The Roommate

Rosalina Fay is a college girl still living with her parents. Does she want to live with them? No. Which is why she decided to move out. But she isn't alone in her new home. She has a roommate named Chloe. And Chloe has a secret only few people know. What happens when Rosalina finds out? Will she stay, or will she pack her bags and go home to her family?


2. Leaving for America.

I woke up to the smell of french toast in the making and the touch of a hand in my face. I took Sophia's hand and laid it by her. She looked peaceful, so I didn't wake her up. I grabbed my phone and saw I was getting a video request on Skype. I answered and saw Alex, the guy I met yesterday. "Hey gorgeous, just woke up, eh?" "Yupp. I'm going to look at a house today." I smiled. "Oh really? Because I got to go to work but I got Julia and I was wondering-" "If I could watch the girly? Sure, she can come with me and Sophia. No problem." "You sure?" "Yup, and if I need to, my mom or sister can watch her." "Thanks love. I'll bring her over around 11. Is that ok?" "Sounds perfect." "K, see ya later Rosie." "Bye Alex." I hung up, and got a shower. I put my hair p in a bun, did my makeup, and got dressed. I was going to wear a pair of  peach coloured shorts, a STAY POSITIVE hoodie and a white tank top that said softball.  Then I got a call from a random number. "Hello?" "Hi, is this Rosalina?" "Yes?" "This is Sophia's mom, and I'm sorry to say this but we have to move to America." I stood there."Why?" "Because I got a job offer over there and I want the twins to be with me there. Tell her that when she visits her father she can visit you, if its ok with him." "A-alright. Thanks. Bye." I was about to cry, but Sophia woke up. "Good morning sleeping beauty." I said. She laughed and rubbed her face. "Listen, Soph, your mom called me and left me with news." "What? Really. Why didn't she call me? But what is it?" "Y-y-your moving to America. Today." I started crying, so I grabbed a tissue. "What?! I can't move to America!" "You have to, your mom said you can come vist me when you visit your dad." "Ughh. This sucks." "America could be fun though." "But what about you?" "We can text, call, Skype. Anything. I'll come visit you, and you can come visit me. It'll be ok." "What about the house?" I have no clue.. I'll figure out something." We went the rest of the morning in silence, but it was the kind thta made you want to run away and hide, just to cry. Cry your heart out, making a waterfall for the happy. Alex stopped by, and met my parents, and left Julie here. I asked my mom to babysit while I helped Sophia pack, and she agreed. I grabbed my phone and Sophia grabbed her bag and we drove off.

--At Sophia's House--

We were at Sophia's, and it was a nice house. We went up to her room, her walls covered in One Direction posters. I started taking them down, and sat them in a box labeled 'wall decor.' We took of her comforter, and sheets and grabbed the pillows, and got them into the right boxes. Soon enough, we were finished packing, and these guys who were helping us load up the moving truck came and got all of the furniture and boxes. Now Sophia's room was empty, and we stood there in silence. "I'm going to miss you, Rosie." :I'll miss you Soph." We hugged and walked downstairs. Her mom and sister were standing there. "Well, it was nice meeting you Rosalina, but we gotta go. We don't wanna miss our flight." Sophia asked if I would drive her to the airport, and I agreed to. When we got there, we were crying and hugging.. then the announcer came on, telling everyone going to California that they need to go. I hugged Sophia. This was it. As she pulled away, she whispered "Goodbye, best friend." A tear drop rolled down my cheek. I waved to her and she ran to her plane. I started crying, and went to my car and drove home. I can;'t believe it. My best friend was leaving for America.

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