catching love (mr. right)

(a girl named May from california) her father is a very rich man who is never home to see her, her mother died when she was little. so may has a boyfriend named luke but he is very rude to her and he abuses her but one day may goes to a one direction concert and she had a meet and greet so after the show she met harry and when she did her whole life got turned around.


2. where it began

"dad did you get my tickets in the mail yet" i asked my dad. "No why" my dad said. "I need them for saturdays concert remember me and Kaitlyn are going together." Oh those yea i got those tickets like a week ago my dad said with a smirk on his face. Are you kidding me dad why didnt you tell me you got. i dont know i might have forgot. i just kept thinking well the concert is tomorrow so i should go to bed and be ready to meet harry.

i dont know if i should go on or not comment if i should go on 

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