Just Love, No Regrets

This is a sequel to 'Starlight' ---

Now that Phoebe and Louis have run away together, what will happen next? Where will they go, and will Niall come after them?


4. 4

I woke up feeling like shit. 'Oh my god Louis, shut the curtains' I groaned as I tried to cover my eyes, blinded by the sharp light. He laughed 'It's not even sunny out today!' I got my pillow and put it over my head trying to cover my eyes. 'Come on, we're gonna make a cake for your birthday today' Louis grinned as he literally dragged me out of bed. I sat on a chair in the kitchen and rested my head in my hands on the counter. 'Just give me two minutes to actually wake up' I mumbled as Louis just laughed at me.

'Right, we need flour, 2 eggs, caster sugar, butter and baking powder' Louis ordered. He was quite a serious cook. 'Yes sir' I saluted him as I got the ingredients out. 'Get mixing' He said as he poured the right measurements out. I began mixing and the batter became thick and clumpy. 'Louis..is it meant to look like this?' I asked unsure as he got the ingredients out for the icing and decorations. 'Yes, come on let me mix it then' He sighed. 'No I can do it!' I protested. 'Phoebe, just let me do it' He tried to grab the spoon. 'No, Louis I can do it!' I repeated myself as I grab the spoon back. As I grabbed the spoon, I somehow managed to flick the batter off the spoon, right in Louis face. I covered my mouth to stop myself laughing. 'Oh my god..i'm..sorry?' I burst out laughing, and I didn't even see the lump of batter that was flying my way. It hit me right in the face also. 'Oh, i'm sorry!' Louis mocked me as we both burst out laughing and started flicking batter at each other. He then got the icing pump and started writing rather inappropriate things on me. He started to write on my t-shirt but I tried to stop him. 'No wait, this one isn't rude' He promised. I sighed and stood there with my hands on my hips as Louis wrote in icing all over my shirt. Wow, that sounds weird. 'Done!' He grinned. I pulled my top out to read what he had put.

'I love you' in pink letters.

'It's true' He winked as I grinned up at him. I wrapped my arms round his neck and kissed him. We didn't quite hear the knock at the door, or the door opening for that matter. Louis placed his hands on my lower back and kissed me back more. 'Erm..I just came to drop off your birthday card and presents' I heard an awkward Harry mumble. We broke away and coughed awkwardly. 'Having fun?' He laughed, gesturing to our kitchen and ourselves covered in cake mixture. 'Well..i'm gonna go clean up' I awkwardly laughed. Louis quickly gave me another kiss. 'Well on the bright side, you taste great' He winked. I rolled my eyes and went to have a shower.

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