Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


12. Thats a Nice Gift...


Chapter 11

~Victoria's POV~

"So you're saying that Courtney went out and bought you condoms?" Zayn asks Niall once again trying to understand what the entire reason for the boxes of condoms thrown around the floor was.

"Yes, then she got me a gift card for a sex shop!" Niall exclaimed trying to get the rest of the boys to understand what had happened. I had sat down on one of the bar stools in the kitchen with a bag of chips in my hands since the little feud had started. I had been watching Niall try to make Liam and Zayn understand for about the last twenty minutes, but they clearly weren't understanding a thing.

"And why would she do that?" Liam asks probably worried about what Niall has been up to for the three days, Harry and him have been here.

"Because if you watch Niall carefully or you're just good at reading people like me." Courtney said appearing out of nowhere. I swear that girl is a ninja she'll just pop out and scare you completely shitless. "You'll see the way Niall looks at Vic and the way Vic looks at Niall." She explained walking over to me and grabbing a handful of my chips. "So me buying them condom was my way of casually suggesting they get together." She said smiling at Liam who only looks completely stunned at her explanation.

"Victoria, what do you have to say about all this?" Liam asks acknowledging my presence in the conversation. After introducing ourselves to the boys me and Courtney really had no problem getting along with them. Louis and Courtney instantly bonded over the random things about Harry they both find strange. While I has gotten along better with Liam who actually came up to me apologizing about Niall and Harry just staying here. After explaining to him that it wasn't a problem at all, we started to talk. Bella, was still asleep, which was strange seeing she'll usually the first one up in the morning.

"What do I think about all that?" Liam said pointing at all the boxes that still laid littered on the floor.

"I think Courtney just wasted a big amount of money." I said kicking a few of the boxes out of my way before jumping off the stool and walking into the living room. Harry and Louis were seated in there talking about everything has happened the last couple of days.

"Oh, come on Vic!" Courtney shouted as she followed me out of the kitchen and into the living room. "Come on you two would look completely adorable together! I already had a ship name and everything!" Courtney persisted as I just ignored her in my search for Bella who still hasn't woken up. "Come on Vic, give Viall a chance!" She shouted at me causing me to stop walking.

"Viall?" I asked her as she looked at me smugly seeing she now had my attention. There was no denying that I would love to date Niall, but honestly it was impossible. It was never going to happen and that was something I had finally accepted.

"Yes you and Niall's shipname I came up with all on my own." Courtney smiles at me which slighlty creeps me out, but after knowing her for so long her creeepy smile doesn't seem to scare me anymore.

"You're insane." I announce before taking my chips and walking away into Bella's room hoping that she would come out and balance the amount of sanity in the house. "Bells!" I call out hoping to at least get a groan of annoyance in return, but I didn't get anything. "Anabella Gerogia Jacobs!" I shout at her walking over and pulling the covers off of her only to see a still fully dressed Bella in party dress and heels.

"Stop screaming." She mumbled her voice completely raspy from the complete lack of use.

"Bells are you, dare I say it, hungover?" I asked with a slight giggle in my voice as I observed my best friend who indeed looked completely hungover. Bella had never been one for drinking that even when her own parents asked if she should be having alcohol at her eighteenth birthday party. She responsed that we were all underage and could only drink apple juice. That was a strange day to say the least, seeing her parents had no alcohol in their house at all.

"I regret going out." She mumbled into her pillow that turned her words into something else entirely.

"I'll go grab you some coffee and keep the rest of One Direction away from you." I tell her before wrapping the blankets back around her and let her go back to sleep seeing that she's really going to need it.

"Wait the rest of what?" She asked as I stood half way between the hallway way and her room.

"The rest of One Direction?" Bella asked peeking her head slightly from out of the covers. I nod my head at her, before walking out if the room while she mumbled about how superstars were in the house and she looked like shit.

"Well if you hadn't interrupted then I probably would have a date with-Hey, Victoria." Niall said as he took in my presence in the room. I send him a meekly wave, before getting out all I would need to make Bella a bit of coffee.

"Whatcha making?" Courtney asks walking away from her conversation that she had previous been having with Niall and coming to stand next to me by the counter.

"Coffee for Bells she's a bit hungover, so would the rest of you guys stay away from her room." I announced to everyone making sure that they all stayed away from cranky, mean, and very hungover Bella.

"Bella? Hungover?" Courtney asked munching on a cookie, which I have absolutely no clue where she got. At the moment we had almost no food seeing that there were five of us in the house. Luckily for me and right now Bella me and sometimes Harry were the only ones who actually liked coffee. Courtney hated coffee and Niall was more of a tea kind of person. Bella was more of the kind of person who liked the traditional cup of orange juice in the morning. "She went out last night?" Courtney asked now eating a new cookie.

"Where are you getting all these cookies!" I exclaim stealing the one she was about to put in her mouth and I watch her pull out a bag of assorted cookies that had been sitting beside her.

"Harry bought them for me." She said with a proud smile as she continued eating from the rather large bag. I shake my head at her disapproving the fact that Harry was feeding her sugar when she was hyper enough.

"I'll have to have a nice chat with Harry about buying sugar." I said stealing a handful of cookies for Bella.

"No!" Courtney exclaimed as she followed me out of the kitchen towards Bella's room with the bag of cookies held tightly in her hands.

"You can't get rid of my drug dealer! I need him!" She called behind me as Liam walks in the living room, with a very tired looking Bella behind her.

"Bel, I was going to go drop off your coffee and some cookies I stole from Courtney. I walk over to her as she sits down on the couch with her hand rubbing her temple out of pure pain.

"What about drug dealers and stolen cookies?" Liam asks us as Courtney goes off to search for probably Harry and tell him to avoid me at all cost.

"Courtney has cookies and she doesn't need anymore sugar, so I am going have to talk to Harry." I said as Bel drinks her coffee placing the empty mug on the floor and laying her head on my lap. I turned on the TV and left it on silent only allowing the different images pass by not really bother to read the titles of the news stories that were appear on the news. After a few minutes of me just sitting I felt my eyes slowly begin to droop and close that was until I felt other head suddenly on my other leg.

"I see why Bella likes this you're legs are very comfy." Courtney says smiling up at me as I frown at her.


"It's too early to go out." Bella whines from next to me as we stand by the front door with the boys waiting for Niall and Harry to come out.

"Annabella it's two in the afternoon that's not early." Liam says making Bella make a weird face at the sound of her full name.

"Come on you two, if I am sitting waiting for you then you clearly are taking way too long!" Courtney shouts making Bella wince at the volume of her voice.

"And this is why you don't drink." I tease Bella, while she lays her head on my shoulder. I stand facing Liam who was making weird faces at me and I soon knew why.

"Ow! Annabelle Georgia Jacobs did you just bite me!" I shout as Niall and Harry finally appear. I shrug off Bella's head while pulling down the sleeve of my top. On my shoulder there is the bold imprint of Bella's teeth.

"I like it you should get it tattooed on there." She said casually like it was just one of the little pen doodles we used to draw on each other. I slap her arm causing her to go behind Liam and using him as a shield as I glare at her.

“Did she just bite?” Niall asked placing his arm around my shoulder before leading me out behind the rest of the boys who were heading out. We were going out to a small restaurant that Liam had offered to take us too as a thank you for allowing the boys to stay with us.

“Yeah, she bite my shoulder because we forced her to go out while she’s hungover.” I said rubbing my shoulder a bit since there was still a bit of a sting from the bite. Sometimes I swear Bella acts like a spoiled two year old who throws fits and bites people when she doesn’t her way.

“All better.” Niall said leaning down and placing a small kiss on my shoulder, before dropping his arms from the shoulder and walking ahead of me leaving me stunned in the middle of the hallway. Damn you Niall, don’t you see I am trying to not fall for you and you going around kissing my shoulder isn’t helping.

“You okay there Vic, you looked constipated.” Courtney asked linking her arm through mine and pulling me along with her.

“Just thinking.” I robotically answered while staring at the blonde Irish boy who was walking ahead of me goofing around with Louis as they made fun of poor Zayn.

“About how much you would like to just grab Niall and make out with him? Yeah, Vic that isn’t you think that is you realizing.” Courtney stated before pulling my arm so we can catch up with the rest of the boys.

Author’s Note:

Forgive me for I have sinned! It’s been so long since I have updated, but I have a valid excuse…I had my state exams, my induction, and two huge projects. But now I only have one more really simple project to do, but I will be updating again soon. Well after Courtney updates.


I was rereading this story and noticed how Courtney’s chapters are so much better than mine -.- I gotta step my game up!

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