The RSE Alliance

People die, that much is true, but spirits must be killed. I guess you could call a spirit a ghost. And when you have thrown yourself into nuclear waste and died, that spirit that you have left is quite the force to be reckoned with.
That's where the R.S.E. Alliance comes in.
Also known as the Rogue Spirit Exterminators.
Basically, people with certain abilities who destroy the ghosts of evil people. It helps that they're the only ones with eyes that can see the ghosts. And if you're not an R.S.E., you're a victim.
Lucky the new kids though; we're both.


2. Chapter Two

"Now explain this quick, because I don't have a lot of time for nonsense such as your misbehavior." The principal, Mrs. Rhodes said, dryly.

"Devyn was bullying me!" Nate immediately screeched, like a five year old.

"You are so immature!" I groaned. "Mrs. Rhodes, I'm sorry for my outburst, and I'm not denying that it's my fault, but Nate is constantly tormenting me, so I guess I got mad!"

"Oh, you are?" She raised a concerned eyebrow at Nate. 

"Yes, I admit that I do bother her from time to time, but I never try to be offensive." He attempted to convince her. 

"You call me Emo because I have dark hair!" I defended myself.

"What's Emo?" Mrs. Rhodes interrupted. 

Nate and I gave each other looks, then tried to explain the concept of "Emo" to Mrs. Rhodes; talking at the same time.

"Depressed-," I began.

"Colored hair-." Nate rudely interrupted me.

"Aren't happy with themselves-,"

"Cut themselves-."

Mrs. Rhodes listened intently, not upset by our talking over each other, but pleased by the steady flow of information coming out of us. 

"Different sense of style-,"


"So an Emo is basically a depressed punk?" Mrs. Rhodes concluded.

"Not really..." I began, thinking about how to explain it better.

"Yes!" Nate assured her.

"Devyn isn't Emo!" Mrs. Rhodes defended me.

"He constantly teases me, and I guess today in science I just had enough!"

"Well it was not good to interrupt the class like that." Then she directed her attention to Nate. "And what did Devyn ever do to you? You know that we frown upon bullying. Especially constant bullying like yours. I'm giving you double detention." She took out a notepad and wrote three out three notes. She handed two to Nate and one to me.

"Devyn, you only have to go to detention today after school, but Nate, you get today and tomorrow." She said.

My face fell. "I get... detention?"

"I don't give out detention. You earn it."

"Actually, you do give out detention." Nate added.

"Would you like a third detention?" Mrs. Rhodes warned.

"No." Nate stopped his trail of torment - for that meeting, anyway.

"Good. Now you two are dismissed. Come back to my office if you would like to reschedule your detentions."

"Can I reschedule mine for February 28th?" Nate gave it one last shot.

"Well, considering it's a leap year, that would be this Friday. So yes, you may." Mrs. Rhodes intercepted his stupidity and threw it back at him.

I smirked, thanked Mrs. Rhodes (for nothing, really), and left. Nate followed me out the door, back to class.

"Detention buddies!" He squealed, girlishly, and held out a fist for me to punch. His goal was not to be my buddy, nor to fist-bump me, but to see my annoyed reaction.

So I punched him in the stomach. 

He made an exaggerated pained expression, and faked a groan.

"Whoops, I missed!" I said, sarcastically. Then I left him groaning in the hallway and walked back to class with my head held high.



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