catching love (mr. right)

(a girl named May from california) her father is a very rich man who is never home to see her, her mother died when she was little. so may has a boyfriend named luke but he is very rude to her and he abuses her but one day may goes to a one direction concert and she had a meet and greet so after the show she met harry and when she did her whole life got turned around.


1. prologue

Hi im May, im sixteen i live in Avolon Los Angeles my dad is never home he is always on buisness trips and my mom died when i was born. I have a boyfriend named luke we've dated for over a year now he is so stuck up and abusive to me and i hate it he used to be so sweet to me but all of a sudden he has been so rude and abnoxious. My dad and i live in a huge mansion right by a beach. my dad he is a music producer and im a model that only travels on occasion. One day i decided to go to a one direction concert i love one direction especcialy harry he so cute and adorable when i got the tickets i also bought meet and greets so my friend Kaitlyn are going to meet them after the show and when i talk with harry my life turned into a gream come true.


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