Just Love, No Regrets

This is a sequel to 'Starlight' ---

Now that Phoebe and Louis have run away together, what will happen next? Where will they go, and will Niall come after them?


7. 7

I felt Harry put his arm round my shoulder and help me wobble back to the car. 'Wait!' I laughed to myself. I lazily rummaged through my bag till I found them. 'Tic Tacs!' I laughed as I pured most of the contents into my mouth, half of them spilling onto the floor. 'Okay Phoebe, enough tic tacs' Harry muttered as he opened the door and lifted me inside the car. Louis was next to me with his head in his hands. 'Louis' I loudly whispered giggling. He sat up quickly and grinned at me when he saw me. 'I think we should get another drink' He slurred as he tried getting out the car. I heard the faint click of the doors locking. After Louis wrestled with the handle for a while he gave up. 'Hey, wait where's Zayn?!' I shouted. Niall turned around in his seat. 'He went with some girl after he got Louis back' He said quietly then turned around. I frowned at his shyness but then shrugged it off.

'I love you' Louis mumbled as he took my hand. 'I love you too' I whispered as he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. I ran my hands through his hair as I kissed him back. He broke away for a second, still keeping his face close to mine, before crushing his lips on mine, kissing me roughly and passionatley. He had never kissed me before but I liked it. I was kissing him back when Harry coughed loudly and we ignored him. 'I think that's enough you two' Harry said loudly. We broke away and sighed as I saw Harry eyeing us up suspiciously through the mirror. 'Suppose we'll have to wait till we're home' Louis giggled. I laughed aswell and we just ignored the sighs from Niall and Harry.

Once we got outside our flat Harry and Niall got out and helped us out. Me and Louis were linked arms, wobbling and staggering our way to the door to go up the stairs when I felt someone's arms on me. I turned around to find Niall. I saw Harry next to Louis. 'Get back in the car, there's no way you'll be able to get up those stairs' Harry said sternly. I didn't even respond, I was barely awake I felt so tired now. I just let Niall help me back into the car. When we were back in the car, I fell asleep on Louis shoulder and I was pretty sure he was asleep aswell. After a while, I felt someone pick me up and carry me out of the car into what was probably the boy's house. I remember being placed in a soft bed and being tucked in as I fell straight to sleep.

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