The Roommate

Rosalina Fay is a college girl still living with her parents. Does she want to live with them? No. Which is why she decided to move out. But she isn't alone in her new home. She has a roommate named Chloe. And Chloe has a secret only few people know. What happens when Rosalina finds out? Will she stay, or will she pack her bags and go home to her family?


11. Should I stay or should I go?

I woke up with a grin on my face. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt that went down to my knees, with a skull cut out on the back. I only had on a bra and underware underneath. I saw Harry next to me, sleeping away. I kissed his nose and got up. I ran my hand through my curls and I walked down the hall. I went downstairs to make breakfast, but it seemed Chloe already did. I saw a Post It note on the granite countertop.

From: Chloe(: To: Rosie (:

Hey girl! I saw you and Harry were already asleep when I got here so I just let you guys sleep. I had to go into work early today. Boo! Well, we need to talk. Meet me at Starbucks for lunch. Ok babe?(: Love yaaa Rosie! -Chloe.

I smiled and crumbled the note up and threw it at the trashcan, completely missing. There was some chocolate chip pancakes on a plate so I grabbed a plate and ate 3 pancakes. After I finished, I was washing the plate when I felt to arms wrap around my waist. "Good morning beautiful." I smiled. "Mornin Harry." I kissed him on his cheek. "Mmm you look sexy in the morning." His thick morning accent making my cheeks burn red. I giggled and finished washing the plate. I put it in the cupboard and wiped my hands off. "So.. Rosie.. um.. I think we should live together. Me live here or you move in with me." I stopped. "I willl have to think about it Harry." He shook his head and we sat down and drank tea and talked for a bit until I had to leave for Starbucks. I slipped into sailor shorts, a red peplum top, and leopard print wedges. I put my hair in a bun and grabbed my purse. I walked downstairs and kissed Harry. I walked to my car and headed toward Starbucks. I blasted up the radio, singing every song that came on. Then it hit me- should I stay or should I go? I can't leave Chloe, but I wanna be with Harry. Maybe we can discuss this at lunch.


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