La Douleur Exquise (Glee)

La Douleur Exquise (French): The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.
Sebastian Smythe is a hunter, and a good one. But with a job like his, how can you ever allow youself to love?

A/N: This is actually for a glee secret santa thing, but I decided to post it here too. It's kurtbastian with a side of huntbastia brotp. yay me. Based on the universe of Glee and Supernatural.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the verses nor the characters (there would be a lot more gay if I did).


1. Suicide?


Sebastian Smythe straightened the lapels of his jacket, muttering curses in French as he did so.
“Why are we doing this again?” he asked, his tone clearly annoyed.
Hunter Clarington, Sebastian’s best friend and partner, just rolled his eyes and turned to look at Sebastian, while still concentrating on not crashing the car, which were currently moving through Ohio.
“There’ve recently been a strange suicide around here, it seemed like our kind of thing” he explained, and Sebastian sighed.
“I know, but why are we in uniforms?”
Hunter smirked at that “We need to blend in. We’re the new students. Hunter and Sebastian Marshall, we’re stepbrothers” he explained, and Sebastian rolled his eyes.
“Why are we students? Why can’t we be cops?” Sebastian whined, and Hunter shook his head.
“How much do high school students trust cops?”
Sebastian didn’t answer, part because Hunter was right, and part because they were at their destination.
Dalton Academy was a boarding school located in Westerville, Ohio. It was an all-boys school, known for its very strict anti-bullying policy and its glee club, an a capella group called the Warblers.
Hunter stopped the car and took a deep breath. Sebastian turned to look at him.
“Who’s the poor bastard?” he asked, and Hunter found his folder for the case.
What Sebastian and Hunter did was a little… strange. Some people might even call it nuts, but they knew better.
Sebastian and Hunter were hunters of supernatural evil, demons, vampires, ghosts etc. etc., and they were working on a case.
Hunter found the newspaper cut-out and handed it to Sebastian, who began to read.


High school tragedy.

Dalton Academy have fallen victim for a pure tragedy. Late Wednesday was the student, Blaine Anderson, found death in his room at the prestigious boarding school. The act was presumably suicide, seeing as Blaine Anderson was found hanging from the pillars in the ceiling by his tie.

The young man was found by student Kurt Hummel, who has refused to speak with the press. His suicide confuses both Anderson’s family and friends, seeing as they all found him a very happy person.

“He was always smiling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him upset or in a bad mood” says Jeffrey Sterling, a close friend to the young Anderson.

“It’s such a shame. He was a great kid. Very popular and very bright too” says the principal of the Dalton Academy, Mr. Timothy Miller.
We have been unable to get a statement from Anderson’s family.

Dalton Academy faculty are now considering…


Sebastian stopped reading, the rest wasn’t important.
“Why do you think this is our kind of thing?” he asked, handing the cut-out back to Hunter, who shrugged.
“There’s just something fishy about it” he said “Why would a kid, who  get great grades, friends and are the captain of one of the best show choirs in the country decide to hang himself? It just doesn’t add up.
“Also, he was hanging by his tie. Look at these ties” Hunter tugged a little in his own tie as he said it “They’re quite short. It would take a serious effort to hang yourself with it”
Sebastian listened and nodded.
“Yeah, you’re right. Won’t hurt to look into it” he stated, and opened the car door “You coming?” he said, as he left the car.
Hunter was right behind him, and together they walked towards the school.



“Well, Mr. and Mr. Marshall” the principal, Timothy Miller, a tall balding man, said as he looked up from Sebastian and Hunter’s, fake, papers “It is a pleasure to welcome you to Dalton Academy”
“The pleasure is ours, sir.” Hunter said; he was always the polite one. Mr. Miller smiled.
“One of the school prefects will be here in a minute, he is going to show you to your rooms and will answer any questions you might have”
Hunter smiled politely again “Thank you very much, sir.”
Mr. Miller was just about to say something, when the door to his office barged open, and a boy hurried inside the office.
“Sorry I’m late. Warbler practice dragged out and-““Kurt. It’s fine”
The boy, Kurt apparently, took a deep breath and turned towards Hunter and Sebastian “I guess you are the transfers” he said, a polite smile on his lips “Nice meeting you. I am Kurt Hummel”
Sebastian took a second to really take in Kurt’s appearance. He was… Pretty, this was a surprise, most boys Sebastian had met was hot or sexy, not pretty. Kurt was, however, pretty. He had very pale skin, a tone that would seem unhealthy if it wasn’t for the red glow on his cheeks, chestnut colored hair, and pretty blue eyes.
“Hey Kurt, nice meeting you too” Hunter said, and dragged Sebastian out of his thoughts “I am Hunter Marshall, this is my stepbrother, Sebastian Marshall”
Kurt shook their hands, the polite smile still on his lips.
“I’ll be showing you to your rooms, so if you’ll just follow me” he said, and then left the office, a small strut in his walk.
Sebastian and Hunter quickly followed Kurt, not that they were afraid to get lost, but they had to keep up the act of new students.
“What ia the Warblers?” Sebastian asked when they were a little away from the office.
“Excuse me?” Kurt said and looked at Sebastian, who just smiled.
“I asked, what are the Warblers? You mention something about Warbler practice, and I don’t guess that you’re actually training Warblers around here” Kurt chuckled at that, and Hunter rolled his eyes, but didn’t say anything.
“No. We’re not that posh” Kurt said, and smiled “The Warblers is the school’s glee club. A show choir”
“And that’s not gay at all” Sebastian noted, receiving a death glare from the brunette. Whoops. Wrong joke.
“Do you have anything against gay people, Sebastian?” Kurt asked his tone icy. Hunter laughed and Kurt looked at him, death glare still in place.
“I’m sorry, Kurt. I didn’t mean to laugh” he said, still chuckling “It’s just that-““I’m gay”
Kurt kinda stared at the two boys, his mouth taking the shape of a small “o”, and then he blushed.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t-“he started out, but Sebastian broke him off, smiling “It is okay. You couldn’t know”
Kurt blushed again, and Sebastian found that he liked making Kurt blush. Wait, what? Sebastian Smythe didn’t like to make boys blush, unless it was because they were aroused, that was just ridiculous.
He was dragged out his thoughts by Kurt’s voice.
“I guess I’m still kinda defensive about it. It wasn’t like they were that welcoming about it in old school”
Sebastian looked at the boy with a worried expression, and was about to ask about when Kurt seemed to snap out of it.
“So, this is your room, Hunter” he said, his voice cheerful and polite again, as he stopped in front of a door “Your roommate is Jeffrey Sterling, called Jeff. He is very nice, but a little… energetic”
Hunter didn’t seemed fazed by this, and he retrieved his key from Kurt without comment “See ya later, Hunt” Sebastian said, as Hunter unlocked the door to his room and went inside “See ya later, Seb”  and the door fell shut.
Sebastian turned to Kurt, who was still looking at the door.
“Shall we?” he said, and it seemed to startle Kurt, because he flinched. Sebastian chuckled a little.
“Relax; I am not going to hit you just because Hunter isn’t here”
Kurt blushed.
“I know. I just… Never mind, this way” and before Sebastian could even blink he was halfway down the hallway.
Sebastian hurried after him, a little confused by the boy.
He walked up on the side of the boy, and smiled at him, a smile that was only reluctantly returned.
“So, I read about the Anderson boy” Sebastian said, not really know why, but telling himself that it was because of the case “Tragic, really”
Kurt froze a little by the mention of Blaine Anderson, but he quickly snapped out of it, and continued walking.
“Yeah, tragic” he muttered, his voice undeniably sad.
“I read in the paper that you were the one that found him. Must’ve been terrible” Sebastian continued, ignoring the obvious shift in Kurt’s mood.
“Can we not talk about it?” Kurt asked, his voice pleading. Sebastian looked at him.
“Why? Were you close?” he asked, forcing an innocent tone into his voice. He knew that he was pushing, but he knew what he was doing. He had developed a talent for playing people so he could get things his way. A talent that was very well appreciated when they were on a job.
“You could say that” Kurt snapped. He seemed to regret the words the second they left his mouth though, because he quickly added “He was my boyfriend”
“Oh” was all Sebastian could muster. That was… surprising. He didn’t even know why he found it surprising, it should have made sense “I’m sorry?” he said, his tone questioning. This was weird. Sebastian usually knew just what to say to people, this freaked him out. Kurt sighed.
“It’s okay. You couldn’t know, I’m just kinda touchy about it, I guess” he smiled, but his eyes still looked sad “Well, this is your room. You’re going to be rooming with me, hope that’s okay”
Sebastian smiled.
“That’s fantastic”

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