Just Love, No Regrets

This is a sequel to 'Starlight' ---

Now that Phoebe and Louis have run away together, what will happen next? Where will they go, and will Niall come after them?


8. 8

I woke up and sure enough I felt like shit. I had never been that drunk and it had really shown on this hangover. I got up and realized I wasn't even in my clothes anymore I was in my old pyjama shorts and a hoodie. Niall's hoodie. I then looked around and focused on the room. It was my old room I used to stay in here. I smiled at the memories and got up, put my hair in a messy high ponytail, checked my appearance wasn't too awful and plodded downstairs. Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis were all sitting there on the sofa chatting. Well almost all. Niall gave me a little smile, Harry gave me a grin and Zayn was half asleep buried in his own hoodie. 'Well look who it is' Harry laughed as I giggled. I went and sat in Louis' lap as I laid against his chest. He was basically still asleep aswell, but he managed to open his arms to gesture he wanted me to sit on him. 'You were so funny last night, a nightmare at the time but it's funny now' Harry said. 'I don't even remember' I mumbled as I closed my eyes but didn't want to go to sleep. 'You and Louis just go pissed to be honest, you were running in the middle of the road, you threw up everywhere, you had a tic tac explosion, and you and Louis bascially ate each other's faces in the back of my car' He explain holding back his laughter. 'I threw up? That's so embarrassing' I muttered. I felt Louis wriggle about a bit under me as he lifted his head right up and smiled. 'It was a good night though' He mumbled. 'Not so good about it being over the cover of magazines though' Harry said as he showed us 4 magazines with pictures of me and Louis laughing in the middle of the road being complete idiots. Louis just laughed. 'Oh well. i'm allowed to have fun aren't I?' He said. We all nodded and laughed.

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