The Roommate

Rosalina Fay is a college girl still living with her parents. Does she want to live with them? No. Which is why she decided to move out. But she isn't alone in her new home. She has a roommate named Chloe. And Chloe has a secret only few people know. What happens when Rosalina finds out? Will she stay, or will she pack her bags and go home to her family?


1. ~

Have you ever layed in bed and thought 'Why the hell am I still here?" Yeah, I know the feeling. I took my palms and rubbed them against my eyes. Ugh, it's only 8:06 in the morning. It's summer. I should be sleeping, not rolling around in my bed. I layed there, thinking about how I'm almost 19 fucking years old, and still living with my parents, and younger sister. Why? Why am I still here? Oh yeah- my over protective family. They think after I finish college, (which btw, I happen to be halfway through) that I will be 100% ready to leave. Most parents throw their kids out into the world when the graduate high school. Mine, as you can tell, aren't following in their footsteps. I looked over at my clock. It was now 8:20. My mom and dad would be getting up soon. I managed to get my blanket off of my legs, showing my cherry red short shorts that had CHEER written across the butt, and my white over the shoulder sweater with a leopard print bow in the middle. My brown hair was in a messy bun. I went into my bathroom, and turned on the shower, steaming up the mirror quickly. I stripped down to my bare skin, and hopped in the shower. I lathered my arms and legs in some soap that smelled like coconuts. I rinsed all of the soap off, and got some shampoo. I was rubbing it in, when I got a drop of shampoo in mye eye. "Shit." I said that, but didn't realize how loud i said it. I went to reach for my towel, when I fell out of my shower, My ankle twisted, and it hurt so bad. I was trying to get up, when I heard my mom's panic voice enter my room. "ROSIE ARE YOU OK? WHERE ARE YOU BABE?" Oh my goodness, if she walks in here I will- "Rosie are you ok hunny? I heard you fall and ran up here instantly." God. I was butt naked, lying on the floor, with my mom right by me. This could not get more embarassing. As soon as that thought ran across my mind, my dad walked in. "Rosie are you alright babe? OH MY GOD. My dad is not in the same room as me while Im naked. I felt my face go red. "Guys, I'm ok. Just leave, I'll be down for breakfast soon." They nodded and left my bathroom. Dammit, my ankle was swelling. I managed to crawl back into the shower, and I got the shampoo out of my hair. As soon as I was finished, I turned the water off, grabbed my towel and wiped my face off. I grabbed my robe and put it on. I wrapped my hair in the towel. I stepped out of the shower, and limped to my mirror. I brushed and blow-dryed my hair. As soon as my hair was nice anf fluffy, I curled it. I let the curls fall on my shoulders. I did my makeup, and walked, er limped, to my closet. I grabbed my leather jacket, a white Beatles crop top, and mid-waist blue shorts, and black Converse. I picked out a hot pink bra, and some tie-dye boyshort underwear. I slipped on everything I had laid out, and grabbed my iPhone, iPod, wallet, and my sunglasses. I slipped on the sunglasses, put my phone, iPod, and wallet in my bag, and limped downstairs. I grabbed my keys, and limped to my car. I drove to Bridgeway Urgent Care to get my ankle checked out. I pulled up, parked my Porshe, and walked in. I had to fill out a form, and sign in. While I waited, I decided to chat with this girl next to me. She looked like she was about my age, she had dirty blonde hair, and was wearing a white lace moto jacket, a hot pink tank top, and a multi-colored zig-zag bodycon skirt, and some blue wedges. "Hey, I like your jacket! It's really cute. Where'd you get it?" I asked her. I flashed a smile, showing my pearly white teeth. "Thanks! I got it at Missy's, it's my favourite store at the Bridgeway mall." She smiled, and fixed her skirt. "No way, that's my favourite store too!" "Really? That's so cool." "As a matter of fact, my aunt happens to be the owner." I smiled, and her jaw dropped. "So you get a first look at all the clothes?" I nodded. "Lucky! My aunt is a stay at home mom of two teenagers." "Well, maybe we should hang out sometime, and hopefully my aunt will let you see the next designs for Missy's." "Really? That would be so fun!" I reached in my purse, and grabbed my iPhone. I went to contacts and clicked on 'new contact.' "Here, put in your number.. so we can stay in touch." I handed her my phone. I saw her fingers go crazy on my phone's screen. "Rosalina Fay, Mrs. Georgson is ready to see you." I glanced up to see a nurse in light blue scrubs with a name tag that said "Hello, my name is: Heather." "Well, I better go.." I was waiting for her to tell me her name. "Sophia, my name is Sophia. And obviously yours is Rosalina. Nice meeting you! I'll be expecting a text." She giggled. I waved and limped back.

--2 hours later--

I had to get a brace on my ankle, and it sucks. I decided to stop at Nando's, and get some lunch. I mean, I'm not gonna sit here and starve! I walked in, and found a seat. Well.. maybe I should text Sophia and ask if she would like to join? I pulled out my phone and texted her.


From: XxRosalinaxX

To: Sophia your new best friend. <33

Hey Soph xx Wanna meet me at Nando's for lunch? I'm already here, so I can order for you.

From: Sophia your new best friend. <33

Hey Rosie! (it is ok if I call you Rosie, right?) xx Sure! I'd love too! The one on Rudof Avenue right?? (: Can't wait! And if you'd like to order for me, I want a salad and coke. Thnx <33 -Sophia(:

From: XxRosalinaxX

To: Sophia your new best friend. <33

Yes the one on Rudof Avenue. I'm ordering now. xx C Ya! (:



"Hello, Im Justin and I'll be your waiter today. Is it just you today or are you meeting someone?" I took off my shades and sat them down. "My friend should be here in a little bit." "Ok, well do you want to order now?"  "Sure! Um can I oreder for my friend too?" "Go ahead, Im not stopping you." I laughed. "Two salads, and  water and coke." "Sure thing, cutie." I felt my cheeks get red. Was he flirting with me? I was sitting there, smiling like an idiot, when I heard Sophia's voice. "Hey!" "Hi Sophia! I already ordered, our waiter should be coming back with our drinks soon." "Ok! Gives us time to learn new stuff about each other. Um, how old are you?" "18, you?" "Same!" "Favourite colour?" "Red. Definetly red." She smiled. "Mine would have to be purple." We carried on with the questions and chatted, and it turns out her favourite store is Aeropostale, she loves Starbucks, she prefers a tankini or bikini over a one piece bathing suit, her favourite animal is a dolphin, she has a tattoo on her right shoulder, she use to be suicidal and she still has scars from her cuts, she has a twin named Savannah who has twins named Emma and Gannon, and her parents are divorced. I told her all about me and it seems were complete opposites, yet were similiar. Justin brought us our drinks, and salads. We munched on our salads, then I spoke up "So, do you live on your own?" "Nah, I live with my mum, but I wanna move out! I want a roommate though." "OMG Same here! Maybe we should find a house or condo and be roommates!" "Sure!" We finished our food, and said our goodbyes, I finally found a roommate. I decided to go to the park for a bit. I went there and sat on the swing. Then I saw a boy. He looked about my age, and he was with a little girl who was about 1. "Julie come back here!: The boys thick accent lingered the park. The little girl, Julie, ran up to me. "Shwing, I want to shwing." She jumped on my lap, and I wrapped one arm around her and started swinging back and forth. "Hi." I saw that boy standing there. "Hello, I assume this cutie is your daughter?" "Nah, its my mate's cousin." "Oh, well she's a cutie. Mind if I play with her for a bit? Oh and I'm Rosalina, but you can call me Rosie." I smiled. "And I'm Alex, but you can call me anytime, just as long as you don't have a boyfriend. Haha." "Someone's a cheeky child, aren't you?" "She is sometimes.. but ya know how kids are." He was so cute. "Actually I was talking about you, but what you said is true too." We laughed, exchanged numbers, and played with Julie. Finally he said "Well, my mate will be md if I don't get her back. I got to go love. See ya later. Text me?" "Sure. Bye Alex, bye-bye Julie." "Bai-bai." Julie said with her cute baby voice. She was so cute! I giggled and waved. I walked to my car and drove home. "Rosalina Skye Fay, where have you been?" "I went out for a day for myself, goodness you act like I'm Ryan's age." "We were worried sick! Go upstairs and get ready for supper." "Whatever." "Wait, why is there a brace on your ankle?" :From me falling this morning. It's to help stabilize it." "OK honey." I went upstairs and called Sophia.

--Phone Call--

Me: Hey Soph

Sophia: Hi Rosie! What's up babe?

Me: Nothing really, I just got back home and I got bitched at. Let's say tomorrow we go house hunting?

Sophia: Sure! But shouldn't we check out some houses?

Me: Stay the night at my house and we'll look.

Sophia: I gotta eat dinner first then I'll be over. Text me the adress?

Me: Sure! I gotta eat dinner first too, so around 5 you should come.

Sophia: Ok! See ya then babe. Love you! See ya later!

Me: Bye Soph, text ya the adress, Love you too, see ya!

--Phone Call Ended--

I went to the bathroom and re-did my makeup, then ran downstairs. My sister, Regan, and parents were in the dining room, setting the table. I sat down at my usual seat- the 2nd seat on the left side, right next to Regan, our parents right across. I pulled out my phone and texted Sophia our adress, then slipped my phone under my leg. My mom came out wiht tacos, and being me I got apple juice, my favourite drink. "So Regan, how was your day?" We all looked at her. "Well, in cheerleading, we found out who are new team captain is." "And  who is it?" I asked her. "Me!" "Awh congrats sis." I hugged her. "Thanks." We all chatted, I told them about how I met Sophia today and we instantly became best friends and our trip to Nando's for lunch, and how she is gonna stay the night. We were all chatting, having a nice family dinner when I say "I'm moving out." Dammit, I didn't mean to say that. They slipped out of my mouth. Fuck. "When?" My mom said. "Soon.. probably in 2 weeks. That's why Sophia is coming. We're going to be roommates. Sophia and I are gonna search online tonight, then head out tomorrow to look at some houses." "Ok." Wow. My parents are taking this better then I thought. Wait, they probably think it won't work out. I excused myself from the table, and went to the living room. Sophia texted me saying she is just leaving and she'll be here soon. I waited and waited and finally I heard our doorbell ring. "I'll get it!" I yell. I open and see Sophia with a duffel bag. "Hey Rosie. Love the house." She flashed a smile. "Let's go to my room." "Ok!" We ran up to my room, changed into our pjs, and got on my laptop. We kept searching for houses with the budget of $955,000. Then we saw it. A 4 story house with 5 bedrooms, 5 1/2 bathrooms, a big kitchen, nice backyard with a pool, and it was in the best neighborhood around. It was the perfect house for us. It screamed 'Sophia and Rosalina!' I pulled out my phone and called Jill, our housing agent. "Hey Jill, it's Rosie! I'm with my friend Sophia and we decided to be roommates. Yeah.. mhm.. I'll send the link to you. Can you call the number for us to see? Yes? Ok, it's 400-0231. Thanks Jill! Bye!" I hung up and smiled. I can't believe we found the place for us. It was definetly a new beginning for me. For Sophia. For us.

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