and some people love their jobs. All of my friends are jealous of my job and they think it's awesome. Your probably wondering what my job is. Well I don't have 1 job I actually have a few at the moment. Lets just say that my name is pretty well known.  Anyways I am an actress and an interviewer/ TV show host. Today  I have to interview my arch enemy along with his 4 best friends who makeup a band called one direction. Yup, that's right I hate world famous Harry Styles. I went to school with him. we were actually best friends and we had quite the crush on each other. long story short : He spread rumors about me I told my mom(what? I was 16!), my mom told his mom, and his mom told him off and took his phone, he just harassed me more.THE END. Since then I lost my job being a dancer because of him(WAY to long of a story). I really hope that he won't remember me during the interview, but right now the only thing that we can do is cross our fingers, hope and pray. The interview isn't 'till 7 pm and its 4 pm so I decide that I'm gonna go to the set of a movie that I'm filming called love hurts. The scene that were shooting is called 'the last date' where the male lead who is played by Josh Hutcherson, gets a HUGE band to play at a vineyard with a candle light dinner. But I end up figuring out that he cheated and I walk away and josh runs after and i kiss him blah blah blah all that drama. "hey Jess!" Josh shouts. "hey Joshie" I say mocking him. "Joshie?" he asked. "That's your new nickname!" I say proudly. "What's up?" I continue. "You'll never guess who the producer got to play music for 'our' scene!" at this point I was freaking out because its obviously a big band. What if it's Cold play? "OMG WHO?" I ask. "ONE DIRECTION!" Josh screams. My smile disappeared.  Josh must have noticed because he asked what the matter was. I knew that I can trust him so I told him everything, every detail about haz.. Harry. Josh grabbed my hand and said "I'm so sorry, that's really cruel. Maybe we can go ask to change bands." i kinda liked that idea "Sounds like a plan to me!" me and josh marched over to management. "Mr. O'Riley?" I asked innocently. "Hey Jess and Josh! Can I help you?" Mr. O'Riley asked. "maybe." Josh said. " Is there a chance that we can get a different band to play for Josh and my scene?" I ask. " Why don't you guys like one direction?" Lets just say that Josh says stupid things when he's nervous. "uh..." josh said rubbing his neck. "JESS IS ALLERGIC TO ONE DIRECTION!" Josh screamed. FACE PALM. "Well why didn't you just say so?" Mr. O'Riley asked. "Really?" Josh asked. "no! one direction is performing and that's final!" Mr. O'Riley said. he's like a father to us. "Good Job Josh!" I said sarcastically. Josh apologized. "CRAP! I gotta go!"  I said looking to my watch which was pointing to 6. I gave Josh a hug and  ran to my car.

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