Old friends

You and Niall have been friends since you were kids but lose contact with him when he goes to be on the X factor but a few years later you see him at a bill Cosby perfance and you get to catch up


1. The show

My name is Maria and I am correction was best friends with Niall Horan but then he left for the x factore and I thought I would never see him again

I was so happy I had got tickets to see bill Cosby performe live front row seats the show is Tuesday and I could not wait
Tuesday night
I got to the show it was so crowed but I maniged to find my seat I looked who was sitting next to me oh my god I see Niall sitting next.to me
Me: hi Niall
Niall: Maria is that you
Me: yep
Niall wow I can't believe it after the show you want to go out to eat and catch up
Me: sure
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