Just Love, No Regrets

This is a sequel to 'Starlight' ---

Now that Phoebe and Louis have run away together, what will happen next? Where will they go, and will Niall come after them?


2. 2

'Babe!' I heard Louis call from our room. 'Yes?' I yelled back. I heard him mumble but I couldn't hear a word he was saying so I went and found him. 'What were you saying?' I said as I went and sat on the bed next to him. He scrolled down his phone, reading off the screen, 'That new club down the road just opened, how about we go down there tonight and have a few drinks?' He looked at me hopefully. 'Yeah, sounds good!' I replied with a smile. We haven't been out in a while, because Louis had been ill so it would be nice to get out for a bit.

I took a shower and wrapped a grey,fluffy towel round my body as I stepped out into our room and opened my wardrobe. What was I going to wear? My thoughts were interrupted by Louis slipping his arms round my waist from behind and kissing my cheek. 'Louis not now, I need to get ready!' I giggled as he pretended to pout. 'Well, you'll pay me back later!' He winked as he skipped out. I rolled my eyes and carried on searching through my clothes. I finally decided on a simple, ruched, black dress with some sdark grey, glittery heels to match, I loosely curled my long, brown hair, and did my makeup. I took one last look at myself in the mirror,ruffled my hair a bit, applied some pretty, peachy coloured lipgloss, and went to find Louis. He was sitting in the living room looking very nice himself, in some dark, tight, skinny jeans and a smart shirt with a black blazer over the top. 'You look beautiful' he said, almost shyly. I blushed as I took his hand. 'I love it when you blush' He laughed, which made me blush even more. He locked the door and we walked out of the block of flats and luckily the club was walking distance so we didn't have to get a taxi home.

Once we got in the club, it was already pretty full. It was the same as any other club to be honest. Dark, loud and busy. Louis and I managed to get a couple of seats at the bar. We ordered a few drinks and just chatted. 'Phoebe, can I just tell you that the last 2 years of my life have possibly been the best so far, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you' Louis said. His face was so full of happiness and hope, it made me happy just seeing him. I leant in and kissed him, as I felt him kiss me back. 'I love you' I said, as I pulled away. 'I love you too sweetheart' He replied as he gave me another quick kiss. We had drink after drink, and soon enough I was feeling dizzy. 'Right, sorry to leave you but I think I need to go and find the toilets' I laughed, as I let go of his hand. 'Okay, don't be too long' He winked and took a sip of his drink. I bustled through the large crowds of people, trying to find at least a sign which showed me where the toilets are. I pushed past someone as they shoulder-barged me. I tripped forwward a little bit and collided with someone else, as they spilt their drink everywhere. 'Oh my god, i'm so sorry' I said, not paying attention to their face, just the sticky blue drink that had gone over the two of us. 'It's okay Phoebs' I heard a familiar voice chuckle. I looked up at this mystery person. Zayn?' I whispered before literally jumping on him.'ZAYN!' I screamed in delight as he hugged me. 'Hey Phoebs' He laughed before putting me down. 'I've missed you so much' I said, with a frown. 'We've all missed you Phoebe' He replied. 'Oh my god, let's go and see Louis!' I said pulling his hand through the crowds. 'Louis, look who it is!' I cried as Louis looked up from the drinks menu. 'Hey man' Zayn smiled. Louis got up and gave Zayn a hug. 'I've missed you mate' I heard him mumble, and Zayn nodded. 'So, how is everyone else?' I asked Zayn as we got him a drink. 'Well, Harry's good but not with Claudia anymore' He shrugged. Harry wasn't with Claudia? They were so good together though. I let him carry on. 'Liam's fine, still with Danielle, I'm fine, and Niall..Niall's good actually, he's okay now' He explained. I nodded. At least Niall didn't run off again like last time.

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