The Roommate

Rosalina Fay is a college girl still living with her parents. Does she want to live with them? No. Which is why she decided to move out. But she isn't alone in her new home. She has a roommate named Chloe. And Chloe has a secret only few people know. What happens when Rosalina finds out? Will she stay, or will she pack her bags and go home to her family?


3. Roommate?

It's been about 3 days since Sophia left. We constantly text and Skype each other, but its different not having her here. Today I was in the mood for a nerdy look, so I wore my nerd glasses, a Ramones t-shirt, neon green sneakers, and black short shorts. I was going to go meet this girl who wanted the same house as me, and wanted to know if I'd room with her. Of course, I'd be her roommate, as long as she's not old or creepy. I went downstairs and got a cinnamon raisin bagel, and a glass of milk. As soon as I was finished, I went to my car, did my makeup, pulled my brown hair into a pony tail that laid on my right shoulder, and drove ot the house.

--At the house--

I pulled into the driveway, which could fit like 5 cars, which is nice for the holidays. I see Jill and I run to her. I gave her a hug and said "Hey Jill! Sorry about Sophia bailing, but she had to move to California." "It's alright hun. If you like this girl then you'll have a new friend, roommate, and house!" She smiled. "Alright, lets meet mystery girl." We walked into the house and saw a girl with blonde hair. "Hello love!" Jill said estaticly. "Hi, I'm Chloe." She said. She seemed decent. We decided to chat, and I feel comfy around her. Why shouldn't she be my roommate? "So, Rosie and Chloe, do you think you two wanna live together?" I smiled, and looked at Chloe. "Yes, I can live with Rosie, under one condition- no dogs." I laughed and said, "I'm more of a cat person." She laughed and said "Me too!" We all laughed and I said, "I can room with Chloe." Chloe and I signed the papers. We decided to go furniture shopping. We picked out two black leather couches, and some cute throw pillows for it, we got a massive television, a black rectangular ottoman, and lots more. Then came our rooms. My mom wanted me to keep my furniture put at their house, so I got a queen sized bed, the bed frame, one tall dresser and two medium size ones, a white couch, 2 silver sequined pillows, a union flag pillow, a STAY STRONG hot pink blanket, two side tables, a saucer chair, and a bunch of pictures and wall paper. I also got a new stereo system, and a massive television. We got about 10 lamps for around the house, and 4 or 5 rugs. After the shopping was done, we went to our new home and started decorating until Chloe said, "What about the paint?" We went to the paint store and each chose three colours. I got neon green, neon pink, and neon orange, Chloe got sky blue and a dark grey. We went home and started painting, then went to our homes. This was exciting. I mean, a new house, a new face, a roommate. A new start.

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