La Douleur Exquise (Glee)

La Douleur Exquise (French): The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.
Sebastian Smythe is a hunter, and a good one. But with a job like his, how can you ever allow youself to love?

A/N: This is actually for a glee secret santa thing, but I decided to post it here too. It's kurtbastian with a side of huntbastia brotp. yay me. Based on the universe of Glee and Supernatural.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the verses nor the characters (there would be a lot more gay if I did).


3. How to kill a ghost


“So we have to burn the bones?” Kurt asked in a suspicious tone. Sebastian nodded.
“Salt them, and then burn it. Then you should have no more ghost troubles” he said, his voice cheerful, Kurt snorted.
“Nice. Perfect even” he snapped, Sebastian just chuckled at him, and Kurt sent him one of his infamous bitch glares “This is not funny Sebastian!”
Sebastian chuckled again.
“I know. You are just adorable, that’s all”
Kurt’s glare disappeared immediately, and he blushed. Sebastian chuckled again.
“Also, you don’t need to go with us. Hunt and I found the grave, and trust me; we’ve done it enough times. We can handle it”
Kurt had insisted that he wanted to help Sebastian and Hunter get rid of the ghost, and if that meant that he had to salt and burn some old bones, then so be it.
This however, this was kind, this was Sebastian offering him a way out of this, because he obviously didn’t want Kurt to be dragged into this. The paler of the two was stubborn though.
“I am sure, Sebastian. I really want to do this” he said, and looked at the taller boy.
Suddenly both boys realized just how close they were sitting. They were almost sitting chest to chest, only few inches separating them, they were close enough to kiss, all it would take for Sebastian was to just lean down and… Kurt moved.
He scooted a little away from Sebastian, a blush clear on his pale cheeks. Sebastian just smiled, and acted like nothing happened. Nothing was supposed to happen anyway.



“Here it is” Hunter said, or rather groaned, when his spade hit wood. Sebastian jumped down in the grave to him and helped him get the coffin free from dirt.
Kurt was sitting on the ground, or, actually, he was sitting on Sebastian’s blazer. They had been out there for about an hour, Hunter and Sebastian taking turns at digging. Kurt had offered his help, but they had both just kinda snorted and told him not to get his hands dirty.
A groan was heard from the grave as Hunter and Sebastian opened the coffin.
“Well, don’t you look ugly?” Sebastian said with a smirk. Kurt didn’t understand, he had just opened a coffin, how could he be so relaxed?
Then the thought struck him, they had probably done this a million times before. This was what they did. Kurt shivered.
“Hey babe” Sebastian said, and Kurt had to smile at the endearment “Can you give me salt and the petrol?”
Kurt nodded, and rose from the ground to grab the two tanks.
He handed one to Sebastian and another to Hunter, where the former smiled at him and the latter just took the tank and went back to the grave.
The two boys began to pour the contents over the bones, and then they both got up from the grave.
Sebastian retrieved a blank zippo lighter from his pocket and handed it to Kurt.
“Do you want the honor, babe?” he asked, smirk still in place.
Kurt bit his lip and considered to say no for a moment, before he grabbed the lighter and nodded. He went to the side of the grave and looked at the bones, now almost drowned in salt and petrol.
He could smell the petrol as he lit the lighter, and he could feel the heat when he threw it on the bones.
“You will not harm another boy” he muttered, as the flames consumed the last remains of the ghost who had taken his boyfriend away from him.
“You okay, babe?” Sebastian asked, worry clear in his voice.
Kurt nodded slowly, and turned to look at him.
“I just wished I could have stopped him earlier” he said, his voice sounding broken, and Sebastian felt so bad about it.
“I know” was all he could say, but apparently it was enough, because Kurt began to tear up, and then wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s waist and hid his face in his chest.
Sebastian was surprised by the gesture, but he still wrapped his arms around Kurt and tried to comfort him, while Hunter began to cover the grave again.
The sun was slowly rising, and Dalton was now ghost free.
All was well.

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