Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


4. Stupid Child.

Ok so i have school tommorrow (DAMN ITT) and because i had homework too, (i hate all you teachers of mine that gave me homework.) abd i didnt do all of i until today, so it was crunch time, i will try to update, but i have to update after Vic, unless she falls off the face of the earth.


Courtneys POV-

My mum shook me awake. "SHUT OFF YOUR DAMN ALARM CLOCK!" She yelled over the ear pericing noise. I tried looking for the off button, but had no luck. "FUCK IT!" I yelled unplugging a mechanisum. Yes, I get angry quite quickly. I looked through my closet and picked out a simple pair of Blue jeans and a form fitting purple sweater. I threw my hair in a loose braid and trudged down the stairs. Pulling out the ceral we had left, I groaned. Ryan ate the last of my sugar crisps. THAT BASTRADON. I sent him a quick message he would wake up to, 'I hate you' it read.

-whenever I got out of my house-

It was still early. I headed to the taxi waiting outside, to lazy to drive. Once we actually got there, it was quiet. To quiet. I walked through the revolving doors and started on the horrid beginings of air travel. I got to the front of the line fairly quickly. "Hello!" The overly peppy attendant name Beatrice giggled. I learned from my Dad to be sweet to these people. "Hello!" I smiled back. She placed my luggage on the scale and sent me on my way, (after seeing my passport of course) I started through the customs line. ARGH CUSTOMS. I took off my shoes, sweater (I had a shirt under it... sickos thinking otherwise), purse, and my carry on luggage. It chugged through the screen as I stood and walked through the human scanner. Once through I practically ran to the boarding area. "Last call for flight 8934" an intercalm announced. SHIT IM LATE. I ran down the corridor. "SORRY IM LATE!" I ran through the entrance and dashed to the plane. I threw my luggage above my seat and plopped down.

That was the longest 8 hours OF MY LIFE! Children were screaming hysterically and crying their lungs out. My music didnt even help. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Once the horrid time was over, I ran out of the plane with my luggage. "IM OUT!" I Triamply shouted. I waited at the carousel for my bag. It rolled around the cornor. "Come to mama" I huffed, pushing it off. I shot Vic a quick text,

To: Victoria :3 �� Where you wanna meet bro

A few minutes later, I got a reply.

From: Victoria :3 �� The hotel? Thats where im meeting you.

She simply stated.

To: Victoria :3 �� You mean the flat?

From: Victoria :3 �� Shut up Court, you know what I mean.

I chuckled and called a cab. "TAXI!" I shouted into the street. I dropped my bag. "Shit." I grumbled. It unlatched and clothing flew everywhere, gladly, my underwear stayed hidden under my remaining clothes. I groaned and ran after them. "Stupid. Stupid. Stupid" I muttered. "Here let me help." A native person started picking up my clothes. The last one was my favorite black and white tee (One Direction. Dont judge.) he chuckled at it. Holy F-. I rubbed my eyes. It was Harry Styles. I WAS GONNA STALK HIM! Oh maybe i can hide him in my closet... "So you a fan?" He smiled. I nodded. "Whos your favorite?" I just smiled. "Thats only for me to know." I thought it was quite obvious I liked Harry. Guess not. Eh. "So uh, can I maybe see you again?" He nervously smiled. "Sure!" I gave him my number, and he gave me his. VIC IS GONNA FLIP! "See yea later!" He yelled to me as I jumped into a taxi. I smiled and waved from the window.

-Once My Lazy Butt Got To The Flat and I got the right room after trying 6 times, but failing-

"HELLO!" I screamed looking at Vic lay on the extravigant beige leather couch. Her head shot up at the sound of my voice. Another girl looked alarmed... "COURTNEYS MY BROOO" She screamed. I was expecting a hug, but no, she just layed on the couch. "WELL I WANT A HUG!" I screamed loudly. "Oh, right" she slowly got out and hugged me. "So, heard any news about the boys?" she asked. "Oh right." I took in a deep breathe. "BREAKING DIRECTIONER NEWS, IF YOUR A DIRECTIONER SIT YO ASS DOWN, IF NOT CONTINUE WITH YOUR SAD DAY." Vic and the other girl sat down in front of me. My phone buzzed in my hand. "What the..." I looked at the text, which I never really got any to start with, only Sam, Lisa, Vic and my friend Vera knew my number.

From: Unknown?

Hey its Harry!

To: Unknown: Hey Harry! Whats up?

I quickly changed his name from the 'Unknown?' label my phone gave him.

From: HARRY <3

Oh I was kinda wondering if you want to meet up, I have something you dropped, and I swear its not mine...

I giggled to myself while getting strange glances from the two sitting cross legged on the floor.

To: HAARY <3

Oh, alright, well I live in Lexington Complex number 888, my lucky numba

From: HARRY <3

Ok, ill drop it off when I can. I'll text you when im there.

To: HARRY <3


I smiled like a mad man. "WELL" Vic yelled. oh right... I was telling them. "Didnt I tell you?" i asked slyly. "Bella did she tell us?" Vic asked the girl. She shook her head. "Theres your answer Court." I sighed. "Well, I got a number.. from harryedwardstyles" I mumbled. "From who?" she asked. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES!" I squeeled. "THE HARRY FUCKINGEDWARD FUCKING STYLES? I thought we were gonna stalk them..." She screamed. "YES THE HARRY STYLES, and now I can just get you Nialls number, so much easier bro." I smiled. "IM GONNA MEET NIALL HORAN AND WERE GONNA DATE, THEN GET MARRIED, HAVE CHILDREN, GROW OLD AN-" I stopped her mid fangirl. "Harrys dropping something off by the way." Vic looked down and shreiked. She was wearing sweats and a tee. "I HAVE TO CHANGE" she yelled going to the bathroom. The girl looked at me and stood. "Im Bella by the way, Vics to ignorant to remember to introduce me..." she dismissed. She held out her hand and I took it, shaking it. "Courtney, Courtney Schroter"


I WROTE IT AND THEN IT DELETED AND ARGGGGG I hate my ipod sometimes... BUT HEY, i got, 4 bruises on my left leg, 1 on my left arm, and one on my left hand, 1 cut on my left knee, and one cut on my left foot, and an infected big toe on my left foot. NOW TO MY RIGHT SIDE, i have 6 bruises on my right leg, 1 on my right arm, and an infected toe. (yea my big toes hate meee) AND I HAVE A BAD BACK :3. but i have 4 baskets in basketball, which is better then last year where i only got 2. ah whatever. Um, my mom said she would rip my posters, so i took down all my important posters (now shes not that cruel but i lost A REALLY EXPENSIVE EARING, so yea). all my important posters are One Direction, (which my dad stepped on... damn that man) so tonight im putting all 169 posters back up... (yea i have 169 one direction posters, and most are REALLY small.)


<3 Courtney

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