The RSE Alliance

People die, that much is true, but spirits must be killed. I guess you could call a spirit a ghost. And when you have thrown yourself into nuclear waste and died, that spirit that you have left is quite the force to be reckoned with.
That's where the R.S.E. Alliance comes in.
Also known as the Rogue Spirit Exterminators.
Basically, people with certain abilities who destroy the ghosts of evil people. It helps that they're the only ones with eyes that can see the ghosts. And if you're not an R.S.E., you're a victim.
Lucky the new kids though; we're both.


1. Chapter One

I've always been the weird kid. I'm used to it! People always tease me; even in Eighth Grade, when they're supposed to be "mature."

It's only because of my hair, anyway. Why should that get to me? Kids think that it's odd to have black hair and bangs swept to the side. I mean, they didn't think that before Nate told them that they should... But it doesn't matter. It's not like I like them, anyway.


"Oh, Devyn, I'm glad I found you!" Nate walked up to me in the hallway, followed by his group of friends, who worship his opinions and laugh at his stupid jokes. In a nutshell, butlers with braces.

"Really?" I said, dryly. "I'm not."

He ignored my comment and went on with his scheduled dialogue, which was much more important-, to him anyway. "Do you have any scissors I can borrow?" He exaggerated a fake sigh. "I'm feeling down."

His group of fans laughed hysterically. 

"Try coming up with your own jokes for a change, boys." I added.

They laughed like I was a pathetic little girl.

"Are you paying them because nobody else would laugh?" I asked Nate.

"No, they're paying me to laugh." He replied, as if he was just so clever.

"Nice one." I said, sarcastically.

I walked into my classroom, relieved by the escape from Nate. You can imagine how I felt when he walked in behind me and handed the teacher a note.

"My old teacher kicked me out of class, so I have to join this one." I heard him say. I could tell by the tone of his voice, though, that he wasn't going to try any harder to behave in this class.

"Okay, welcome to my class then!" My cheerful science teacher, Mrs. Bahner, smiled. "You can sit near Devyn, in the third row."

"Cool, thanks." He smiled, deviously, and walked to his seat next to mine.

I groaned, not caring that Nate had heard, and actually kind of hoping he did.

"Want me to find you some scissors?" Nate asked.

"Get a life, Nate." My friend, Dillon told him. He was sitting on the other side of me. "Do you see us butting in on peoples' personal lives?"

"Yes, mine!" Nate defended himself. "I care about other peoples' lives, that's why I but in!"

"Oh my god." I muttered, getting mad. Then I spoke louder. "Do you pay attention to anything in this world? It's you, you, you, when someone didn't talk to you first, but when they do, all you do is prove what they were trying to say wrong! Just stop being so selfish! You just make peoples' lives so... ugh, I don't even have words do describe how much you disgust me!"

I wasn't even finished telling him off, but Mrs. Bahner cleared her throat, and was looking at me, sternly. "Devyn, you have been holding back our class. And it seems that it's at the hands of Nate? Why don't you tell the principal all about it?"


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