Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


8. Strangers In My Bed


Chapter 7    

~Victoria's POV~    

We had ended the night with a movie after having told the boys practically our life stories. I was on the leaning against the love seat next to Bella who had fallen asleep on my shoulder. It wasn't anything new she would do this often whenever we had a movie night, so my shoulder quickly adjusted to the weight of her head.    

"What the hell are we even watching?" Courtney asked from the other side of the living room where she was laying in the other love seat. Harry had tried sitting next to her but she had pushed him to the other couch saying that she didn't like sharing. As a gun shot went off on tv Courtney screams in surprise while failing her arms around and now I see why you shouldn't sit next to her during movies. This wasn't even a movie it was just the first episode of Sherlock but since they were so long Courtney started calling them movies.    

"Sherlock the world's most amazing show ever!" I explain I Courtney who was actually stating to get into the episode.    

"Did that guy just die?" She asks pointing at the screen where the criminal laid bleeding.    

"I can't remember if he dies or not I haven't watched the first episode in a while." I said shrugging which caused Bella to slightly wake up with the movement. After a little bit she drops her head into my lap before falling asleep again.    

"Does she do that often?" Harry asks pointing to the sleeping girl in my lap.    

"What sleep? Yeah, Harry believe it or not us normal sleep too." I said sarcastically with a roll of my eyes at the curly haired boy.    

"I know that! I meant does she fall asleep in your lap often? I mean you look really comfortable not at all fazed by it." He asks and soon everyone's attention is me and Bella.    

"We've been best friends since we were fourteen so yeah I actually pretty used to it." I said pushing all of Bella's hair out of her face.    

"Aw! Why can't I have a best friend like that!" Courtney whines as other gun shots goes off on the screen making her scream again scream. "Okay this is show really good, but the gun shots need to stop." She said sternly at the TV as if could actually respond to her. I laugh at her before relaxing back against the love seat watching as Sherlock is running around trying to find the killer. I had been so into the show that I haven't sensed that Niall had moved so he was sitting next to me.    

"You're really into the show aren't you?" He asks nodding towards the screen.    

"Of course who doesn't love sexy British, smart, good looking detectives. I said not even moving my eyes from the the screen. Ever since about six months ago when me and my friends had a movie night and watched this show I fell in love. My laptop's wallpaper was actually the London view from the opening credits.    

"British huh?" Niall said grimacing at the TV screen that had gone black and now had the closing credits rolling by.    

"I like myself some Irish men too." I said smirking at Niall who only laughed at my expression. His laughter seemed to jolt Bella awake who instantly latched onto my arm in fright. "Bel calm your nuts." I laugh at her since she had been so terrified that someone had come to broken in.    

"Right sorry, I forgot I wasn't alone." She said looking around the room looking at everyone before smiling at me. "Oops I guess I had one of those moments that I completely forget where I am at." She said shyly before standing up on her feet and pulling me up with her.    

"Off to bed?" I ask her and she nods before wrapping her arms around her waist and walking to the bedroom we were going to be sharing.    

"I think I am gonna head to bed too." Courtney said before following Bel down the hallway. I let a soft yawn leave my lips too before following right behind her but Harry's voice stops me.    

"Um, where are we sleeping?" He asks pointing to Niall and himself. I had honestly forgetter that they were even here, after he initial shock of meeting them worn off they seemed like normal guys.    

"Right." I hummed before wondering where they were actually going to sleep. Bel and I had to beds in our room, but I knew Bel hated sharing a bed so that was out of the questions. Courtney had already walked into her room so asking her was out of the question since she was probably already asleep. "There are two rooms mine and Bel's and then Courtney's so I guess you guys can decide who stays where." I said too tired to actually think of a reasonable solution. I walk away from the two boys who were whispering to each other before I heard their footsteps following me into the hallway. I walk into my room and climbed into my bed luckily I didn't need to change since I was already in my pjs. After a few more minutes and some thudding around my room I feel someone climb into the bed next to me.    

"Good night." I heard someone whisper into my ear before wrapping their arms around my waist.    


"Aw,look at them Harry they look so adorable."    

"As long as they didn't fuck each other during the night I don't care what they do."    


"Fuck they're waking up abort mission. I REPEAT ABORT MISSION!"    

I had been half awake throughout the majority of this morning conversation Courtney and Bel had been having. But after having Courtney scream it had snapped me out of my dream. It was a strange dream honestly I guess my imagination must have been in over drive last night.    

"Bel." I call out to my best friend who only stirred next to me. It was weird her arms seemed a bit stronger than usual and she smelled very different. "Bella." I called again shaking her shoulder that felt a lot stronger than it usually does. Bel had a real strange habit of cuddling up next to you and not letting go out of pure laziness. Usually after shaking her shoulder she wakes up mumbling the most random crap, but today she pushes her head into the crook of neck. I open my eyes and see a shirtless body next to me and at first I start freakin out a bit until I notice a pair of arms securely around my waist. I was pretty sure whoever was next to me was not Bel, since she didn't have very strong, nice, arms. "Hey." I said shaking whoever the hell was currently laying down next to me.    

"Victoria, be quiet and go back to sleep." They mumble before grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to them. This caused me to start spazzing out.    

"COURTNEY!" I scream hoping I could grab her attention unless she was already dead. Oh god! I am in bed with a really strong, murder or rapist. "BELLA!" I scream trying the name of my best friend and I heard the thundering of footsteps. I heard whoever was next to me to let out an groan as both Bel and Courtney barge into the room each armed with a random item from the living room.    

"NIALL JAMES HORAN WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY VIC!" Courtney screams before walking over to my bed and smacking whoever was next to me with the pillow she had been armed with. Eventually they lift their head and rip the pillow out of Country's hand causing her to glare at him. I look at the person who had been next to me completely stunned at who it was.    

"So it wasn't a dream." I mumble as Niall drops his head back onto the pillow.    

"Great now I can't go back to sleep." Niall mumbles into the pillow before turning and facing me as I look at him from my spot beside to him. "Will cuddle with me again so I can sleep?" He asked with his completely sexy morning voice.    

"Umm...ye-" I start to answer before I feel Courtney tug on my arm pulling me out of my bed and onto the floor.     "That looked like it hurt." She mused as I sat on the floor on my ass.    

"Ya think?" I said sarcastically while using the edge of the bed to get back on my feet.    

"Anyways no more sleeping, it is time for breakfast. Which thankfully Harry and Bel made!" Courtney shouted very happily before running off to get breakfast leaving me standing in the room awkwardly with Niall.    

"Probably the best sleep I've had in a while." Niall whispers into my ear while walking off to the bathroom to get freshened up. While I stand in the middle of the room with my cheeks a bright red. I had just cuddled with my celebrity lover for the total of about eight hours. Yup. I could die right now and probably not mind, that is how amazing that is.    

Author's Note:    

I FINALLY UPDATED! Forgive me. I have been so busy lately and then today I had the first part of a huge test that the state gives and can potentially get me a scholarship. I did the writing portion today...hopefully all my writing on here helped. Anyways...THANKS TO COURTNEY! I have been have been listening to Marianas Trench for the last couple of weeks...yeah I am a bit obsessed...then there is my sudden obsession with Sherlock. BEST.SHOW. EVER! Just saying...you should go watch it. GO NOW! It's on Netflix. THEN THERE WAS ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!! HOLY MOTHER THERESA! I died no joke. NIALL! ASDFGHJKL!! All that shirtless ness and then just UGH! SO HOT!  

-Victoria xD

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