The Roommate

Rosalina Fay is a college girl still living with her parents. Does she want to live with them? No. Which is why she decided to move out. But she isn't alone in her new home. She has a roommate named Chloe. And Chloe has a secret only few people know. What happens when Rosalina finds out? Will she stay, or will she pack her bags and go home to her family?


9. Chloe's secret.

"Ready to go?" "Yeah Chloe, be right there." Chloe and I were going to go swimming to test out the pool for a party we are planning on having. I was wearing a bright blue bikini with black polka dots creating a nice rhythm across the fabric. I had by hair in a bun and grabbed my black flip flops and sunglasses. She wasn't gonna remember a towel so I brought 2 towels. I was walking out when I got a text from Harry.


From XxHarry<3xX

Hey babe xx Whats goin on today? Got plans? :) xx H

I quickly replied back.

To: XxHarry<3xX

Going swimming with Chloe. (: Come over and go swimming with us? (; xx R


I put my phone down and waited for Harry to reply. He responded with 'I'll be there soon (; xx H.' I went outside to tell Chloe. I went outside to see her in a red and black bikini with a lining of black ruffles across the top border on each top and bottom, sitting on a neon green raft. "Ello, Harry is coming over. Ok?" She tipped her sunglasses and her bright hazel eyes peeped over at me. "He's coming? Are you two.. ya know.. boyfriend/girlfriend?" She smiled. "No.. I mean I want us to be but nothing has been confirmed." I frowned. "Well, since it's been 2.. almost 3 weeks since we've known each other, I gotta tell you a secret." "What is it? I said, swimming over to her. "Well, Harry is in a band right? His band mate, Liam, that's my cousin. That's why you saw Niall, the blonde kid, Harry, and the other 3, Zayn, Liam, and Louis, at the hospital." "Really? So your related to Liam? From One Direction?" "Yeah, you a fan?" "I mean, they're good.. but not a band I would say is my favourite or anything." Harry came outside but we didn't notice, me and Chloe were having a water fight. Then I jumped on her back and we got into a fight. "Hello.. girls? You gonna stop fighting?" Chloe and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. Harry walked in and wrapped his arms around me. I still had my sunglasses on, so I took them off and put them on him. "You look adorable." I giggled. Chloe started moaning. "Ugh, if you two are gonna do this I'm gonna leave." Harry took the glasses off and handed them to Chloe. "Then sit them on the table over there on your way inside." I smiled and poked Harry's stomach. "Ooo, Hazza has 4 nipples.One for each boy, right?" I giggled and he grabbed me. "Nope, they're only for you." I giggled. "Your so cute when you giggle." "So when I'm not giggling I'm ugly?" I frowned. I was swimming away, then Harry swam underneath me, and pushed me up. "Nope, your beautiful." He kissed me. It started leading to him trying to take off my top. "Harry.. stop. I'm a virgin." I was embarassed so I went and sat on the middle step. He came over  and sat by me, putting his arms around me. "Babe, if your not ready I promise I won't do anything." I had a tear in my eye. I grabbed my legs and sat my head on my knees. "Sorry to disappoint you." I was crying now. "Shh, babe... I'm not disappointed." He gently kissed my forehead and wiped my tears away. "And besides Harry, were not even a couple." "I can change that. Hey Rosie, can I be your boyfriend?" I giggled. "It depends, can I be your girlfriend?" "Yes, yes you can." I jupmed on him and we kissed. It started to rain so we ran back inside. I was shivering so Harry grabbed me and held me for the longest time. First Chloe tells me her secret, Harry ask to be my boyfriend. What could go wrong?


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