Old friends

You and Niall have been friends since you were kids but lose contact with him when he goes to be on the X factor but a few years later you see him at a bill Cosby perfance and you get to catch up


2. Catching up

Nialls p.o.v

After the show we went to nandos I could not help but think how beautiful she looked I always liked her just did not say anything
Me: so what you been up to
Maria: oh.im in a Rock band now
Me: oh really that's cool what's it called
Maria: well a band called red needed a base player and I do some singing here and there
Me: that must be fun

Maria's p.o.v

I asked Niall if he could drive me home when we got there I invited him in for a drink

Niall: yeah I would love one
Me:alright I'll go get one feel free to explore the houes

A few mini tuts later

Niall: I love your posters he teased

He was talking about my one direction posters I started blushing

Nialls p.o.v

We were alone now was a perfect time to tell her how I felt

Me:Maria listen I have to tell you something it's importat

I reached over a held both of her hands

Maria: what is it
Me: I lo-

The phone rang and it cut me off

Maria: hold that thought

I hope you like it so far I will update soon leave comments of what you think and give me ideas thanks
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