Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


20. Unsure.

So, Vic had writers block.. YOU GET DOUBLE COURTNEY TIME! 

~Courtneys POV~

I lightly traced my fingers against Harrys face as we moved in closer, but... I found myself jerk backwards unexpectantly. Sighing in frusteration I looked up at Harry. "Im Sorry.. its a late night." I mumbled scratching the back of my neck awkwardly. "Yeah... goodnight Courtney." He sighed walking out of the hotel bedroom I had lately inhabited. I sighed angrily and fell on the bed. I felt so incredibly... Stupid. Usually, I am retarded, but... I dont know about the level of it until much later on. This was the worst I have ever been, possibly eliminating any type of relationship with Harry and myself. I needed advice.

"Victoria. Victoria. Victoria. Victoria you hoe get your ass up." I whispered harshly poking the girls side. "What." She moaned through her pillow. "I need advice... and hopefully not with... Leprechaun present." I whispered. She mumbled some curses and slowly inched out of her bed. "Its about Harold and I" I muttered. Her attitude perked up as she pulled man hand out of the room, suddenly bursting with energy. 

"I dont know Victoria. I mean, I like Harry... Im just not sure if I love him. I mean... am I ready for a relationship. I thought I was but... I just dont know. Am I ready? I dont want my heart broken." I ranted. Vic just sat there and looked at me as though I was the stupidest person to ever walk the Earth. "What do you mean 'I dont love him but I like him. Love is a hard thing to come by... but do you think you could ever love him." She reasoned. "Yea... But would he love me?' I muttered. "You are so pretty... use that one day." She smiled sarcastically patting my head. I glared at her. "Nothing to worry bout there. Girl, im ready, you're ready... so no worry there either. and if he breaks your heart, I break his legs... and arms... and face.. and neck... Yeah.." She answered thoughtfully. I laughed at my friend and hugged her. "If you get Niall, I'll try ok?" I smiled. She nodded and seemed, sidetracked. "Ok. Now you spill." I smiled crossing my arms and pursing my lips slightly. "Well..."



"Hey guys." I yawned. I opened my eyes and looked around. Ok... so Liam and Bella weren't in the kitchen like they usually are every morning... I looked around the connected rooms expecting to find someone... but I had not. "ALRIGHT YEAH HOES IF YOU SCARE ME YOU WONT BE ABLE TO MAKE BABIES. I DONT CARE IF YOUR VICTORIA OR HARRY, I WILL KICK YOU SO DAMN HA-" I started yelling through the abandoned rooms... before running into a lovely door left conviently open. Where the hell did those assholes go?




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