Just Love, No Regrets

This is a sequel to 'Starlight' ---

Now that Phoebe and Louis have run away together, what will happen next? Where will they go, and will Niall come after them?


3. 3

Louis,Zayn and I were just chatting and drinking when we were interrupted by the presence of 3 other people. 'Harry!' I squealed as I jumped up and wrapped my arms around him. 'I missed you' He whispered in my ear. 'I missed you too' I replied. 'Oh Liam, come here!' I grinned as I gave him a massive hug. Then I turned to Niall. We both kind of stared at each other for a while. 'Hi' I almost whispered. 'Hey' He replied, equally as quiet. Louis saved me from this awkward situation by calling my name and pulling me onto his lap. 'So, you two are official now? I've seen you all over the magazines' Harry winked at us. I giggled, as Louis wrapped his arms round me. 'Yep, we sure are' He replied. 'I'm happy for you' Liam smiled. Niall just looked at the floor. I sighed quietly as I watched him. I wanted him to be happy, I hated seeing him like this even if he did hurt me..multiple times.

'Phoebs, can I talk to you over here for a second?' Harry asked as he stood up. I nodded and put my drink down as I tried to get up. 'Louis, let me up' I laughed, as he kept his arms tightly wrapped round me. 'Louissss' I whined. 'Fine' He mumbled, before giving me a kiss. 'Okay, I think that's enough' I heard Liam awkwardly cough, as the kiss deepened. I rolled my eyes and laughed at Liam, got up and followed Harry. 'What's up Harry?' I smiled. He sighed and just pulled me into a hug. 'I've just missed you so much'  He whispered. I was a bit suprised, but I hugged him back. I was quite close with Harry before actually, you could say we were kinda best friends. 'How's Niall?' I murmured. 'He's..okay' Harry replied. I sighed again. 'Harry, can you try and find him a nice girl? I want him to be happy' I frowned. Harry smiled weakly at me and kissed my cheek as he whispered 'I'll try'. Afterwards, we walked back to the others and sat down. I felt a bit disheartened and emotional after my talk with Harry and I wasn't in the mood for being here. 'I think i'm gonna go guys' I mumbled as I got up. I felt Louis gently take my hand and stand up with me. 'I'll go with you' He smiled. 'Wait, we need to see you again! Phoebe it's your birthday next week, let's go clubbing then!' Harry grinned. 'Well..okay' I smiled. 'I'll text you' He smiled as we said our goodbyes and me and Louis left. We walked down the street in silence, hand in hand until Louis said something. 'Niall looked rough' he mumbled. I nodded. 'Yeah, he's not happy' I replied, as I we started to walk up the block of flat stairs. I felt my heel jolt and I literally landed flat on my face. 'Phoebe?! Are you okay?' Louis knelt down on the step next to me and put his hands on my shoulders. I started to cry, but not because I hurt myself. 'Hey, don't cry sweetheart! Did you hurt yourself?' He whispered as he wrapped his arms round me. I shook my head and dropped it into my palms. 'I feel like i've hurt everyone else, Harry looked like he was going to cry earlier when we were talking and Niall..Niall just isn't the same person anymore' I cried. 'Come on, it's okay darling! We're gonna see them all in a week again anyway aren't we!' He chuckled a little bit and kissed my head. He picked me up bridal style and carried me upstairs into our flat. He laid me down on the bed and started getting my pyjamas out for me. 'Louis just leave the pyjamas, come here' I mumbled as I held my arms out for him. He laughed and slid into bed next to me. 'I don't think it helps that you've had rather a lot to drink' he winked as he switched off the bedside lamp and wrapped his arm loosely round my waist as I snuggled into his chest.

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